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Genesis Forum: G90 Decemeber sales
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    Default G90 Decemeber sales

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    From the sound of it, seems like the G90 is still in short supply.

    Last month, Genesis sold 379 units of the G90 (Hyundai also sold 8 units of the Equus).

    In comparison, Lexus did 609 of the LS, Audi did 501 of the A8 and Jaguar 436 for the XJ.

    In Canada, the G90 did 24 units - which is a good bit better than the 9 units of the LS that Lexus did, as well as the units Audi did w/ the A8 (10 units).

    Now this is small potatoes when it comes to sales volume and yes, the G90 is new whereas the LS and A8 are at the end of their life-cycles, but many have doubted that the G90 would ever outsell competitors like the LS and A8 in any market (aside from Korea) under any circumstances (the XJ did a whopping 55 units in December in Canada - by far its best sales month).

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    Default Re: G90 Decemeber sales

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    Interesting comparing the new G90 to old Equus sales. The Equus has languished in showrooms. Hyundai never really supported the Equus with adequate advertising meaning that the Equus is virtually unknown amongst average consumers. The end result is that Equus are deeply discounted both to first owners and resale. This makes the Equus a great value.
    The G90 is marketed much more aggressively, and are currently selling very close to MSRP. Will the G90 be deeply discounted like the Equus? Maybe not for a while as it seems dealers are quickly selliing all the G90s in their inventories. Will G90s hold their value on resale? Don't count on it with Hyundai's history of low resale values of Genesis and Equus. I suppose that current lease residual valuations may be an indicator of resale prices.


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