1. Second Generation NoCal: Upgrading to 2015 v8 Ultimate; selling my 10 mo old 2015 v8 base

    Upgrading to 2015 v8 Ultimate; selling my 10 mo old 2015 v8 base (pristine, like new) Am in San Jose, CA. Am original owner of the car; Grey outside, and Black inside. 10,500 Miles. MSRP was $52,800. Asking $39, 500
  2. Hello 10 4.6 Black Noir

    Hello All Just wanted to thank you for all the information on the site. The acquisition of my 10 Genesis 4.6 Black Noir has been relatively smooth, in part due to this site. If you can read, the information is probably here. Love the car now that it is sorted out. The only objection I have is...
  3. Any last minute purchase advice ('10 4.6L)

    Left a deposit on a 2010 4.6L at dealership on Friday. Will be going to finalize purchase today. Car has about 40K. Anything critical I need to know? Any reason I should not buy this car? Thank you very much in advance. I should note that the carfax shows a poor oil change history. But...
  4. Enjuku Racing - Tanabe Sustec Under Brace for Hyundai Genesis Coupe '10+

    Tanabe Sustec Under Brace for Hyundai Genesis Coupe '10+ In Stock and Ready to Ship! $226.00
  5. Car @ Dealer for 10 days....

    Well I took car to dealer for roof rattle & headlight aiming, they were waaaaay to low from the factory. Both issues had to be resolved by a Tech they brought in from corporate. Service mgr said that the lights ended up getting raised 3 degrees from factory setting?? I will say there is a...
  6. Genesis550

    Genesis owner for 10 months, some general questions...

    Hello everyone, I got myself a 2013 Genesis V6 with tech and premium package June 2014. Feels like forever ago but I've enjoyed every moment driving this car (my last car was a 2007 Honda Civic!). I got the car with 3,000 miles on it and it just hit 14,000. I did have a couple of questions if...
  7. Drove the '15, keeping the '10

    On a whim I test drove a 2015 3.8 today. A beautiful car with refined ride, great styling inside and out, more features than I'll ever use, amazing power, smooth 8-speed transmission and none of the annoying throttle lag of the 09-14 models. On the other hand, I was astounded at the paltry...
  8. 10 passenger stretch Genesis 5.0 R-Spec

    Came across this while searching for threads on stretched driver's seat leather. Check it out... pretty awesome. http://limoforsale.com/limos-for-sale/hyundai/genesis/2012-hyundai-genesis-sedan-stretch-limo-american-limousine-sales-2905.html
  9. 10 Speed Auto?

    When the 2012 came out with the in-house 8 speed there was already talk of a 10 Speed transmission. I have heard nothing since. May help with the extra weight of the new car.
  10. Ernie3647

    10 cars people won't buy

    Never thought I'd see the Genesis on this list. http://247wallst.com/autos/2014/03/15/ten-cars-people-wont-buy/
  11. FS - V-leds 5k 10 led H8 fog light bulbs

    these bulbs have maybe 2 hours run time on them. upgraded to HIDs instead. buyer pays shipping
  12. Ernie3647

    10 speeds

    I guess the idea of 10 speeds is not so absurd. It's not just Hyundai contemplating it. http://autos.yahoo.com/news/general-motors--ford-form-unusual-alliance-212407582.html
  13. am looking for 09, 10, 11. What advise?

    Hi. I'm looking for a 2009, 2010, or 2011 genesis sedan. I'd appreciate any advise (what issues to be aware of / look for) you folks have. If there's a FAQ about this, please send me a link. Much appreciated.
  14. What does 10 years warranty cover

    It's probably too early for most of you to think about it but I keep my car well beyond 5yrs bumper to bumper warranty period and I had never have Hyundai before. Any one Hyundai owner has the experience, please help. Thanks, I think the engine itself will last well beyond 10 years, but what...

    R-Spec Review at 10,000 Miles

    Background I have loved cars since the day I first drove my best friend’s 1965 GTO convertible. I loved the pushrod grunt of the enormous V8s of that era and spent my growing up years in the car-culture of So. Cal., street racing Chevy 409s and Roadrunners. Fast forward . . . with an Army...
  16. '11 DIS Functionality in '10, is it possible?

    Hi all, I have made a quick search but could not find this subject touched. I live in the Province of Quebec in Canada where most street names are in french making the english only voice recognition system on the '10 Genesis pretty much useless when it comes to Nav. (The rest of the system can...
  17. Jim Hudson Hyundai 10+ (Columbia SC)

    First I can tell you I am not one to typically praise a dealer. However, I have to say the buying experience at Jim Hudson was about as good as buying a car can be. I dealt exclusively with the internet dealers (as any one who does their homework knows to do). By the time I got to the dealer I...
  18. Seeking advice buying a used 10' genesis 4.6

    hey guys, Im going to try to keep this short. I found what i believe is a great deal on a 10' genesis sedan without tech w/7K miles for for $25200. I have been approved for the loan but the car is out state and the dealer and credit union should be sorting that out but my main thing is will I be...
  19. Aquineas

    Tau Engine makes 2011 Ward's 10 Best Engine list

    Interestingly, it's the 5.0L, 427hp version.
  20. Driv200

    More Test Drives: '10 & '11 Infiniti G37S & G37xS sedans

    Before you say "Buy Already", I am waiting for Hyundai dealers here to get 2011's in with the right color combinations: Drove a Infiniti G37S and the all wheel drive G37xS. WOW!!! The S designates these as sport models, adding larger brakes, shift paddles, sport tires/rims etc...... This...
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