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  1. 2015 Genesis Tech Package - Front turn signal bulb blown - LED Replacement?

    Hi - Manual says that the replacement for my blown front turn signal bulb is a PY28W (I do not have LED turn signal bulbs). Internet says that 1157 is compatible. Question: would this LED replacement bulb work and has anyone tried it or something similar? I am uninterested in drilling holes...
  2. 1157 T/S question

    Hey, guys I just recently bought a '10 sedan and I could of swear the 1157 bulbs came on with the running lights so I bought a pair of switchbacks and proceeded to install. I did the driver side ( while installing it ,ignition off, i could hear clicks in the engine bay) after i plug it in it...
  3. Thoughts on adding one 1157 white for DRL and TS

    Read with interest the travails of adding LED turn signal and DRL. My car is leased and I just thought I would go with white PIAA halogen as suggested by another poster. Bought two of these babies but now see that there are two 1157s on each side. Shame on me but didn't see any mention of four...
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