1. First gen R-spec sedan - will 18" first-gen Genesis wheels fit?

    Hey there folks, I'm new here, but I've been on car forums for about 15 years thanks to my love of my old 95 Impala SS. So, it's good to meet a new community. I've been searching and searching, and I've read many threads in the Wheels etc forum, but I'm unable to come up with a clear...
  2. 18" wheel difference

    I'm looking for winged wheel caps for 2013 3.8 sedan with 18" wheels but it seems there is a difference between the V8 18" wheels and the V6. Can anyone explain? Thanks
  3. 18's coupe wheels on sedan

    Morning - I found a set of 18 coupe wheels that I am thinking of buying for 2010. They have 245/45 on the rear and 225/45 on the fronts. I currently have 235/50 all around on mine. I was wondering if anyone had pictures of these rims and tires on their sedan that they can post. I saw a few...
  4. 18" Wheel center cap needed

    Looking for a wheel center cap for my 2009 Genesis sedan with 18" alloy wheels. It is 6-1/16" diameter (154 mm+-) silver, concave with the Hyundai "H" logo in the center. It is smooth and concave. I saw some for sale on the forum but, by the time I was able to register and return to the site I...
  5. 18" wheels on 2012 3.8 Track for winter?

    I need to get snow tires for my new (to me) 2012 3.8 Track Coupe. Tire rack seems to believe that I can only get 19" rims, but I'd like to move to 18s if possible to lower the price. What specs (offset, etc.) do I need to look for that will give me the right wheels? And do I need to get offset...
  6. 3 month Old and Smashed by a 18 wheeler

    Well I haven't add an accident in over 20 year, and I just got trashed by a 18 wheeler in slow traffic in Mississauga (Dixie Road and 401). The driver pushed me on the side of the concrete wall for a good 750 Feet before he stopped. He completely destroyed my 2 rear wheels and Mag, the rear and...
  7. Tailwalker

    18" 2011 Sedan wheels FS

    Pictures to follow this weekend. Tires are shot. Wheels in good condition, no rash. Center covers included, as well as TPMS. Wheels 8/10 condition. Asking $500, plus shipping. Prices are at $150 a wheel elsewhere. Located in MD, willing to meet halfway if fairly local.
  8. 18 inch wheels and tirea for 5.0

    I'm really curious to know how much more response and mpg you can get by reducing unsprung wheel weight. I would imagine it will be much more responsive with lighter wheels and thicker tires. I wonder if it will achieve 19 to 20 mpg with the change alone. yeah it wont look as nice and...
  9. 18" wheels on 2nd generation

    Greetings everyone .. I would like to down size my 2015 wheels from 19" to 18" What rim specifications should I look for?
  10. 18" Winter Wheels - TSW Rouge

    I am looking at a set of 18" TSW Rouge wheels for my winter setup on my Casablanca White 2015 5.0 AWD. Does anyone else have these on your Genny and if so can you post a pic? Unfortunately the TSW website doesn't list the Genny as an option for the simulator but they look great on a 5 series...
  11. SOLD 18" Wheels from 2009 Genesis Sedan SOLD

    Complete set of 4 wheels with both Winged and H center caps. Wheels have been professionally refinished. Tires never mounted on them since they were refinished. Unlike the ones you see on eBay for $275+, these have all the chrome pieces. No TPMS. Cost $125 each to refinish, Sell all for $300...
  12. My 2nd Hyundai in 18 months

    Greetings, fellow forum people! I live in Los Angeles, where it seems like everyone drives a BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Infiniti, or... Tesla. I have been guilty of driving a couple of those. For years, I have been telling people that my next car would be a Hyundai. They laughed. When it was...
  13. 18" rim question

    there are tire sensors on my 2014 genesis and i was wondering if i can take them out and install it on new rims. is this possible? can the sensors fit on any 18" rim. if not, how do you know what rims the sensor can fit in?
  14. 18" rims replacement

    I have 2014 genesis premium which has tire sensors. I want to replace factory rims with new rims. Can i take the tire sensor off and put it on any rims i buy or just specific rims. how do you know what specific rims the sensor can fit?
  15. 18 inch R-spec rims in middle east!!!

    I just found some photos of Genny with 18 inch R-spec rims in middle east countries, i think they look cool and for sure they will have better ride than harsh 19 wheels. You can see more photos below in quotes..
  16. 18'' Base Gen Wheels on RSpec

    Just an FYI 18'' base gen wheels will NOT clear the calipers on an RSpec. The dumbass that i bought these off of assured me they would clear, but I don't think he was aware that he was rubbing for the whole winter he had them on (refer to image below). So if you're planning on buying base wheels...
  17. lgbalch

    For sale: 18: Blizzak winter tires, Wheels, and TPMS

    These will fit 2009-2014 Genesis 3.8 V6 sedans. I am selling because they won't fit my 2015 AWD. Tires: 235/50R18 Bridgestone Blizzak LM-60. Wheels: 18x8 Sport Edition SE-14 Bright Silver Paint. Offset +45mm; Backspacing 6.26"; Bolt pattern 5-114. Mounted and balanced, with TMPS sensors...
  18. Oem 2011 18 inch gen wheels on sonata?

    My wife just bought a 2011 hyundai sonata limited. Since I have aftermarket wheels on my car im wondering if the oem 18 inch genesis sedan wheels will fit on here sonata and if they would even look good? Any thoughts?
  19. Looking for four 18 inch wheels

    I want to buy a set off four 18" wheels to use for snow tires for my 2015 Genesis 3.8 HTRAC. ajn
  20. 18" Wheel/Rim Inserts?

    I'm looking for these supposed rim inserts that snap in between the "spokes". Not the center caps, but like the machined "tear drop" looking things that go between each spoke towards the edge of the rim. Anybody know what I'm talking about, and are they readily available somewhere? Thanks!
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