1. New 2.0 owner. Ready to start making big power

    What's up guys, I got a 2011 2.0t, I have already done a few mods (HKS waste gate and BOV, cat back exhaust, some hard piping, catch can on the way in the mail, no tune yet) I'm wanting to start big mods, I would like to get to 350-400. I have read a couple threads of guys making 400 on stock...
  2. losboricua

    Ruff R1 20's

    I have been looking for new set of summer wheels for my 2015 Genesis. I want to go Staggered with 20' and I wanted to see what you guys think of the Ruff R1's http://www.statuswheels.com/wheel.cfm?id=22092 I also like the R2's but the R1's are my favorite. Looking at 20 x 8.5 +30mm upfront...
  3. Will these 20's fit my 2012 3.8 Sedan?

    Vossen CV1's Fronts: 245/35/20 on 20x9 & 32 offset Rears: 275/35/20 on 20x10.5 & 42 offset And does anyone have any pictures of these on a Genesis Sedan? Preferably black.
  4. quanva

    FS: 20' Verde Saga wheels w/ tires and TPMS

    looking to sell my tire and wheel combo The wheels are Verde Saga and the Tires are Hankook ventus noble S2 purchased from tire rack, will include the paperwork so road hazard will follow over tire size is 255/35 20 all around thread is about 6/32 on all four one tire is a minor ding...
  5. 20" Vossen cvt directionals (pic)

    Welp……finally got em. Only got one good pic in as it was raining out and very late. Vossen CVT directionals. 20x9 upfront and 20x10-1/2 out back. Beautiful fit. Springs haven't been put on yet but not as bad as I thought it would be without a drop. My boy is really good at editing photos (I'm...
  6. 20" strada perfetto

    Has anyone here run the 20" STRADA PERFETTO wheels on their Genny? I've searched the threads with no success and wondering how they look in the real world. I'm considering these soon... Thanks all. Any pics would be very helpful!
  7. Second Generation: 20 x 10.5 wheels

    Anyone have 20x10.5 wheels on the rear of their Genesis 2015. I was told that it will not fit. I thought someone had it in the forum.
  8. Tampa_Gen_13

    20 x 9 +40

    Anyone rolling around with this offset? If so are you using spacers, lowered?
  9. 20" Rohana RC10 Wheels & New Tires

    I have an almost brand new set of staggered and concave Rohana RC10 wheels staggered set that came of a 2015 Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Decided to go to a different size so the wheels and tires were only on for less than a week old. Rims alone cost $1600 not including the tires so please no low...
  10. 20" TSW Catalunya's

    I have a set of 20 x 8.5 TSW Catalunya wheels with 245/40/20 tires on them, 3 tires are Kumho K104 Ventus, the other is a newer Pirelli P-Zero Nero that I had to buy when I had the belts failed. The Kumhos are about half tread, and the Pirelli has about 4000 miles on it. Wheels are in good...
  11. Genesis sedan lowered on 20's

    Just installed Ark springs, unique rigid collars on 20" Niche Targa's. Added H&R 15mm spacers on the front to make the front wheels more flush to the fender. What do you guys think? I think i'm done with upgrades on the car. :cool:
  12. For Sale: 20" Rohana Wheels with Michelin Pilot Super Sport XL Tires

    Selling set of 4 Rohana RC-20 Wheels with Michelin Pilot Super Sport XL Tires. These wheels were mounted on a black 2012 Hyundai Genesis Sedan in May 2014, and removed in October 2014, when I traded in the vehicle. They have been in storage since October. These wheels and tires are in excellent...
  13. TRADE/new 20 inch for R spec wheels

    Im looking to trade my brand new set of 20 inch RUFFINO wheels on HANKOOK tires with only 4 months of use forva set of RSPEC sedan wheels im in ottawa canada. Pm me :) http://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1037576845
  14. quanva

    20" rims for 2015 3.8 awd

    rims are verde saga, tires are hankook 255/35/20
  15. 20's on my sedan

    hey guys new to the forum this is my 2012 3.8 with 20 inch wheels specs are : 20x9.5 +40 cant remember tire size off the top of my head right now
  16. Sonata 2.0 Commercial

    Am I the only one that thinks the Sonata 2.0 commercial with the girl in the back seat telling her father to keep driving very annoying??? Hyundai has bought into some of the other auto ads. Between the loud music and the girl 'twirling' her finger at her dad to keep driving.......poor commercial.
  17. 20 inch verde parallax wheels

    I just put these on with 245/35/20 tires. Let me know what you think. The rims are 20x9 with 38 offset. It required 5mm spacers. Please note that many wheels have difficultly clearing the brakes on the front.
  18. New 20 inch wheels

    So I finally pulled the trigger and got some rims and tires for my baby. They are 20 inch Ruffino Modello wheels wrapped in hankook ventus v12 tires. Check them out and let me know what you think. Next im looking for a company for rotors and pads to increase stopping power with these big wheels...
  19. akakooper

    20" Rims

    Hello All, I'm recently picked up a 2009 4.6. Really happy with the car. I've been doing a ton of research into 20" rims. I've had serious difficulty finding what I consider the right match for the lines of the car. I'm not a fan of rims that look aftermarket.. if that makes sense...
  20. FS:Vossen 20 inch CV3 Grahite Grey BRAND NEW

    Hey guys I got a brand new in box set of Vossen CV3 20 inch wheels which i have for sale in Graphite Grey color Sizes are staggered 20x9 22 ET and 20x10.5 25ET Selling them for $2000 local pickup in Toronto,Ontario Canada I can ship them but would be $200 more to have them shipped I will...
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