1. FOR SALE: G80 sport led headlights (bronze)

    Selling both g80 sport led headlights FYI these are the **United States**version NOT OVERSEAS. Had to make sure everything was good and functional before relisting these headlights. Headlights are in excellent condition might have tiny unseen blemishes and no broken tabs . Give your car a...
  2. ThomasKDMHolic

    M&S Trunk Lip Spoiler for Genesis Sedan DH '15-'17 [KDMHolic]

    M&S Trunk Lip Spoiler for Genesis Sedan DH '15-'17 [KDMHolic] Special forum promo price good until October 15th: $160 SHIPPED for U.S., Canada, and Australia. Other countries leave a message and I'll get you a custom shipping quote. Process/handling time: 5-10 business days (up to 2 weeks)...
  3. NOS!!! 2015 Hyundai Genesis 5.0L V8

    So I've made the decision 2 purchase a nitrous kit. does anyone know what the fuel pressure supposed to read? So much information on the coupe's but not so much on the sedans. I'll be sure to post pics update my progress and let y'all know what the performance gains are as well as any...
  4. 11160628_10153345953262154_4674057895988082245_o.jpg


    Casablanca White Genesis Sedan driver's side
  5. 11270608_10153345953252154_8321245953861166895_o.jpg


    Casablanca White Genesis Sedan rear
  6. 11270337_10153345953257154_8096233031731750362_o.jpg


    Casablanca White Genesis Sedan front driver's side
  7. 11334005_10153345953362154_6615374767792808834_o.jpg


    Casablanca White Genesis Sedan rear
  8. 885614_10153345953367154_4386790150912757983_o.jpg


    Casablanca White Genesis Sedan rear
  9. 11216605_10153345953447154_2763991902260020441_o.jpg


    Casablanca White Genesis Sedan passenger side
  10. 11334091_10153345953452154_5856484594758927559_o.jpg


    Casablanca White Genesis Sedan front side
  11. 1497991_10153345953512154_664657510181931546_o.jpg


    Casablanca White Genesis Sedan front
  12. 11149187_10153345953542154_5266346627597926454_o.jpg


    Casablanca White Genesis Sedan dash
  13. 1090948_10153345953612154_4401742142844446830_o.jpg


    Casablanca White Genesis Sedan dash
  14. 11357056_10153345953642154_9109703212761636006_o.jpg


    Casablanca White Genesis Sedan driver's side door inside
  15. 11312918_10153345953632154_5852876876538999951_o.jpg


    Casablanca White Genesis Sedan back seat
  16. 11334011_10153345953697154_2980099661039169128_o.jpg


    Casablanca White Genesis Sedan rear
  17. 11227891_10153345953707154_3489903075298721760_o.jpg


    Casablanca White Genesis Sedan rear
  18. 11312735_10153345953742154_3087058837453051166_o.jpg


    Casablanca White Genesis Sedan rear side
  19. FOR SALE: (Both)2015 genesis led foglights

    I'm selling used foglights that come plug and play and come with everything needed to install. Pictures of them on the car and off the car 200 plus shipping
  20. Nav system question

    We love our 2015 Genesis except we can't get rid of some weird things on the nav screen. They are boxes with an icon that looks like a hot air balloon. I've read the instruction book more than once but can't find the way to delete the things. Help! Our screen will eventually be nothing but...