1. 2016 genesis 3.8 clearcoat peeling

    I bought the Genesis September of 2019, 10 months ago. Now the clearcoat is peeling. I, unfortunately, paid 2k for cilajet. I thought that's why I bought cilajet, at least that's how it was sold to me. Cilajet won't repair the clearcoat, nor will Hyundai. What a rip off! Has anyone else had...
  2. 2016 3.8 passenger DRL led not working

    I am trying to troubleshoot why one of my daytime running light will not work. The lights function properly otherwise. The led does work when the headlights are on but when they are set to AUTO and the DRL's come on and the headlights go off only the driver side works. The passenger side...
  3. Replace 9.2” Genesis Sedan head unit with the 8” for Apple CarPlay?

    As everyone knows, the 2016 Genesis Sedan with the 9.2” display can’t receive the Apple CarPlay update. So my question is: Let’s say I got my hands on an OEM 8” head unit, could I replace my 9.2” head unit with the 8” unit (therefore being able to install Apple CarPlay)?
  4. Jordongrimes

    2016 amp install

    Attempting to install a loc in my 2016 genesis. I think it has the 17 speaker system not 100 percent sure. Trying figure out which wires on the harness to tap into for a subwoofer install. I think the pink I cut into on the white harness was the remote. But my grey harness doesn't match any of...
  5. ThomasKDMHolic

    M&S Trunk Lip Spoiler for Genesis Sedan DH '15-'17 [KDMHolic]

    M&S Trunk Lip Spoiler for Genesis Sedan DH '15-'17 [KDMHolic] Special forum promo price good until October 15th: $160 SHIPPED for U.S., Canada, and Australia. Other countries leave a message and I'll get you a custom shipping quote. Process/handling time: 5-10 business days (up to 2 weeks)...
  6. 2016 Hyundai Genesis AWD ultimate package problems?

    I'm thinking about buying a 2016 Genesis Htrac with the Ultimate package and I want to know if there are any problems with that particular model; be it with the electronics or mechanical problems, rattling or anything I should expect if I do buy it. It will probably have less than 50,000 miles...
  7. 2014 Lexus GS 350 F Sport vs 2015/2016 Genesis 3.8 sedan

    I have a question on which car to buy, I'm looking for reliability and long term along with maintenance cost. I'm also looking for speed. Both cars look amazing but really trying decide on which is better overall.
  8. Did I get a good deal?

    I just purchased a demo 2016 Genesis 3.8 AWD ultimate package with 1,510 miles on it for $37,995.00. The car has me registered as the first owner however they are still going on the orginal in service dates from 5/26/2016. So I lost a year off my warranty coverage. I had a trade it that all...
  9. Clicking Noise from Rear View Mirror area

    Hi All, I've been lurking for a while, but finally decided to sign up today. I have a 2016 3.8 Ultimate in Empire State Gray / Ivory interior. Now that that's out of the way... I hear a very obnoxious clicking noise when I drive over bumps / rough patches of road, seemingly emanating from my...
  10. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto NOT coming to Ultimate Genesis (2015, 2016)

    There has been quite a bit of speculation if Apple Carplay and Android Auto will be available on the '15 and '16 Genesis. It pains me to say that if you have the Ultimate version of the 2015 or 2016 Genesis, you will NOT be receiving the Android Auto or Apple Carplay updates that are...
  11. New 2016 Genesis owner

    After 15+ years of Audi and Land Rover owner ship I have decided change over to Genesis! Great things too come I'm sure on the new Hyundai division!
  12. 2016 lease deals

    so it looks like the 2015s are soon to be depleted, and they are not leasing 2015s no more, I believe 2015s are only available to purchase. with that being said, what kinda LEASE deals are you all getting for 2016 only model year ?
  13. Trailer Hitch Installed, 2016 Genesis

    After a lot of nervous checking around, I finally bit the bullet and had a hitch installed on my 16 Genesis Ultimate. Not to haul anything, just to carry bikes as there's no bike rack compatible with this car. Drawtite brand does not have the 2016 models listed in their fit guides, but Curt...
  14. 2016 Audi A8 L - The bar is still pretty high

    Helped a friend pick up his new Audi A8 L 4.0T yesterday and spent some quality time in the cockpit and rear cabin. It was a reminder of how high the bar is in the luxury sport segment and also how far the Genesis has come and how far it sill has to go. Although twice the price but filled with...
  15. 2016 Rear Deck Emblem

    Where an I get the right rear deck Wing emblem for a 2016 3.8? Thought I saw on forum could get them for about $20 or so. Need the link if anyone has it. Want to make sure I have the right one for a 2016 REAR deck
  16. 2016 Genesis Trailer Hitch

    I'm looking at installing a trailer hitch on my 2016 Genesis to carry bicycles. Curt has a class II hitch with a 1.25" receiver that fits my car. Has anyone installed a hitch and if so, please share your thoughts about the install. Did the exhaust need to be dropped to do the install? Any...
  17. Best Price for 2016 Hyundai Genesis Sedan === ALWAYS UPDATED ===

    I will keep updating this thread. This price includes destination / regional fees Please post your price you got on your 2016 Genesis BEFORE TAXES 2016 3.8L Hyundai Genesis MSRP - $39700 Invoice - $37702 TrueCar - $35481 Best Price so Far from Dealer (Capitol San Jose) - $30981 Options AWD -...
  18. Question Regarding Dealer Installed Wings on 2016 Genesis

    I am going to purchase a 2016 3.8 v6 AD ultimate and I'm in the final stages of negotiation and I asked the salesman to "throw in" the wings on the back and I was surprised that he said that dealers are not authorized/supposed to do the installation so he could not "throw them in free" but could...
  19. Price Paid for 2016 Genesis

    I like to know buying experience and price paid for those that have purchased or leased a new 2016 Genesis. This will help those of us in the market for a new car to get a better feel for what we should pay for the car particularly as the debut of the 2017 G80 draws closer and dealers are...
  20. UNAVI 2016 Spring Forward Sales Event

    Just wanted to let the 2009-2015 Genesis Coupe owners know that we are having an amazing spring sale on our X5 and X6 Navigation System over in the vendor area. Please follow the link to the vendor area HERE
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