3.8 genesis

  1. Changing Transmission Fluid

    Hey Guy Reaching out from nyc. I want to change my transmission fluid myself, my mileage is close to 60k. I know some most cars require a new filter replacement...is it the same for genny? Or can someone tell me what I need to do for the transmission fluid change. Hyundai Genesis 2016 3.8
  2. Unsbadmother

    Will high performance parts for 3.8 2013 Coupe work with the 2013 3.8 sedan

    I would really like to do some small performance upgrades to my 2013 Genesis Sedan but most of the parts that show up online are for 2013 coupe can anyone please help? thanks
  3. Fuel filter replacement schedule

    I have a 3.8 with 55k. Any suggestion as to the scheduled replacement of the fuel filter?
  4. Ktanders1

    new coupe 3.8 owner. Want to make it faster - also, will this post make the "Welcome aboard!...introduce yourself!" notification go away?

    Hey! My goal for this post was to satisfy my new registrant duties to introduce myself strictly in hopes of no longer being notified to introduce myself. However, instead of searching and reading endless threads I may be able to get the simple answer I've been looking for after all! I just...
  5. Ticking Noise between 90-110 kmph

    Hi all, New to the community and a new owner of 2015 Genesis Sedan. I recently noticed a ticking noise while driving between 90 - 110 kmph. Have anyone of you experienced the same? Zipped file because I was not able to upload the mp4 recording. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you. :)
  6. Catback Exhaust for 3.8 2015 Sedan

    Hello all, I am making this post in regards to the exhaust situation I’m at right now. Earlier this month i bought two Magnaflow 10416’s to use as mufflers for my Genesis. I chose those cause I have read on here, seen videos of them installed and working and liked the sound. However, the...
  7. 3.8L Genesis AWD Installed AEM Cold Air Intake, has anyone else?

    Hey! I just installed a CAI on my 2015 V6 Genesis. I love the sound they make along with the extra purr from the V6 chugging down air through the new intake. Anyone have good or bad experiences with CAI on the 2015 Genesis? I'll keep an eye on my hud, someone reviewed this intake and said...
  8. Choice between 2011 Infiniti M37 with 140,000 miles or 2012 Hyundai Genesis 3.8 with 170,000 miles

    I've been in a serious dilemma with choosing which car to buy, my boss says Infiniti due to reliability though I thought the genesis would be more reliable. What are everyone's choices with which car is good with speed, low maintenance and reliability, I'll be putting synthetic oil and premium gas?
  9. Awwww rats! Not my Genesis!!!

    OK, I just got home from a long business trip and my car is running rough. I found that a GIANT RAT had made a home in my engine bay and ate through 2 plugs and wires at the top of my engine. (Some type of sensors on my 2009 Genesis 3.8 sedan) Don’t worry, once my Staffies were sent into the...
  10. Replace Stock stereo on a 2010 Genesis Sedan 3.8

    Hey guys, just bought a 2010 Genesis Sedan 3.8 with Nav. Im loving it so far:o, but that Lexicon stereo isnt doing it for me. This vehicles interface looks like its going to make it a major and expensive pain in the ass to upgrade with an aftermarket stereo. Has anyone successfully upgraded...
  11. DubbuD

    Proud New Owner of a 3.8 H-Trac!

    Hey guys, just coming over from the Genesis Coupe forums. Traded in my 2011 2.0t for a brand new 2015 Genesis 3.8 H-Trac! Super stoked about the new car, and can't wait to start doing a few mods. I'm only going to lightly modify this one, maybe an intake, exhaust and some LED turn signals probably...
  12. NEED your Opinion on the RUST degree on this 2009 Genesis

    Hi all, First of all, thanks for all the information and contributions on this forum (Extremly helpful in the acquisition process). I am actually looking to a 2009 Genesis with almost 70,000 KM. The dealer took some underneath photos and the exhaust system (mainly from the motor to the...
  13. Looking for a 3.8 Genesis

    Greetings. I'm looking for a well cared for 3.8 Genesis with a premium navigation package or better. Ideally within 500 miles of the Atlanta, GA area. Please leave a PM if interested. Cheers, Carlos
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