1. compguy024

    I want some opinions on 5mm of pad wear in 5000 miles.

    Okay, here is the back story. I bought my Hyundai Genesis from the dealer as Certified Pre-owned. I have a copy of the inspection sheet the tech completed. They state the pads up front where at 6mm. I noticed a squeal a week ago and figured it was a pebble or debris (Now I worked for Chrysler...
  2. Rear tires bald after 5000 miles -- help!

    Brand new to the board; came here hoping you guys could provide some insight on an issue I'm having with my 2009 Genesis 4.6 sedan. I bought the car used back in April with 18000 miles on it. The dealer put brand new Michelin Pilot Sport A/S tires on it before I took delivery. I have put...
  3. dataguy

    5,000 mile inspection report

    Well, 5150 mi. to be exact. Pleasantly surprised that brakes, tires, and battery are holding up well. Oil change & a few other issues to look at: Driver's door lock button -- They reprogrammed the driver's door button to unlock all doors with a single press. I know the default behavior (1st...
  4. My 5000 mile review

    As I past 5k k I thought I should note the good the bad and the ugly..... The Good... Fit and Finish Forget this is a Hyundai, I spent about 3 months pay for this car. it should feel as if built from the finest materials and crafted with care.... It does. My benchmarks are a 528xi and M45...
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