1. Parking Brake Adjustment

    The parking brake on my 2010 Genesis Coupe 3.8L Track doesn't fully engage, even when the handle is pulled all the way up. I thought there should be a simple cable adjustment, but I was told that the Brembo brakes are a separate animal, and the parking brake adjustment requires much more work...
  2. Doors adjustment

    Hi Guys, Do you know how I can adjust the doors of my 2G Genny to close softer. I have the power/soft close, but to fully close the door at first time(without the help of the power close) I need to shut it with some hand force. On the Optima, the doors were closing like fridges doors - very easy...
  3. Tranny adjustment

    Has anyone adjusted the transmission shifting on a 2014 5.0? My only complaint with the car is the slow shifting.
  4. Low beam headlight adjustment

    Hi Everyone, Just got my new, white-beige leather, V 6 tech package Genesis. I've noticed the light distribution of the headlights (low beam) falls off too quickly. Adjusting the aim slightly higher would likely correct this. Have others found this to be a problem? If so, how has it been...
  5. Trunk Adjustment

    Anyone know how to adjust the trunk closing tension. Seems like mine pulls in to much and the tail lights don't quite align.
  6. Headlight adjustment

    I've done a search under "headlight adjustment" and not turned up anything. I want to raise the low beams on my 2012 Genesis up a little. I've looked under the hood and so far I'm not finding any place to adjust the headlights. Any guidance would be appreciated.
  7. Drivers Seat Height Adjustment

    We are considering buying Genesis 3.8 AWD with Signature and Tech package. On test drive, my wife who is 5' 0" found that her eye level is just below the top of the left outside mirror when seat is at full elevation. The mirror and door post combined block her visibility when doing a left hand...
  8. Microphone Sensitivity Adjustment

    I seem to remember seeing a discussion on this subject in the past, but for the life of me I can’t find it. On my 2015, when using voice commands my microphone sensitivity seems to be set very high picking up a lot of interference, making voice commands almost unusable. I’ve searched the manual...
  9. Steering Adjustment Problems

    Dear Guys, After searching in this forum and other forums I was sure that the problem of my car is common, too many says to change the Tilt switch and/or Telescope limit switch. today I'd dismantled every thing surrounding the steering wheel even i opened the motors and they were fine and work...
  10. Crusty Old Shellback

    Head light adjustment

    Does anyone know where the head light adjustment screws are located? I haven't looked yet but plan on later today. Just asking if they are obvious or not. I'm tired of dealing with the body shop that fixed my car and so want to adjust them myself, they are a bit low. Thanks.
  11. Telescoping Steering wheel adjustment, Genesis Sedan.

    Does anyone know if there can be an adjustment made to increase the distance the steering wheel telescopes out? This question will probably require an answer from a hyundai trained Mechanic. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it very much. Dan
  12. Valve lash/clearance adjustment? 3.8l

    Just bought a v6 sedan and was searching for a few weeks now so see the cost $$ of this adjustment. My car has 76k on it sounds like they need to be adjusted manual states to check and adjust clearance at a 60k. I've been to 2 dealers near me one didn't even know it had solid lifters the other...
  13. Headlight Adjustment

    I have the standard headlights on my 2009, 4.6. The high beams are quite adequate but the low beams seem way too low. Any advice or instructions on raising the low beams?
  14. Bluetooth Adjustment Today

    I dropped by my dealership today just to make service manager aware of my problem. This is what he has done. First I have a 4S Iphone and 2011 Genesis, that was having weekly problems of phone not working at all or just stop working after completing some calls. The service manager corrective...
  15. Passenger Seat, No Vertical Adjustment

    I own (2) 2012 Genesis Sedans. Everything is fabulous except for one big omission - You can't adjust the height of the passenger seat. my wife is 5'1" and can hardly see over the dash from the passenger seat. How could Hyundai have put so many features in this car and omitted this? No good...
  16. Does the Coup Camber Adjustment Kit Fit the Sedan?

    I was in a collision recently and my front driver's side camber is off. The dealer is unable to adjust it since the Genesis sedan does not have a camber adjustment bolt in the front. I know Hyundai has a camber adjustment kit available for the coupe. Does the camber adjustment kit for the...
  17. radio volume speed adjustment

    2011 v-8 genesis ...not sure if it's my imagination, the settings are correct and the volume on my radio doesn't seem to adjust to speed levels and even stopping. Have other drivers found this, or should i be bringing the car in for service
  18. Driver side seat travel adjustment

    Just took delivery of a V6 w/Tech Pkg and love the car. A minor annoyance is that I prefer to push the seat all the way back while driving, so I don't have to bend my knees too much, but the factory set limit on how far back the driver's seat goes is not enough for me. I wish there was a way to...
  19. New TSB - Neutral Start Switch Adjustment

    08-AT-013 November, 2008 2009~ GENESIS 3.8L V6 NEUTRAL START SWITCH ADJUSTMENT DESCRIPTION: An improperly adjusted neutral start switch (inhibitor switch) may result in the following conditions: • Diagnostic Trouble Codes: • P0707, Transmission range sensor circuit - low input • P0708...
  20. Does the passenger seat have height adjustment?

    Hi everybody, My wife hates my 04 Acura TL, primarily because her seat does not have height adjustment. I know the Genesis' passenger seat doesn't cool, but does it go up and down? Thanks, Herb
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