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  1. Using Winter tires in Los Angeles

    I bought a set of winter tires (Blizzak LM60) and they are hardly used. Now I am moving to Los Angeles. I have tried but am unable to sell them. What do people think about using them in Los Angeles? Perhaps only during the relatively mild winters.
  2. Los Angeles Auto Show

    Went to the LA Auto Sow yesterday. This was my first auto show - wow, so much fun! Got to test drive all three new MKZ's, the new Avalon V6, Optima Turbo, VW CC too. Did a Genesis and Equus ride-along too - it was raining and the were doing all the driving. The black Genesis interior is much...

    Hello everyone, I am making a spec commercial and I need a Genesis Coupe with the best looking rims etc. I can find. Preferably in silver or dark gray color. I'll need it for about 8 hours total. I am paying 300 bucks!! Please send me pics of your cars and your availability on the weekend...
  4. Auto Parts Store Los Angeles

    Bought my catalytic converter from Auto Parts Store Los Angeles, now theres something i have to ask them, i cant reach them thru their site, heard they have a physical store somewhere in Los Angeles, you guys aware of this store?
  5. Jerrad

    Los Angeles is hording all the V6's

    LOL I just did a search in LA for inventory and it seems between 2 dealers in LA there are 27 Genesis V6. I wonder if they will get as many V8's tp chose from?
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