1. GenSport United's 5th Annual Spring Run of the Dragon

    GenSport United, primarily a Genesis Coupe owners club, has hosted the biannual Tail of the Dragon run in the spring and fall of each year. Over the years, owners bringing friends along or owners moving on to different platforms, this has expanded well beyond just a Genesis Coupe event. April...
  2. 3rd Annual SFGCC Key's Run :D

    *This is copied from another more active Coupe forum... South Florida will be hosting our 3rd annual Florida Genesis Coup Key's run! The links to the event page and hotel reservation will be posted as soon as we get them! Last year we had over 50 GCs!!! Lets break last year's record!!! You can...
  3. *Official* First Annual Big Tex Hyundai Meet - Aug. 13th to 15th

    http://www.Genesis Bill
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