1. mky

    No 2015 V8 Ultimate in SoCal area?

    Hey guys, I was looking at buying 2015 V8 with ultimate package given that I could not find any 2016 V8s. Even the Hyundai website does not list the V8 option for 2016 genesis anymore. Has that been discontinued? Are there any 2016 V8s (ultimate package included) or 2015 V8s with ultimate...
  2. Dallas Area Genesis Owners

    Down visiting the in laws in Waxahachie. Wondering if there's any Genesis owners in the area that would want to meet up today?
  3. Aquineas

    Houston area tire-wheel shop?

    Hey folks, I'm looking for a decent tire and wheel shop in the Houston metro area, preferably one that uses nitrogen for the tires and offers a road hazard warranty. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  4. Houston Area Dealers any feedback?

    Hi All, In August I purchased my first Genesis and i'm loving it so far, the only dilemma is the dealer I purchased from is near 59 and the beltway and it takes sometime to get down there, does anyone have any experience with other dealers? south loop or hub hyundai? Thanks in advance, AJ
  5. videopho

    SOLD 2010 Genesis Coupe 3.8 AT Track White SOLD

    I’m selling a 2010 Genesis Coupe AT 3.8 V6 Track model with 50267 miles on the clock in mint condition! VIN: KMHHU6KH0AU027167 The car is moderately mod as follows. SFR stage 1.5 dyno tuned. R2C SRI. Magnaflow CBE. HSD Coilovers. Drag Wheel. Costumed front grill. UniqPerformance rigid...
  6. zielritter

    Cincinnati/NKY Area Genesis Owners

    I've been to the Fuel Coffee Saturday meet-ups a few times recently in Cincinnati and have been saddened to notice I'm the only Hyundai in attendance - not even a riced out Elantra (I can say that because I had one in my younger days). Anyone in the area use their Genesis as more than an...
  7. SOLD 2009 Hyundai Genesis Sedan 3.8 V6 - $8499 SOLD

    Selling my 2009 Hyundai Genesis 3.8 V6 Sedan suggested private party retail price in FAIR shape is $9,422. I'm selling it at $8,499 obo. • Clean Title • 146,XXX miles • Navigation w/ 6 cd changer / mp3 player / dvd player / iphone connection • Technology package w/ Lexicon 17 speaker...
  8. Genesis Service Miam, FL Area

    My 2010 Genesis 3.8 has been serviced by Lehman Hyundai in North Miami since it was new. As a tip to other Genesis owners in the area, I wanted to point out that their service dept in second to none, even when compared to MB dealers. Albert Moas runs a tight operation and his people are...
  9. Any sedans in the Denver-Colorado Springs area?

    Hi all, I just purchased a 2014 5.0 r-spec from Phil Long Hyundai in Colorado Springs. I love this car. And, I am a bit dismayed that there aren't more 5.0 r-spec's on the road. This car is at least on par with my 2008 BMW M-3, my 2007 BMW 335i coupe (both sold) and my friends 2010 BMW...
  10. Generations added to the "which Genesis do you have" area in your profile

    Hey, everyone. I felt it was long overdue to add a "Generation" signification in the profile area that displays with each of your posts. If you'd like to update that the generation you own (only with the sedan at this time) it would help people know which version you're referring to when...
  11. Aquineas

    Houston Area Genesis meet?

    Hey folks, I've been wanting to attend a Genesis meet for some time and since no one else is having one, maybe it's time to make one? At this point just see point I'd like to see how much interest there is... I was thinking somewhere near the Woodlands because of the opportunities for folks to...
  12. Aquineas

    Houston Area: there's a 5.0 Ultimate in Montecito Blue at North Freeway Hyundai

    I was at another dealer today (North Freeway Hyundai) and they had a 5.0 Ultimate in Montecito Blue with Ivory interior sitting in the showroom. I just thought I'd mention that as I know some have found it difficult to find that color, particular in Ultimate form.
  13. Is it possible to use the USB/AUX armrest area?

    I purchased a used 2013 Genesis RSPEC with 20k miles on it. I'm impress with the car, though it could've taken somethings from my 13 Sonata Hybrid (fully loaded), such as a button on the trunk and most importantly USB under radio dash (why would it be under the armrest?). The charger under the...
  14. Aquineas

    Houston area endorsement for Opti-Guard and Opti-Coat installation professional

    Hey folks, I had a bit of trouble finding an Opti-Guard and Opti-Coat vendor/installer who was reliable (would return phone calls, messages, etc) in the Houston area. I ended up stumbling across a fellow by the name of John G. at He did a great job on my car and really...
  15. Tailwalker

    DMV area tuning event interest

    Hey guys, Saw this on BTR's forums. Anyone interested in a BTR tuning event in the DC/MD/VA area? Register for the forum and comment to your interest!
  16. Cold Area

    I'll try and explain this the best I can.. When ever I drive the car on a cold morning or evening, there seems to be a cold area on the drivers side, just about the height between your elbow and top of your shoulder (hard to explain) and basically feels like there is cold air blowing on me...
  17. CAN (Controller Area Network) location or connect?

    Do you know the position of the CAN module of 2015 Genesis? That is, how to connect a private CAN module to the CAN module of 2015 Genesis in order to sniffer the CAN data ? Thanks a lot in advance ...
  18. ticking/slight rattle in the back area?

    Is anyone experiencing a rattle coming from rear seat or back area? My 14 Lexus GS had rattles from almost day one, on a 60k car! Got most of them fixed, but still has slight occasional rattle on driver side door. In less than 2 years, I am kicking the car back to Lexus! Genesis wowed me...
  19. Controller Area Network (CAN)

    Genesis V8 2011 with 100+k miles. Warning lights of all kind turned on (esc,airbag, check engine light and many others I cannot recognize or have not seen before). RPM display went to zero but engine still idling at a stoplight. Transmission shift only maybe to second or third gear. Dealer...
  20. FS in Sacramento Area: 2012 Genesis 3.8 base with 25k miles, $21000 OBO

    Hello, I have 2012 Hyundai Genesis 3.8 Base model with 25026 miles. I will be replacing it with 2015 Genesis. Price is $21000 or Best Offer. Please PM if interested or have any questions. Edit: I have uploaded pictures but they don't show in the posting. Can someone help me upload pictures...
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