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  1. 2015 Sedan 5.0 After market audio upgrade

    Not impressed with the 14 speaker system. Looking to upgrade/replace the entire system but keeping the factory head unit. Looking for advice from people who have done this already. I am starting with deactivating the factory Sub and replacing it. Also would anyone be interested in me posting...
  2. Second Generation Control iPhone Audio on DIS with Non-Native Music (iPod) App (Via USB)

    Hi Guys, Looking for a solution to this strange issue that I never realized the DIS system on my Genesis has. When you use stream audio via USB, music plays normally and media controls are enabled when the native music app is used. HOWEVER, if you try to use spotify or google music, you lose...
  3. No sound after car radio replacement

    i am trying to replace the original radio with a new car radio system, i connected the power supplies and all 4 line out speakers, but no sound at all, i heard there is an external amplifier somewhere near the trunk and this amp must be switched on anyhow, i have tried to connect the remote...
  4. What's your audio settings?

    Hi everyone, I had my car for oil change and it looks like they changed with the audio settings :( I had set it up according to one of the member recommendation here, but can't seem to find it again. Let me know what setup you run for the 17 speaker.
  5. quanva

    Audio issues

    I listen to most of my music via BT audio Noticed the other day that I sensed a loss of audio coming from the pass front side stopped by my new favorite VA dealer & 20 mins later was told that a new speaker was on order I thought that was the end of it but after comparing spotify in my...
  6. Can you change audio system default mode settings?

    I've had my Genesis for about 10 days now and enjoy just about everything about it. There's one thing, however, that irritates me every time I hit the ignition button and that's the default audio mode setting. When I get out of the car, I've usually been listening via bluetooth to one of my...
  7. Radio auxiliary input makes loud "popping" noise and only plays 1 second of audio

    Radio auxiliary input makes loud "popping" noise and only plays 1 second of audio I have an 09 genesis sedan 4.6 tech w/ lexicon sound system. From the day I bought the car the auxiliary input has not worked. When I plug something (my phone, a Samsung Galaxy S6) in it does not play...
  8. Finally... the FINAL fix for the audio drop outs!

    My dealer was pretty much no help but I was able to find the company UNITED RADIO who actually fixes the Genesis head units. I spoke with Pablo and obviously I had to pay to get my HU fixed but he fixed it. It was a fiber problem. Give Pablo a call if you have issues with your audio just...
  9. Bluetooth audio while not on AUX

    I have a curious problem. I'm pretty sure that it worked at some point - if I had my audio on radio or whatever and my phone was connected via BT, the voice from Google Maps or Waze was coming through car dynamics (don't remember if the audio/music was muted or not). Now Waze / Google Maps...
  10. Lexicon audio volume inconsistent

    2015 Lexicon system with the Ultimate package. Audio volume at the same number on the volume scale is louder at time than others. My wife's 2015 Genesis without the ultimate package (still Lexicon) is much louder at the same volume number and is always consistent......Any ideas ??
  11. Audio changes from Media to radio, EVERYTIME

    This might be a dumb question, so be kind, but I listen to my mobile phone's content pretty much all of the time, between my music, and Audible books, etc., I like listening to that more than the radio or whatever. Whenever I'm listening to my mobile through Bluetooth, and stop to get gas or...
  12. Second Generation Weird problem with iPhone audio over BlueTooth

    When listening to the output of Apple Maps the last word is cut off. Makes it very difficult to follow the instructions. It may be an iOS 9.2 issue since this used to work but I don't have any friends with an iPhone on iOS 9.1 to compare.
  13. Tpr5.0

    Android phones....finally decent audio quality

    I purchased a Droid turbo cell phone to replace the iPhone last year. The iPhone was nice because I could plug the phone into the USB port and the music quality was so much better than streaming via blue tooth. I wanted to see if this would work with the Droid turbo. Earlier tonight, I...
  14. ep010835

    Second Generation Sirius/XM Audio Drop Outs

    Since new I've had an ongoing issue with channel 400 (Carlin's Corner) dropping out. The audio will drop out randomly for a half second or so throughout the time I'm listening to this particular channel. The dealer first replaced the shark fin antenna and when the problem continued after doing...
  15. Second Generation Audio system power draw

    How long can I use audio system ie. Radio without engine running. Display warns not to use with engine off. How great is audio system draw on battery?
  16. How do I get iPhone audio to play over the car speakers?

    I have the phone paired with bluetooth, but when I start Apple Maps the audio doesn't come over the car stereo nor is it played by the phone itself. Total silence until I turn off Bluetooth.
  17. Delayed iOS USB Audio

    Hey Guys, Like many of you I plug my iDevice (iphone or ipad) into the USB port and play sound through it, instead of over bluetooth. The problem is that there is a very noticeable delay. I notice this delay when playing/streaming video on my ipad or iphone and playing the audio over USB in...
  18. 2012 3.8 Tech: Audio problem final fix?!

    I originally bought my 12' 3.8 tech sedan from the dealer and had the 'audio drop out' problem. The dealer replaced a few things (CD player... don't remember if they did the amp) but to this day it STILL has the problem and it seems to be more often then before. I have seen SO MANY threads...
  19. Base audio output

    I have a 2012 3.8 with the base audio. Anyone know the output of the base 7-speaker system?
  20. Standard Audio System - Wiring Schematic Please

    I'm hoping that someone can provide a wiring schematic that lays out the colors and function of each wire. This is for the standard, NON-Lexicon system. I searched but everything I find id for the Lexicon system...