1. Show off your engine bay

    Lets see what different color dynamics and prototype intake people have created..
  2. zielritter

    Adding some color to the engine bay....

    The bug has struck and I decided to devote a Friday evening to spicing up the silver/black theme under the hood of my 3.8. I also tweaked my intake a few weeks back and now the color theme is consistent (except for the wiper fluid cap).
  3. Genesis Prada Engine Bay

    The Lexus LS has long been a car I've admired for its attention to detail and finish. Specifically, in latter years, the engine bay has been a thing of beauty in my opinion. Open the hood and see nothing but a sea a clean, well-fitted, black plastic. When read it certainly doesn't sound so...
  4. Driving up from LA to the Bay

    Long story short, I'm buying a new Genesis 3.8 and giving my car to my mom in LA. I have to drive the brand new car from LA to the bay area after picking it up from the lot. Any advice on avoiding small rock dings or such on the 5 while driving up. Is it ok to drive the new car off the bat...
  5. HI where i can bay an aftermarket navigation

    hi I am a new member sooo:welcome: and I want to ask you gays one Question where can I find the genesis Coupe navigation world wide don't care I found one web site but they will not sall the 8" navi for any international bayer her the link...
  6. justincheckin

    San Francisco Bay Area CA dealership experience anyone?

    Just wondering if anyone has input with regards to their first service visit North or South of San Francisco?
  7. Hello from California, San Francisco Bay Area

    Hi all, I'm a proud owner of a new '09 Genesis Sedan, V6 Tech. Package, Sapphire Blue Pearl color outside, Cashmere inside. Thanks to the info on this great forum, already set up the winged badges on the trunk and the hood as well as on the wheel covers and the steering wheel. So far I've...
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