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  1. Bluetooth is unreliable, Samsung android & iPhone 7 frequently don't connect!

    I purchased a 2018 G80 Sport in July of 2017. My bluetooth has absolutely never functioned reliably. My frustration with the G80 is much more than the bluetooth, but the bluetooth issue has My next G80 defect was a door trim piece that was not attached properly and had to be replaced. One...
  2. Bluetooth no longer working

    I have a 2009 Genesis Sedan, 3.8 V6, about a year ago it wouldn't connect to my iPhone any longer. I just gave up and chalked it up to old technology vs new OS on the phone. I could talk to it, get it in pairing mode, it would just never pair to my device... Although it had for the past 4 years...
  3. Alfer

    2009 v6 Tech Sedan Bluetooth streaming question

    I may have a chance to buy a very low mileage Genesis that is loaded. My question is, will I be able to easily stream Spotify or other music options from my Android phone or am I forced to use USB or similar connections? Thanks in advance
  4. Sirius Sound Quality vs Bluetooth Streaming

    I have noticed that on some of the channels the frequency range seems to be diminished with very little bass and chopped highs. On other channels, like 71, Sinatra, the bass and highs seem to be there. I do understand that on some channels, like the 50's, the source material is poor. I used my...
  5. Bluetooth Reset

    I just bought a used 2010 Genesis and I'm having an issue trying to get the bluetooth to work. it won't read and devices and the old owners phonebook and call history is still in it. how do i reset this thing?
  6. Second Generation Bluetooth Connectivity

    Can a car like a '15 or '16 Genesis which are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity display data [via Bluetooth] from a tablet (music, photos or stored emails) on their touch screens? Same question but substitute smart phones for tablets.
  7. Bluetooth request for phone contact download

    Anyone figure out a way to decline the message without hearing the reminder each time Bluetooth starts up?
  8. Bluetooth audio while not on AUX

    I have a curious problem. I'm pretty sure that it worked at some point - if I had my audio on radio or whatever and my phone was connected via BT, the voice from Google Maps or Waze was coming through car dynamics (don't remember if the audio/music was muted or not). Now Waze / Google Maps...
  9. masaidwakeupson

    Bluetooth connection

    I just took delivery of a 2013 with the technology package and I'm having some issues with Bluetooth. When I start the car it takes an unusually long time to pair with my phone. Which I could deal with I suppose. Is there a way to have the car play music via Bluetooth when a device is...
  10. Second Generation Weird problem with iPhone audio over BlueTooth

    When listening to the output of Apple Maps the last word is cut off. Makes it very difficult to follow the instructions. It may be an iOS 9.2 issue since this used to work but I don't have any friends with an iPhone on iOS 9.1 to compare.
  11. Bluetooth problem w/Galaxy S6

    I have a 2014 Genesis Base and am having Bluetooth problems with connecting my Samsung Galaxy S6. The phone pairs with the car and works fine for about 5 days. At that point, after starting the car the system will report "connection failed". I have tried a number of things (reboot phone...
  12. First Generation Sedan 13 BLUETOOTH contacts won't download from IPhone 5s

    I've read everything that I can find and I still can't figure out how to get contacts from iPhone 5s to download. Phone is paired. When I attempt to make a call, "she" says pardon, I don't understand or calls wrong contact. Cannot change stations or mode. Can answer a phone call. How do I call out?
  13. Where is bluetooth mic located?

    2011 4.6 -- where is bluetooth microphone located?
  14. First Generation Bluetooth not working

    My Bluetooth has stopped working. Is this a fuse problem? If so, which one?
  15. Bluetooth

    Want to delete an old phone listing on my 2015 Genny Bluetooth. Help.
  16. First Generation Bluetooth audio option

    I have recently been using an audio Bluetooth adapter for about a week now and have been very happy with the results. It plugs into the audio input and has a small USB cable for power. It turns on and automatically pairs with my phone when I start the car. It can/does handle call audio, but I...
  17. Bluetooth Streaming to radio?

    I have a 2009 Sedan with the base 7 speaker system without bluetooth. I was going to swap out the radio with the 7 speaker model with bluetooth and the 6 disc changer, but I was wondering, is the bluetooth only for phone use? Or can to connect your phone to it a play music? Thanks
  18. Finally found a Bluetooth Streaming solution that Kinda works for me.

    Played with one of these and went ahead and let them install it for me. https://www.mtx.com/mudbtrc-universal-bluetooth-receiver-and-remote-control Sounds pretty good and works great (so far) for controlling the music. Also lets you forward, backward, pause, play and adjust volume up and...
  19. gomanson

    Bluetooth contacts sync has failed

    i think I've figured this out, but will update if this is a short-term solution. I have a smartwatch, and had no conflict w/ my 2012 rspec, but the 2015 ultimate will give me an error message saying "contacts download has failed" if my smart watch is turned on when I start my car. I have...
  20. AUX and BT Streaming issues with my 2012 3.8L RS

    The Aux + USB audio input does not work. I read on the forums that you need a special cable for it to work with iPods, so I purchased this on Ebay and it sill doesn't give me any output. All I hear is some crackling noise when audio is being played. So its receiving some signal.. just not all of...