1. FOR SALE: Sprint Booster V3 for 09-14 sedan or coupe

    Asking $180 for it $300 if bought new from the website Model SBHY0003S ( Selling because I sold the car and bought the 2016 model and the connector pin configuration is different so I can't use it. People won't...
  2. 500hp boosted 3.8 genesis

    I just posted a YouTube video of my buddies turbo 3.8 genesis coupe and thought you guys would like it. It includes a short edit, interview of the owner, and exhaust/fly-by videos. Please check it out, comment any questions you have on YouTube, and subscribe. Thanks! Also, the owner is a...
  3. 2012 2.0 coupe trouble shoot

    Hi guys. So I have a 2012 genesis coupe 2.0. I blew the motor and my mechanic said a 2013 engine would be a exact fit and would be beefier so I agreed. Since then the car doesn't run right. The car has aftermarket turbo, intake, intercooler, turbo back, and a pre tuned computer for a 2012...

    SNOW PERFORMANCE STAGE II BOOST COOLER WATER/METHANOL INJECTION KIT In Stock and Ready to Ship! $599.98 The all new Snow Performance Stage 2 Boost Cooler® is the only water-methanol injection system tailored to your 2010-2015 Hyundai Genesis and other Hyundai Kia Turbo vehicles...
  5. Enjuku Racing - AEM Tru Boost Gauge/Controller Kit

    AEM Tru Boost Gauge/Controller Kit In Stock and Ready to Ship! $313.99
  6. Tampa_Gen_13

    HKS EVC-S Boost Controller, ProSport passport gauges

    Barely used HKS EVC-S boost controller $200obo ProSport passport gauges. Wideband Air/Fuel, Oil Pressure, Volt
  7. problems with boost

    Hi everyone I have recently had problems building boost everything is stock other then my cold air intake and my forge bov the bov keeps getting jammed wide open and it doesn't want to close. It sounds like an air leak noise when I'm driving but have tried many things to stop it and nothing has...
  8. ninjaxx

    Twin-Turbo Engine Could Boost Genesis Coupe’s Torque by a Third
  9. Automakers offering bigger incentives to boost sales

    According to this article, automakers have boosted incentives recently to increase sales. The average cost of incentives per vehicle vary widely by brands, with sellers of higher-priced models...
  10. Boost on 3.8

    I have been wondering if anyone has boosted a 3.8 yet ? I think it would be loads of fun to have a turbo on a sedan. If anyone knows how much boost these motors can take please let me know.
  11. Grimmspeed electronic boost controller?

    Has anyone used this boostcontroller before? Just trying to find some reviews before i drop a benjamin :)
  12. Please help

    2010 gen 3.8 automatic with 54k miles please help me out what can be done as far as forced induction on an automatic? Typical intake and exhaust yea i assume thats easy but how about a or two turbos on an auto? Im a boost freak but idk what these blocks or transmissions are built for please help...
  13. GrimmSpeed Manual Boost Controller - Product Release!

    Our first Genesis product!! :) Price: 89.99 GrimmSpeed introduces the most refined Manual Boost Controller available on the market. Our Manual Boost Controller allows you to raise the OEM boost levels in a quick and...
  14. briansol

    boost gauge install

    Anyone do this yet? I want to add one, but i have no idea where to mount the thing. a) a pillar mount is out-- the air bag is in there. b) i really don't want to drill/screw into my dash on a car that has 300 miles on it. c) even a small gauge would block some dash lights if mounted on the...
  15. real boost range

    does anyone as the real boost range on the 2.0t i did install the actuator from atpturbo with no other parts and im getting like 15-16 peak boost and it stabilizes at around 12-13 psi what do you guys think about that is it too high and do you think that the car can as reliable as the original...
  16. Jrod@Buschur

    Buschur Racing Manual Boost Controller *INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS*

    Recently the Buschur Racing Inline Manual Boost Controller has become a hot seller for the Genesis Coupe. With all of the boost controllers going out the door here I wanted to put together a post for everyone purchasing them so they know exactly how to install it when it arrives. Its VERY...
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