1. Kualsi

    18" Clearance with factory Brembo brakes?

    Hey guys first post here! I have a 2019 G70 2.0T Prestige and I was wondering if the factory Brembo kit will clear the OEM 18" wheels? My car didn't come with Brembos but I am thinking of upgrading to them, but I want to keep my 18" wheels mainly because I prefer the look of the smaller wheel. I...
  2. Installing an ABS module

    What are option for a after market HECU ABS install ? This is a unique issue for people who have no warranty and the Dealership is unable to help. I am wondering if people have gotten this done on their own dime and how they did it. Currently the aftermarket price for a new unit is about 1000k ...
  3. Electronic Parking Brake! 😩

    Has anyone else had problems with the EPB on the 2016 Hyundai Genesis? I have driven less than 200 miles and it's back at the dealers service department because the EPB wouldn't disengage. WTF?
  4. Rear brake upgrade

    I'm getting my brake calipers powder coated but the look of the rear brakes on the 2015+ sedan is bugging me. This is a completely cosmetic upgrade, but if performance increases, all the better. I'm thinking to powder coat them a similar "burnt gold" color that nissan used on the GTR and...
  5. Painted Brake Calipers

    I want to paint my brake calipers so at least they match front to rear. Could never figure out what Hyundai was thinking when they zinc coat the rears and paint/coat the fronts in a dark gray? I do not want the look to shout as in bright red although I am sure it would look good. Was thinking...
  6. 2012 rspec front brake pads(brembo?)

    Where do I find brake pads for my june built 2012 5.0 Rspec? Autozone,Pep Boys,Oreilly...these brake pads are too tall by maybe 1/8" inch.wont fit into caliper.. Dealership brake pads are a match,but expensive $189.00 for front only.Anybody with a 5.0 rspec (brembo) find replacement pads other...
  7. First Generation Brake Information / Modding.

    Hi. Anyone know if the 4 piston calipers on the 2009-2014 models on the V6 and the V8 5.0 are the same part? I have the 2013 3.8 currently and thinking of upgrading the brakes. The 2013 3.8 comes w/ front 13 inch discs and it has 4 piston brake caliper in the front. I want to upgrade the...
  8. stumpie

    Gen 1 Brake Fluid Flush volume

    Getting ready to replace OE brake fluid. How many ounces might I need for this procedure?
  9. nickpike

    Possibly a silly question about the hand brake.

    Hi all, my drive is tarmacked and in good condition, but is on quite a steep slope down to my garage. I tend to put the car in the garage on the level rather than leave it on the slope, just in case the car rolled away and caused a lot of damage. However, for cleaning, etc, I should like to...
  10. Brake Fluid change

    Hi guys, After reading up a bit more about this recall thing, I have decided to have the brake fluid changed and the ECU checked up as well. Any tips on which brake fluid to go for? Or if the local dealer hasn't got a replacement Hydraulic ECU so where to buy it from a reliable dealer in the...
  11. Recommendations on brake upgrade

    Hey guys, I have a 2012 Genesis 5.0 Rspec. Looking for recommendations on upgrading rotors & pads for this ride. I was looking at the EBC slotted and dimpled rotors and yellow stuff pads. If you have upgraded and see an improvement in braking let me know. thanks!
  12. Parking Brake Adjustment

    The parking brake on my 2010 Genesis Coupe 3.8L Track doesn't fully engage, even when the handle is pulled all the way up. I thought there should be a simple cable adjustment, but I was told that the Brembo brakes are a separate animal, and the parking brake adjustment requires much more work...
  13. Brake lights always stay on

    On occasion, after starting car to warm up, I leave the car running and go back into the house. I notice the brake lights are on. Not every time. Thinking they will go off when I drive away, I go ahead to my destination. Of course, I don't know if they are on at that time. However, upon...
  14. Brake Pedal Problem

    I took my Genesis in for an oil & filter change this morning. I also asked them to check a possible problem with the brakes or brake pedal mechanism. When I step on the brake pedal, as it nears the point where it would normally stop I hear a "pop" noise and feel it with my foot. This happens...
  15. nickpike

    Start/Stop button and Park Brake operation.

    Hi, I collect my Genesis in a few days time, so been reading through the owners manual (US version, I can't find a RHD version for the UK). I have a question regarding the Start/Stop button. I've learnt that to start the engine, the autobox is in Park (P) and the brake pedal is depressed, and of...
  16. First Generation SCC and SS brake lines

    For those of you who have upgraded your brake lines, have you noticed that when the SCC applies the brakes it is smoother and more linear? I use SCC twice as much as I did before because it no longer snatches me against the seat belt. Has anyone else noticed the same?
  17. First Generation Upgraded to SS brake lines

    Today I replaced my OEM brake lines with SS braided lines, both front and rear. I went with StopTech instead of Goodridge due to the cost difference. $94 vs $175+. The difference in brake pedal feel is quite a bit better than stock. Pedal travel has been improved somewhat also. In general the...
  18. Enjuku Racing - Ksport Front ProComp 14" 8 Piston Big Brake Kit

    Ksport Front ProComp 14" 8 Piston Big Brake Kit For Genesis Coupe $1,995.00
  19. Help with changing brake Led in 2015 Genesis Coupe

    Hello. I'm trying to replace my brake light led bulb on my 2015. How do I release the little bulb clip to take it out? I've never seen one like this and I don't want to break it.
  20. Detail and Brake Upgrades

    I had a busy weekend with the car. First with a interior/exterior detail (its whistle clean inside) on Saturday and then a brake upgrade on Sunday. The upgrades are Power Sport slotted rotors, Hawk HPS pads, Goodridge stainless braided brake lines and Motul RBF 600 fluid. Ran out of time for the...
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