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  1. Hyundai hires 2nd Bentley designer for Genesis brand

  2. Hyundai Genesis vs. Genesis Brand

    With the debut of the new Genesis brand this year what are your thoughts on how it will affect resale values of the 2009-2016 Hyundai Genesis?
  3. Genesis Branded US Website?

    Does anyone know if there is a new Genesis Branded website? I'm hopeful they will have some of their new models displayed or at least concepts of their G80, G70, etc.......
  4. Genesis brand at the 2016 DAS

    Good read http://www.thedrive.com/article/1624/genesis-may-be-the-strongest-brand-at-the-2016-detroit-auto-show
  5. Genesis Brand Launches its G90 Luxury Flagship

    - Cutting-edge technology, ultimate refinement and luxurious convenience set the Genesis brand flagship apart - Premium luxury sedan exudes confidence and distinctiveness through ‘Athletic Elegance’ with refined and dynamic performance - Generous world-class safety and technology innovations...
  6. HUD issue in my brand new 2016 3.8 AWD

    Day #1 with the new Genesis was great! HUD display was flawless and worked as advertised. Day #2 - not so great...the HUD developed two parallel slanted vertical lines running through the middle of the display from the bottom of the projection area to the top of the projection area. I took the...
  7. Genesis Brand

    http://thekoreancarblog.com/2015/11/25/genesis-eq900-is-all-naked/ What do you guys think? Looks like Equus and Genesis combined
  8. Genesis will be separate from Hyundai brand??

    Hyundai announced that it is turning its Genesis lines of sedans and coupes into a standalone global luxury brand. The company is targeting six new Genesis vehicles by 2020. Hyundai spokespeople confirmed that all six vehicles will be available in the U.S. by 2021. Details on how Genesis...
  9. Genesis to become a luxury brand in NA

    I thought this was interesting: "As much as Hyundai’s brand reputation has improved tremendously from its early days of peddling disposable cars like the Excel at rock-bottom prices, it’s still tough to compete in the luxury arena with a mainstream-brand name. That’s exactly what Hyundai has...
  10. Everybody is using Acura's "Man and Machine" brand strategy

    Well. Not literally "everyone". But Hyundai is the third brand I've seen basically grab this idea and use it. The Genesis "aims to fuse technology and man to ultimately produce true value". I forget which other brand used a similar phrase but I suppose Acura had a good idea with this one. Now...
  11. Genesis brand coming to Canada

    Not sure if there is a thread for this already. Hyundai Canada confirms Genesis branding. http://www.autos.ca/general-news/hyundai-spins-genesis-line-into-stand-alone-luxury-sub-brand/
  12. Now that "Genesis" is its own brand - how do WE grow from here?

    So what would you all like to see in regards to how we proceed from this point on? The Hyundai Equus will be called Genesis G90. The Hyundai Genesis Sedan will be called Genesis G80. A new midsize model will be named Genesis G70 and the Genesis Coupe will be named Genesis G60. Should these new...
  13. Official Press Release: Hyundai Motor Launches New Global Luxury Brand, 'Genesis'

    - New 'Genesis' brand will compete with the world's leading luxury car brands - Six-model line-up begins roll-out from December catering for 'new luxury' customers, delivering personalized and human-centered experiences - Refined performance, athletic elegance in design and human-focused...
  14. Genesis Premium Brand

    Just saw that Hyundai is finally separating Genesis and Equus from the other cars. Separate Dealers? SEOUL, South Korea (AP) -- Hyundai Motor Co. said Wednesday it has launched a premium car brand named after its Genesis sedan to boost earnings and its share of the fast-growing global market...
  15. Aquineas

    Hyundai spinning off Genesis into Luxury brand

    I know this is a dupe, but this is big enough news not to be buried in another thread
  16. Hyundai to push into luxury market with stand-alone Genesis brand, report says

    Brand to include existing Genesis sedan, coupe and renamed Equus; Midsize premium SUV to be added by 2019 "A small line of upscale products is going to be sold under the Genesis brand name. It's not a physically separated brand with its own channel," one of the knowledgeable individuals told...
  17. Brand new car problem

    I was driving and all of a sudden the car lost speed and would not move the clutch feels very stiff then the tow truck driver got it to move a little but the clutch feels very stiff brand new car what could it be?? The dealer is trying to talk to Hyundai tech support but they been closed
  18. 05king

    Brand new car lost the entertainement center for a minute

    So we were streaming Pandora and all of a sudden the sound got real bad. Then we lost the screen on the info center, then it blinked about 5 times then it went completely black then it came back to the accept screen, all while we were driving. Guess I should take it into the dealers? The car is...
  19. FS: 2014 Genesis Coupe - brand new. 1500 miles for sale

    2014 hyundai genesis 2.0T for sale. Red- only 1500 miles. owned for 3 months. Need to get an SUV. professionally tinted windows, as well as LED bulbs all around/inside. I paid $25 for this car 3 months ago. Price- $23800 which is my payoff. Not to mention the money for tint (with warranty)...
  20. SOLD For Sale, Brand New Megan Coilover Kit SOLD

    For sale is a completely brand new megan coilover kit for the 2009-2013 Genesis. I bought it from Megan to do a coil rebuild on my 2009 genesis 4.6 which I decided to trade in instead. Kit will be fully complete in original boxes with all included tools, hardware and instructions. The kit comes...