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  1. Origin_G80

    New member with a quick question

    Hey guys, Im a new member of this community. Last October i pulled the trigger and i bought a 2017 G80. So far i put a little over 60k miles on her. Owner manual says to change tranny fluid at 60k miles. Anyone on here with high mileage genesis or g80? Any advice? Should i change it? Sealed...
  2. hokie1525

    oil change and...did I do filter right?

    So I went ahead and did the first oil change at 2k miles. Mobil 1 5w30. I used to use it in my 2002 Maxima and drove it to high mileage, so I believe in it. Ok, so I made the stupid mistake of not paying close attention to the "before", so two questions? 1) Does it matter which way you...
  3. hokie1525

    First oil change

    Some people on this forum have mentioned changing their oil at about 1000 miles. The manufacturer recommends 7500, and even my dealer recommended not doing an early first one (although they recommend 5000 interval). So what is the justification for doing or not doing this early oil change?
  4. Can you change audio system default mode settings?

    I've had my Genesis for about 10 days now and enjoy just about everything about it. There's one thing, however, that irritates me every time I hit the ignition button and that's the default audio mode setting. When I get out of the car, I've usually been listening via bluetooth to one of my...
  5. 2015 v8 2g oil change w/mityvac

    2015 5.0L 2G oil change w/mityvac Finally got around to changing the oil on this car using a MityVac - the notes below may help other DIY'ers. First off - why vacuum the oil out? Answer is you don't have to remove the rear lower body panel or the drain plug/crush washer. And since the...
  6. quanva

    Proper way to change wheels

    Long story short, I'm tired of having to go to a shop to swap wheels. I want to do this myself but I havent tried since my first attempt(400 dollars and a few new thread lugs later My other cars have the exposed threads I can just sit the wheel on and the put on the bolt this car isnt like...
  7. Please tell me there's a way to change this...

    Bluetooth switching to FM/AM at startup I listen to music/podcasts via Bluetooth about 98% of the time in the car. It seems that when you turn the car off it defaults back to AM/FM and you have to manually switch it to Bluetooth every time. Is there a way to change this?
  8. nickpike

    Using paddles to change gear.

    Hi all, I love the gear change feature using the paddles. Thing is, if I use the paddle, the transmission changes from 'D' to the gear number chosen. To get back into 'D', you have to leave the paddles alone for a short time period. Is there a way to switch back to 'D' manually?
  9. Tire Change

    Hi my rear tires DUNLOP 275/35 , can i change to 275/40? Regards
  10. Oil change with a Mityvac 2016 3.8

    For those of you who DIY oil changes and using the MityVac canister. Mityvac makes 2 different units, one with a pump and one that uses an air compressor. I have an air compressor and am trying to figure out which unit would be best, given that the price is about the same. It seems so much...
  11. Brake Fluid change

    Hi guys, After reading up a bit more about this recall thing, I have decided to have the brake fluid changed and the ECU checked up as well. Any tips on which brake fluid to go for? Or if the local dealer hasn't got a replacement Hydraulic ECU so where to buy it from a reliable dealer in the...
  12. Latest Oil Change

    Took my Genesis 4.6 in for the latest oil change, and noticed the following: Where all previous oil changes have had this description oil - B Oil this time it had oil - B Duramax can anyone let me know, or have gotten this oil when have the oil changed ? What type of oil is this ?
  13. Engine Oil Change

    Hi Guys, when do you change for first time your engine oil? Some people change it on around 1000 miles for first time and then go along with the manufacturer maintenance schedule. Others change the oil on around 1000 miles, after that on around 3000 miles and then go along with the manufacturer...
  14. SmartKey Battery change

    Hoiw do I change the battery in my SmartKey. The message has appered few times telling me that the Smartkey battery is weak. I have found many video on how to change the battery on the 2014 and older but nothing on the 2015. ANyone has done it yet?
  15. 2012-14 Genesis Sedan V6 Oil Change

    Hello fellow Genesis drivers, I just changed my oil with Mahle Oil Filter kit which came with the filter, oil pan plug crush washer, big o-ring that goes around the oil filter cap and a small o-ring which I ended up not using. When I took out the filter that was installed by the dealer, which...
  16. Oil Change @ Dealership

    They wanted $120 for synthetic blend. Said because it's 10quarts not 5. This sounds absurd to me. Is this normal? Of course, I refused. But, do people actually pay this?
  17. Oil Change Warning

    I just did the third oil change on the car. Just a heads up. The panel inserts (plastic ones) will become almost unusable once taken out so do pick up a bag of 100 or so on eBay and keep in your trunk...
  18. First oil change?

    We have the 3.8 AWD. Has about 4500 miles. Was going to change with full synth at around 6K. Dealer gave me first oil change (after 6mo) free but didn't specify synth or reg. Once dealer changes it I'll probably change myself as I engoy doing it - unless full syth price is too reasonable to...
  19. Change over?

    Anybody change their own wheels at home? . Like summers to winters? Used to do my Mustang but Genesis is pretty heavy. Is there a decent jack point that won't cause damage over time?
  20. 05king

    1st oil change on our 14' RSPEC

    So the car just turned 4k miles and I want to get the oil and filter changed this weekend. I plan to use just dinosaur oil (if the car did not originally come with synthetic oil.) I don't have the car here with me to look in the owners manual. Should I go get a factory oil filter to cover my...