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  1. 500whp Turbo Genesis 3.8

    I just posted a YouTube video of my buddies turbo 3.8 genesis coupe and thought you guys would like it. It includes a short edit, interview of the owner, and exhaust/fly-by videos. Please check it out, comment any questions you have on YouTube, and subscribe. Thanks! Also, the owner is a...
  2. 2010 genesis coupe 3.8

    I recently bought a 3.8 coupe 6 speed. i get a PO 0018 code. which is bank2 sensor a out of sync. dealer replaced both ocv on driver side. Cleared code and sent me on my way. it came back within 30 mins of driving. the car experiences zero power. it bogs down on acceration. if i shut car down...
  3. FS 3.8 Track Genesis Coupe 2013

    FOR SALE -- Chicago, IL $20,500 -- 872-222-6519 EDIT: OD is 38,000 This is my baby but it's time to trade up and I'm selling her. She's been treated VERY well, there are no door dings AT ALL. Very clean interior because this car is beautiful. Regular maintenance has been done on time, at...
  4. FOR SALE: 2014 White Gen Coupe 2.0T R-spec for sale

    2014 White Genesis Coupe 2.0T R-spec for sale, 6spd Manual, 26k miles, Comes with Factory warranty and Extended warranty $21,500 North Georgia
  5. For Sale 2013 hyundai genesis coupe 3.8 g.t.

    This car is in perfect condition, not a scratch, or a dent on it. Hand washed every other weekend, never been in a "car wash". White with tan interior, completely stock, never raced. 19,629 Miles. All normal accessories,power moon roof, heated leather seats, satellite radio, purchased in...
  6. MathWiz

    Chrome 19" Coupe wheels on a 1G Sedan

    I did the Chrome Exchange from Wheel Concepts Inc. I am very happy with the results Charles
  7. genesis coupe locksmith help

    Recently bought a Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Super happy with the car, but the problem is that I got locked out of it, with my wallet and house keys inside. The dealership says that it might take 24 hours before they can send someone. Should I just call a locksmith and get it over with?
  8. WANTED: 11-13 Genesis Coupe 19" Wheels..?

    i believe these are 11-13 genesis coupe wheels... please correct me if i'm wrong, but i am looking for these in 19's... anyone have them for sale? i am located in Palmdale, Calif thanks so much!
  9. Seat covers for 2016 Genesis Coupe

    I can't seem to find any custom fit specifically for the 2016 model. Does anybody have any suggestions?
  10. waz

    Genesis Coupe owner seduced by the dark side

    I posted this over at Genesis Coupe.com: Well on February 27, 2016, after owning my 2010 3.8 GT Coupe for almost 6 years, I succumbed to the dark side and became the proud lessee of a 2015 3.8 Ultimate Genesis Sedan. Holy guano, Batman...the car drives itself! It steers itself! it stops...
  11. 18's coupe wheels on sedan

    Morning - I found a set of 18 coupe wheels that I am thinking of buying for 2010. They have 245/45 on the rear and 225/45 on the fronts. I currently have 235/50 all around on mine. I was wondering if anyone had pictures of these rims and tires on their sedan that they can post. I saw a few...
  12. Second Generation FS:TX 2013 Genesis Coupe 2.0T R-Spec Widebody Former SEMA Car

    Hey guys how's it going. I bought this car last year from JohnP who built it for Hyundai for the SEMA show. My wife was in love with it and wanted it really bad for her next car after we sold her Evo and she has been driving and loving it ever since. We are going to be moving soon and are...
  13. Enjuku Racing - ISR Performance Stainless Clutch Line for Hyundai Genesis Coupe 09+

    ISR Performance Stainless Clutch Line for Hyundai Genesis Coupe 09+ In Stock and Ready to Ship! $29.99
  14. 2 years of waiting for this day!

    After researching and waiting I finally was able to get the new 2016 Hyundai Genesis R-spec in empire grey and I got it for 27,000 here in California! I couldn't believe it was so hard to find this combination at a fair price. I was to stubborn to go for any other color and I would have loved...
  15. Enjuku Racing - Enthuspec Delrin Shifter Linkage Bushings for Genesis Coupe

    Enthuspec Delrin Shifter Linkage Bushings for Genesis Coupe '10-15 In Stock and Ready to Ship! $30.00 Enthuspec Delrin shifter bushing replaces the factory soft rubber bushings in the front shifter carrier arm. The original Genesis Coupe bushings have a lot of play which does not allow...
  16. ARK C-FX Carbon Front Lip for 09-12 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

    ARK C-FX Carbon Front Lip for 09-12 Hyundai Genesis Coupe $695.00 For Special Pricing Call : (352) 241-8399 Or Email : Sam@enjukuracing.com
  17. Genesis Coupe vs Scion FR-S

    Just finished testing the two cars and did a write up for everyone here: Genesis Coupe vs Scion FR-S. I have to say the Genesis is an amazing car and I hope the new CarPlay will fix the technology issues.
  18. maximo

    coupe rims on genesis sedan v6 question

    Does anyone here know off hand if you would need extended lugs or bolts with 5mm spacers? Or would the oem lugs and bolts work just fine. Any help would be appreciated. maximo
  19. WTB Yellow Coupe

    Looking for yellow coupe, open to engine and trim. Tucson
  20. First Generation FOR SALE: 2010 Nordschleife Grey Genesis Coupe 2.0T Track Edition 6 Speed Manual

    FOR SALE: 2010 Nordschleife Grey Genesis Coupe 2.0T Track Edition 6 Speed Manual Location Los Angeles Mileage 12,650 *this car is my daily driver, but I average less than 50 miles per week Very clean inside and out- always garage kept, clean accident record, impeccably cared for and Hyundai...
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