1. IMG_20200409_081542.jpg


    Engine Bay w/ Korean Market correct covers
  2. nickpike

    Metal Tyre Valve Covers.

    The existing air valve covers are plastic and inherently light in weight. I was thinking of changing them for something more sexy like these...
  3. Seat covers for 2016 Genesis Coupe

    I can't seem to find any custom fit specifically for the 2016 model. Does anybody have any suggestions?
  4. tmf2004

    Key Fob covers.

    Anyone have a key fob rubber cover? if so where did you find one... thanks
  5. Custom caliper covers installed w/ photos!

    I just installed my custom caliper covers on my 5.0 Ultimate today. No more ugly gray steel. The caliper covers are made by MGP and were very easy to install. It took about 30 minutes with NO drilling. I hope you like the look!!!!
  6. R spec caliper covers wanted

    As title states looking for a set of caliper covers for the 2012 R spec in either black or red. I am located in SoCal and prefer local pickup due to not having using that paypal crap
  7. xiaphin

    Differences between non GDI and GDI 3.8 Engine Covers

    Does anybody know if the cover for the 3.8 GDI (12'-14') will fit the non 3.8 GDI (09'-11') engine? If anybody has a picture showing the bottom side of both covers with mounting locations that would be great. Posted this in the how do you take the engine cover off thread but that one is really old.
  8. Tailwalker

    First Generation V8 MGP Caliper Covers

    F/S - one set of MGP Caliper Covers in Red. They are the plain, riveted style without the MGP logo on the front. It is stamped in on the back, so you know you are getting the correct product. These are $179 new. Asking $100 shipped. I will post pictures shortly. Thanks for looking
  9. Dash Covers

    Anyone done this to their Genny sedan? I am looking at a suede dashboard cover (black) because the glare on my charcoal vinyl dash is just too overwhelming. I searched the forums on here and did not find anything. Called dealership and they said they have never seen a Hyundai with dash...
  10. Clazzio Seat Covers

    I contacted Clazzio and they said they have Hyundai products on the way. Hopefully we will get some love to further pimp our rides.
  11. consilius

    Wanted: Caliper Covers

    If anyone is interested in selling their caliper covers (MGP), let me know!
  12. Front Seat Covers ??

    120F isn't uncommon in the summer in Arizona! We also wears shorts a lot; so, seat covers are desirable. However, since the headrest on the 2011 sedan isn't removable, I've been unable to find any that will fit. Can anyone suggest a brand that will fit so I can go to their website and look for...
  13. Opinions and Ideas on the misc. engine covers

    I want your feedback and ideas on the variety of covers under the hood of the V8 sedan. I have never been one for plastic covers hiding the beauty of raw mechanical engineering. I like to see valve covers , manifolds, piping and wires. I know that the GDI pumps are covered because they are noisy...
  14. anthonym65201

    Cold air intake and caliper covers

    I have a set of red MGP brake caliper covers and the cold air intake for sale. Both items were on my 2012 R- SPEC Sedan, I also still have a set of R-spec sedan rims for sale. Caliper cover: $100 OBO COLD air intake: $150 OBO Rims: $700 plus shipping or you can pick them up In Northern...
  15. Rudderman98

    FS:Hyundai Genesis 2011 Sedan MGP Caliper Covers

    *SOLD*Hyundai Genesis 2011 Sedan MGP Caliper Covers A very clean set of MGP caliper covers from my 2011 Hyundai Genesis 4.6. They aid in keeping brake dust at a minimum and look very stylish. I always got looks when driving down the road with them. One cover has a scratch as shown in the...
  16. ShadowZ

    Group Buy: Genesis Prada engine covers.

    Fellow owners, This thread is intended for only those interested in purchasing an appearance package for the Genesis sedan. PLEASE ONLY REPLY IF YOU ARE INTERESTED AND VOTE AS I NEED AN ACCURATE COUNT FOR THESE ORDERS The Prada Edition Genesis has rear engine covers not normally equipped...
  17. Chrome Side Door Cavity Cup Covers?

    Greetings! I was looking at the details of S class MB which had chrome door cavity cup covers, a really nice touch. Does anyone know of a vendor that can produce these covers for the Genesis Sedan? So far I've only turned up specific models to include some Hyundais.
  18. Sheepskin seat covers; any experience?

    I just purchased a pearl white 2013 Genesis sedan with Saddle interior and premium package. Based on my experience with many other leather seated vehicles in florida I am interested in purchasing a pair of front seat covers and am focusing on Sheepskin. Does anyone on here have any experience...
  19. kev4

    Car Covers Genesis Sedan

    Hi: I am looking for a very soft indoor car cover to cover my 2009 Black Genesis. Does anyone have suggestions to which car cover I should purchase. It needs to be very light weight, easy to store and most of all very soft ( like a Linen type material) to prevent marking of the paint. The...
  20. seat covers?

    does anybody want wet okole seat covers? or is wet okole something frowned upon? trying to sell a set but no response at all :(
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