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  1. omegafiler

    G80 5.0l V8 Custom Corsa Exhaust Installed

    Since Corsa doesn't want to make an exhaust for the Genesis, I had a local exhaust shop do that for me. ;) We basically just replaced the stock mufflers with Corsa Sport mufflers intended for another vehicle. I just found a kit that looked like it was the best fit for size and inlet/outlet. Then...
  2. Aftermarket Grilles

    Anyone experiment with trading out their stock sedan grille/grill with an aftermarket option? I've found a nice one (see links below) that i'm thinking about purchasing. I'd pull the trigger now but my adaptive cruise control is in the way, does anyone know if i can install adaptive cruise...
  3. TEASER VIDEO: 5.0 HTRAC Exhaust

    Those of you that know me on here may remember my previous Genesis exhaust setup. It was in your face loud and I'm back at it again. Teaser video of my 5.0 HTRAC exhaust setup. https://www.instagram.com/p/BN8LBeHAy2F/ Link for my Instagram and YouTube in my signature. I still need to upload...
  4. Custom leather work in Genesis sedan

    I just bought a 2015 Genesis 5.0 in Empire State Gray with the Ivory interior. I love the look of the seat leather with the black piping trim, but for some reason the perforated leather door panel inserts look a little plain and cheap to me. I was looking at an AMG C450 with the quilted brown...
  5. CRSpec

    Custom exhaust build 2012 R-Spec

    Hey guys, I figured I would post my set up here for those that are curious about other options for exhaust builds and sounds. The build that I did was a custom mid-section made with high grade SS. Which is a 2.5" custom X-pipe and secondary cat delete all built into the mid section. The...
  6. Thinking of a custom sub...help talk me out of it

    So I have the 14 speaker system...In all honesty it's the best sounding stock system I have ever owned. I can live with most everything, except the bass. The subwoofer is obviously free air into the trunk and just runs out of thump. Ok, easy enough, add one. But I don't really want to make a...
  7. Thinking of a custom sub...help talk me out of it

    So I have the 14 speaker system...In all honesty it's the best sounding stock system I have ever owned. I can live with most everything, except the bass. The subwoofer is obviously free air into the trunk and just runs out of thump. Ok, easy enough, add one. But I don't really want to make...
  8. Custom caliper covers installed w/ photos!

    I just installed my custom caliper covers on my 5.0 Ultimate today. No more ugly gray steel. The caliper covers are made by MGP and were very easy to install. It took about 30 minutes with NO drilling. I hope you like the look!!!!
  9. Ron5.0

    SOLD Custom Front Lip For Sale. Off My 2012 Rspec Sedan SOLD

    Custom front lip I made for my 12 rspec sedan, looking to make a different style lip. Selling mine. Needs a re spray, has a small crack on passenger side, curb rash on driver side and paint chip in center. $130 shipped OBO, follow my Instagram for more pictures. @Ron_5.0 Email me at...
  10. First Generation Custom Wheels Offset

    Requesting advice on wheel offset for staggered set up. FR 20x8.5 R 20x10
  11. ZZR

    Second Generation beautiful set of custom 22/20 rims/tires

    These are BRAND NEW, balanced to perfection, rims/tires. Tire pressure sencors installed. Sumitomo tires of same thread on 4 wheels. Sizes: Frt: 275/40/20 Rear: 295/25/22 They have been tested on 2015 genesis we did custom work on. Ride great, no vibratios, no rubing, looking great...
  12. septicwar

    Custom shift lever - an idea.

    I'm interested in changing the shift knob in my '12 rspec that I just acquired. I understand that the knob itself is a press fit. I'm interested in actually using a threaded knob. I have the ability and tools available to thread the stock lever or even possibly make a custom one. My question is...
  13. pattimayo

    How do I know what size wheel cap to use in custom wheels?

    Just put different wheels on my 2013 Genesis. They are 19 inch Rays from an Infiniti G35. I'd like to change the center caps to Hyundai, but how do I know what size will fit? Does every center cap geared for a 19 inch wheel always work? Please help!
  14. Custom exhaust tips on 12' 5.0 Rspec

    On the 2012-14 5.0 rspecs exhaust tips are built into the bumper. Are these removable? I want to switch to a quad setup.. I have yet to see this done on 12-14 rspecs..
  15. Sound Clip of Custom CAI on 2011 3.8

    So my friend and I installed a custom CAI and a tuned ECM to remap the fuel\air ratios and I must say this car def has unlocked potential. I have been able to get my 0-60 times (in manual shift mode) in the low 5 sec range. I have added a short sound clip of the finish work. Hope you like :D...
  16. ZZR

    Cold Air Intake development-SPY PICS

    As part of our Aero package http://genesisowners.com/hyundai-genesis-forum/showthread.php?t=15153 Cold Air Intake is an effort to offer options to 2015 Genesis owners. And just as with the whole package CAI is work in progress. So far we have found the workable configuration for the filters...
  17. ZZR

    Aero package development-SPY PICS

    ZZRstudio ( zzrstudio.com) and X Hyundai Dealership in Houston,TX collaborate on development of a dealer option package for 2015 Genesissedan. The GEN I package contains front faica, grille, hood scoop, rear spoiler and 275/35/20 + 295/25/22 rims/tires. All items improve performance and...
  18. SOLD BC coils and custom springs 09-14 Genesis Sedan SOLD

    Just got these in today not even out of box. Wondering if anyone is interested in getting an early Christmas present for their Genny Sedan. If I get a serious buyer I'll open the box to take photos. Specs m-08 type rs Swift 12k fronts Custom 10k rears Asking what I paid $1160 shipped plus...
  19. Custom exhaust suggestions wanted

    Hello. I've been following this forum for a few years before I picked up my Genesis Sedan. One of my most researched topics has been custom exhausts. I'm unsure between which one I really want. Here are my options I've limited to myself and conditions. *Absolutely no off road pipes*...
  20. Custom trunk sub setup

    Good evening, Just purchased a 2013 Genesis (base model) and wanting a little extra punch in the system category. Been scouring the Internet but don't see many custom setups. Long gone are the days of me just throwing a box and amp in the back, I want a more custom look. Anyone come across...
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