1. Dash Rattle

    Hello all. I bought my new g70 less than a month ago, and now I’ve noticed that my dash starts to rattle around 30 mph. So far I’ve found that it can be temporarily stopped by slightly pulling the infotainment screen forwards, or by pressing up on the bottom of the dash that covers the phone...
  2. cruno

    Gauge Cluster Upgrade

    I have a 2011 Equus Ultimate and am wondering if it's possible to upgrade that to the 2015 Standard or Supervision gauge clusters. From what I can see the 2011 has 2 different connectors on the back while the upgraded clusters has a single (32 pin?) connector. HEQManual has a diagram of the...
  3. ifonline

    Creaking and Squeaking Meter Hood/HUD

    I have discovered an annoyance with my 2018 G80 Ultimate and I'm curious if anyone else has experienced the same. Periodically, and I unfortunately can't quite nail down the right conditions, the meter hood/HUD creaks and squeaks while driving. I'm not talking about rattling when hitting bumps...
  4. First Generation Opinions on dash badge

    I recently purchased a platinum 2013 R-Spec with only 22K miles on it. Car was in great shape except for one small slit on the dash. I looked up the price to replace the dash pad but at $400+ I couldn't justify the expense. I just debadged the back of the car and started to look at the R-Spec...
  5. Dash Cams

    Any suggestions for a dash cam for my 2016 Genny? Run a Escort 360 detector and am looking to put a dash cam in
  6. Second Generation Installing a dash cam

    Hello, I own the following dash cam: TaoTronics Car Dash Cam HD 1080P: http://www.amazon.com/TaoTronics-1080P-Angle-G-Sensor-Screen/dp/B0119F9EPG It's currently installed using a rather long cable that I tucked away into the corner between the glass/trim -it looks something like this (but...
  7. 2013 Premium Dash Replacement

    Hey folks, I'm a new member and just purchased a 2013 Genesis premium for my mom which we are picking up today. It is a great car and is in great shape. It is twilight blue pearl in colour with a cashmere interior. The only issue with the car is that the interior has a light coloured wood...
  8. Dash screen missing

    How do I get the dashboard screen that shows the blue mileage bar and miles per gallon etc. I have tires, digital speed, GPS, lane assist but no mileage screen. It just disappeared and can't get it back. Genesis 2016.
  9. jsmit86

    2015 G2 Air Leak under dash

    I have me car in for my first service, and one issue I've asked them to check is an air leak under my dash in the area of the steering wheel. Durning winter weather, I am getting very cold air, as if from the outside. It's not a huge amount, but it does not seem normal. I seem to recall...
  10. The LED lights in dash

    I'm thinking that it's a tracker for the vehicle ....also I noticed little silver stickers that enhance and or boost signals for tracking ... Has anyone else seen the little silver stickers ?
  11. Second Generation Has anyone removed fake wood dash?

    I seen previous threads talking about putting in overlays. My question is has anyone actually removed the fake wood and installed custom wood panels along the dash and doors? I need to contact local shop that works on interior to get estimate.
  12. Dash Cam

    Looking into get a dash cam for my Genesis. I had one in my old car which i still have, however it wasn't that great. Was looking into getting a new dash cam but wanted some ideas of where to mount. I saw one thread with it mounted by the rear view mirror, i was thinking of doing this and...
  13. jsmit86

    HD Radio info in dash cluster 2G Signature with AVN

    I asked about this issue in the 2G Sedan forum, and got about 170 views, but no replies. Perhaps putting it in this section will get a response. I found an interesting anomaly with My HD Radio. I have a 2015 3.8 AWD Signature Package with the AVN 4.5 system, and the 4.3" LCD Dash cluster...
  14. jsmit86

    HD Radio info in dash cluster.

    I found an interesting anomaly today. I have a Signature Package with the AVN 4.5 system, and the 4.3" LCD Dash cluster display. When listening to FM HD radio, the display will show the HD radio info one number higher than the station. For Example 105.9 HD1 shows correctly on the Radio...
  15. Dash Trim Kits

    Anyone do these yet? I was looking at swapping out my WOOD for CF. Is it easy?
  16. MelFranks

    Dash display weirdness

    I remote started my car this morning, got in and was presented with a garbled dash display. The center LCD was showing only warning icons, and the right hand turn signal indicator was on continuously. Neither the tachometer or the speedometer were registering anything, and the shift select...
  17. Dash Covers

    Anyone done this to their Genny sedan? I am looking at a suede dashboard cover (black) because the glare on my charcoal vinyl dash is just too overwhelming. I searched the forums on here and did not find anything. Called dealership and they said they have never seen a Hyundai with dash...
  18. Wood grain dash and doors to "Carbon Fiber"

    First post! I am not a big fan of my hi-gloss wood trim on my 2015 3.8 Tech. The guy that tinted my windows also does vehicle wraps on the exterior and inter parts. I would like to have the "wood" wrapped in a Carbon Fiber look and he said it would be no problem. Should be about $150-$200...
  19. First Generation FS: OEM Lexicon Radio dash bezel off of 5.0 R-Spec - Dark Woodgrain

    I bought this to use on a fiberglassing project but ended up using my existing trim. Excellent condition with no broken clips - would be a great replacement for your beat up bezel, or for a project like I had in mind. These are hard to find in this condition. I've done my best to show the...
  20. CtK

    I have something growing out of my dash!!

    The 1st pic was taken May 9th and the 2nd one was taken today. I have no idea what it is, it was not there when I first bought the car. lol
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