1. Enjuku Racing - Last day for big savings! Memorial Day free shipping ends today!!!

    Enjuku Racing Last day for big savings! Memorial Day free shipping ends today!!!
  2. Enjuku Racing - Memorial Day FREE SHIPPING SALE!!!

    Enjuku Racing Memorial Day FREE SHIPPING SALE!!! Save big this holiday weekend!
  3. Just saw a G90 the other day, very nice

    So I pulled up behind a G90 the other day, beautiful car. I was in my white 2016 Genesis. I tried to pull up alongside him to take a pic and give him a thumbs up, but he mashed the pedal down and took off. My turn off was coming up, otherwise I would have caught up to him. Beautiful car, it...
  4. 2 years of waiting for this day!

    After researching and waiting I finally was able to get the new 2016 Hyundai Genesis R-spec in empire grey and I got it for 27,000 here in California! I couldn't believe it was so hard to find this combination at a fair price. I was to stubborn to go for any other color and I would have loved...
  5. Track Day @ Thunderhill and Dyno (videos)

    I had my first track day with the Genesis Sedan today at Thunderhill Raceway for a Speed Dynamics event (great group!). I wasn't trying to push the car too hard but got noticeably faster throughout the day and the upgraded brakes didn't fade one bit. I also got a chance to dyno the car with the...
  6. Happy and Safe Labor Day Weekend

    We at would like to wish all the members on the Genesis Coupe boards a Happy and safe Labor Day Weekend.
  7. Happy and Safe Labor Day Weekend

    We at would like to wish all the members on the Genesis Sedan boards a Happy and safe Labor Day Weekend.
  8. UNAVI Labor Day Super Sale

    2015 LABOR DAY SALE!!! We are happy to bring back one of our best deals on our X5 Genesis Sedan and X5 & X6 Genesis Coupe Navigation Systems. This amazing sale pricing is set at $1199 (Savings of $250) and this includes a FREE Backup Camera (Savings of $199) we are also including a FREE iGo...
  9. Day time running L E D lights for Genesis 2013 R spec 5.0

    some say that install L E D lights and you lose high beam. IJDM toy website claims otherwise. They claim that high beam still works, but not that bright. Has anyone used VLED lights for daytime running lights ? Any ideas??? Thanks
  10. SoCal Genesis race day?

    I was wondering if there would be any interest in having a race day for us SoCal members. Just think about it, several Genesis coups and sedans hitting the drag strip and having some 1/4 mile fun, seeing how fast our cars are and showing off a bit in the process. We could meet at Fontana at the...
  11. ninjaxx

    Day time running lights

    Anybody done anything with these? Would bright white bulbs look good instead of the yellow? I have the HIDs for when lights are on already but thought it would be nice for something during the day. Thoughts? Pictures? Thanks.
  12. beruco

    Spa day.

    If any of you guys are giving your Genesis her well deserved "spa day" (car wash 😊) post some pics. of the final results.
  13. A "funny" thing happened on the way home the other day

    I was driving home (4 lane divided highway not an interstate, but posted legal interstate speed limit) the other day when something funny happened. You know those people who drive in the passing lane and don't know they should get back in the right lane after they've passed the car(s) in the...
  14. Had it one day.. first problem

    Well, last night when I got home I shut off the engine, and the "Passenger window open" light flashed. So I powered back up and rolled window down and then up and shut off. Same warning light saying it was open... called dealer today, bringing it in Tuesday to look at.. other than that, I love...
  15. Memorial Day Trip/Drive

    In 1978 my wife and I took a drive from Arlington west to the Skyline Drive and had a little picnic on the mountain tops before driving back home that afternoon. A couple weeks ago (Memorial Day) we repeated that drive with today's starting/ending point being Chesterfield, Va and the car being...
  16. UNAVI Labor Day Weekend Super Sale 2014

    Our Labor Day Super Sale ends Monday the 26th at midnight. $100 off all UNAVI X5 Navigation Systems now featuring iGO Primo and optional live traffic. FREE Backup Camera (Savings of $199) FREE Shipping (Savings of $20-35) UNAVI X5 8" Screen for 2009-2014 Genesis Sedans and also 2010-2012...
  17. Florida Track Day

    THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!!!!!! Been working for the last 3.5 months or so on organizing a Track Day with Performance Driving Group ( We have chosen March 30th, 2014 at Homestead Miami Speedway… The regular price for the event is $299, but I have been able to...
  18. Transmission Clunk on First Shift of Day

    I have a 2009 4.6 Tech. with 61,500 miles. I've noticed that when making the first drive of the day, I back out of my garage to the street, then put the car in drive. When it shifts from 1-2, it is giving me a bit of clunk - rough shift. Once that occurs, though, no other issues driving...
  19. Advice Please! 30 day old CPO 2009 4.6 Alignment/Tire Balance Problem

    On July 27, 2013, I paid $23,500 for a CPO 2009 Hyundai Genesis 4.6 Tech Package at Glenbrook Hyundai in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It had just under 28,000 miles. In addition, I paid $1,400 for the Hyundai certified "WRAP" 100,000 mile extended "bumper to bumper" warranty that is handled by...
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