1. Deer accident

    Well, coming home last night just getting dark around 4:30, 10 minutes from home and all of a sudden a huge deer jumped up from a ditch and hit my 6 week old Ultimate 5.0. Major damage all along the right side of the vehicle. I would love it if it was written off by the insurance but knowing my...
  2. darthspader

    Deer put My Genny in a ditch!!!

    I was crusing down some back roads this evening, when out of the blue a deer runs out infront of me. I turn to avoid a head on, and turned too hard and slammed the side of her in a ditch. I was able to drive her to the dealership, but there is a lot of vibration comming from the rear driver...
  3. Phatdhad

    April 27th genesis club meet in Red Deer, Alberta

    Show & Shine, Pizza, Pool, and a cruise to Sylvan Lake!! A good way to spend the day Location: Altitude Adjustments #4 - 7659 Edgar Industrial Drive, Red Deer, Alberta 9AM Link to the facebook event page
  4. Deer Modifications

    Recently I've had a member of the local wildlife community modify my Genesis Coupe. Passinger headlight, fender, door and heated mirror destroyed. Ive managed to locate a Tsuguba red (i know i didn't spell it right but I'm still in mourning here) fender and would love to find a complete door...
  5. Deer vs Genesis

    As usual, sucker came out of nowhere
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