1. xiaphin

    FOR SALE: SOLD - LED Illuminated Scuff Plates aka Door Sills – Gen 1 – Full Set – Beige (M5) - $150

    SOLD LED Illuminated Scuff Plates aka Door Sills – Gen 1 – Full Set – Beige (M5) - $150 85881-3M000M5 – Front Right 85871-3M000M5 – Front Left 85885-3M000M5 – Rear Right 85875-3M000M5 – Rear Left Decided to part my car out and my LED Scuff Plates for First Gen with Beige (M5) interior are up...
  2. Passenger and rear door won't unlock

    My passenger and rear doors will not unlock with remote, handle or drivers control. They will lock with all three. Anybody have this problem?
  3. Front Door Sill light no working

    How easy/hard is it to replace the front door sill light? Driver's side is burned out (or worse) and need some assistance on whether I should take it to the dealer of if a novice can replace it. I've not done any exploratory ventures ATM.
  4. 2010 3.8 exterior door lock button

    The exterior door lock/unlock button on the driver's side has quit working. The button on the passenger side works, as does the keyfob. Does anybody have any idea how much this could cost to fix?
  5. '09 Genesis Passenger Door - Rattle/Buzzing Sound

    2009 Genesis Sedan, 3.8L V6 With Tech Package. Front passenger door emits a very distracting buzz/rattle while driving. Much worse at highway speeds. It happens even when the audio system is completely turned off, so I don't believe this to be a blown speaker. It actually seems to die down if...
  6. Interior door protection

    Dear all: Have any of you purchased this product ...
  7. interior door handles

    I'm going to replace my 2011 3.8 with a 2014 leftover. Obviously I like the car but I don't like the silver door handles as much as I do the chrome handles om my 2011. Could someone please provide the part number for the "early" door handles; I'll probably replace the new ones. TIA
  8. Push button on door handle not working and rear led lights out

    The little black button that let me unlock the door without using the key (proximity) stopped working. Ideas? Also..rear seat LED lights are done for. Looks like a dealer repair?
  9. Clear Garage Door Opener/Gate - Turning in car

    So - my lease is up shortly and I want to"de-program" my Genesis 3.8 garage door opener and the push button that I use for my community gate. Would appreciate any help.
  10. xiaphin

    First Generation LED Illuminated Scuff Plates aka Door Sills - Full Set - Black

    $200 picked up $230 shipped. Located in Raleigh, I know someone around here wants these, don't make me lose more money by shipping these large pieces. Purchased a full set of LED Illuminated Scuff Plates from KDM Motors but didn't realize they came in black and beige/grey. I need the...
  11. Alwaysforward

    Gas cap door tip

    While getting fuel a few days ago I pressed the door release button and nothing happened. After the third try it finally popped open. When I got home I opened the door and sprayed the plunger down with WD40 then wiped up the excess. I repeatedly pressed the fuel door button and it worked...
  12. OneFunGenesis

    My First Major Problem (Door Handle Not Working)

    Hey! So, I have been around here for a while and owned my car since 2012 pretty flawlessly...until this week. So, the button on my drivers side door handle decided to up and die. So, I took out my physical key to unlock the door manually...and that didn't work either. So, I grabbed my spare...
  13. Does the 2015 G2 3.8L rwd w/Ultimate Opt have illuminated door sill plates?

    Just wondering if this is on both the V8 and the Ultimate Optioned v6 rwd. Thanks. Ray
  14. door sill modification

    OK, I'm pretty new to Genesis ownership and I've been trying to find an answer to this but have so far been unsuccessful. Is there a way I can replace the LEDS in a 2015 3.8 Genesis coupe ultimate's lighted door sills, and if not is there somewhere I can go to buy direct replacement red LED door...
  15. Beon Pack of 2 Hyundai Genesis Logo Wireless LED Car Door Light

    Hey, Has anyone used these on there Genesis sedan? Just wondering how well their made and how long they last. Since they are battery powered I wonder how long until they need to be replaced. I thought about the wired kind but I don't want to put holes in the car doors. Thanks
  16. Door Latch Function

    I've been attempting to read through the Owner's Manuals (together, there are more pages than War and Peace). On page 3-12, there is an item called "Power Door Latch (if equipped)". The only statement regarding the feature, is if the door is not closed completely, the door will automatically...
  17. Door scuff plates

    Has anyone installed the lighted door scuff plates on 2015 genesis? Are they plug and play for models that didnt come stock with them?
  18. Removal of door panel??? Please help

    One of my door speakers are blown. I need any and all the help I can get on instructions to remove the door panel. Any help at all would be appreciated. I've search for hours and couldn't find anything about it in any forum or you tube video. My car is a 2010 genesis sedan.
  19. Gas door problem

    I have a problem on my '15 Gen. The gas door will not open when the button is pushed. The car has only a little more than 5000 miles. Is this a common problem w/ the 2 Gen? Hyundai also replaced all 4 brake rotors after 700 miles because of a vibration I was getting when braking at highway...
  20. door speaker size?

    i have beyma speakers that are 6.5''s was wondering if anyone knows the speaker size of the genesis sedan 12' r spec.
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