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  1. Steering wheel play in 2017 G80 RWD Premium

    I now have 850 miles on my new G80 and am starting to get comfortable with a dramatically newer car than I was used to! I'm less than halfway through the Owner's Manual and have not even started the DIS manual. From the time of delivery I have had steering wheel play that is more than I think...
  2. 2011 Genesis Drift car w/ 20'car trailer - $12000 (Geneseo, NY)

    For sale is a 2011 Hyundai Genesis coupe (formerly a grand touring model) w/ Lambda 3.8L V6. Now a full drift car (minus a roll cage) Up front I will mention, this is a bill of sale only, not street legal and not intended for street use. "For racing/drifting/car show use only". "Parts only"...
  3. drift car not starting any more. Can I bypass the smart Key/ push-button system?

    hey guys, I'm building a drift car 2011 Genesis Coupe 3.8 was an automatic switched to a manual 6 speed. Here recently I just got it running and today I went to start it to pull up on my trailer to do more work on it and it would not start. It has a smart key/ push button start. Is there anyway...
  4. Drift Genesis Coupe OEM part-out

    Hey guys, I'm building a 2011 drift Gen Coupe and have a lot of great OEM parts i have no use for. All parts are located in Nunda, NY but i'm willing to ship anywhere in the good ol' continental U.S.A. Just gimme your offers for what item(s) you're interested in and zip code and i'll get you a...
  5. zielritter

    Steering Vibration and Drift

    Hi, guys - I know threads about this topic have been started up in the past, but I wanted to get some fresh perspective to see if anyone has been able to resolve and if the issue persisted into the 2013-14 models. My car rides and tracks beautifully - all the way up until 65mph. At 65 and...
  6. Recently Test Drifted a Stock R-Spec 2.0T and Loved It! Youtube vid :)

    Hello Hyundai Genesis owners! My name is Carlos Cano Estrella and I recently had the awesome experience of getting to drift a stock 2.0T R-Spec at Willow Springs International Raceway. I can honestly say that the car comes ready to drift from the dealer! The Bridgestone Potenzas which the car...
  7. (SEED)

    2010 NOS midwest drift tour

    for all interested, currently on round 3 next race on july 3-4, in indy. heres the link. http://mdudrift.com/ fwiw i am not affiliated, only a competitor. wanna see some more people out there. :grouphug:
  8. genie_genesis

    Pure drift sounds: ten minutes of drift

    Whatup everyone, new here so I thought I'd post a video for you all to enjoy. YouTube- Pure drifting sounds: ten minutes of drift It pretty much sums up my passion -- drifting. I love drifting, anything to do with drifting I'm in it. I think drifting is the greatest thing ever! I am currently...
  9. Formula Drift Wall Speedway NJ (Red Bull Coupe)

    Went and saw Formula D at Wall Speedway today. It was a lot of fun and there was a lot of great drifting. Got to see some nice cars as well as see the Red Bull Genesis Coupe in person. Actually left with a tire signed by Rhys Millen! (No idea where I'm going to put it) Rhys was doing quite well...
  10. Blackout

    Rhys Millen Genesis Coupe Drift car *video*

    Just saw this so I figured I'd post it up. The car sounds great! YouTube - Hyundai Genesis Coupe Drift Exclusive - 2009 Chicago Auto Show