1. Driver's Seat

    I absolutely love my 2016 Genesis 3.8 Sedan but there is one issue; the seat is hands down the most uncomfortable seat of any car or truck I have ever owned. Is anyone else experiencing this? It isn't the back it's the seat bottom, the sides come up sharply and are hard enough that they cause me...
  2. Loose leather on Driver's Seat

    The leather on my driver's seat is very loose. It looks terrible! I have (2) 2012 Genesis, one with AC seat and one without. The one with the AC driver's seat is the one with the loose leather. The other car is fine. I took it to the dealer and they replaced the leather seat cover and now it...
  3. Cracking/dry driver's side seat bolster

    driver's side bolster is starting to crack & look aged.. '15 genesis ultimate. What is the right product to use to correct this?
  4. driver's seat should go back before exiting car

    Hi, My new to me 2012 driver's seat does not automatically slide back to make for easier exit from the driver's door. The steering column does move out of the way. How to get the seat movement to occur. Have I inadvertently turned off a switch? Murray
  5. 2015 Genesis 3.8 RWD Driver's Seat

    This is now our 5th Hyundai. We have three at this time. The Last one was the 2013 Equus - Fantastic! Has anyone other than me and the Sales Team that I bought the car from at Hyundai noticed that the Driver's seat gets lower as you move it back? I am 5' 9.5" in height, as I move the Driver's...
  6. 2017 Genesis - Angry Test Driver Video

    Wasn't sure this had been posted. When the car starts and exits at the end, some say turbo, others say diesel due to pump at :08.
  7. driver side front door closure

    does anyone else have a "stiff" driver side front door where u need to exert more force than usual to appropriately close the door ? the passenger side front door is noticeably normal. it seals right up with very little force.
  8. driver side turn signal flashing faster than passenger side turn signals

    OK is this suppose to be normal ? Is this suppose to let the driver know your signaling left and signaling right ? Please tell me this is deliberate.
  9. Power driver seat not working in 2011

    neither seat controls nor the memory buttons work. Just a beep from the memory buttons. Is there some reset procedure? Is this covered under 5 yr 60k warranty? I tried to search the threads but must not have done it correctly as no hits..
  10. Proximity Sensor not working on Driver side

    Hello Tech Gurus I have 09 Gene for the last 2 years and am very happy with it, mostly. Recently, the driver side button to unlock/lock the doors stopped working. I have tried with both the fobs with same result. However, the passenger side button works perfectly. So, I have concluded: 1. The...
  11. Driver's side mirror eflection

    I have lately noticed a very distracting reflection of the air vent housing in my driver's side rear view mirror. It is there in most lighting situations but disappears if I open the window. Has anyone else noticed this problem?
  12. MozartMan

    Ripped leather on my driver seat.

    Hello everyone, This morning I noticed ripped leather on my driver seat. Picture below: I remember I put my hand couple times in that area when I was getting into the car. I didn't expect that the palm of my hand would rip leather. I emailed service adviser at my local dealership asking if...
  13. Driver door harder to close

    I searched and can't find that this issue has been discussed. I have a 2015 5.0 Ultimate. The driver side front door requires more effort to close than the other doors, and a little more effort than I think it should require. If I close it with the same effort as the other doors (or with the...
  14. Driver heated seat switch

    Noticed that the middle of three LED's was out(09 V8)---seat heating is great. Did a dealer warranty replacement of a new switch which worked fine leaving dealer (all three LED's lit) on the next drive later that day middle LED is not lit again---anybody out there experience this
  15. Driver's side interior door handle not like the others?

    My daughter pointed out something I had not noticed about my new (to me) 2012 Genesis this morning. My driver's side interior door handle and lock button are a chrome finish, but the other three handles in the car are all a brushed/satin finish. A search of the forum didn't reveal others asking...
  16. US OEM Driver Air Bag for sale

    I replaced my US OEM airbag with the KDM Wing airbag. I would like to sell the US OEM airbag (flying H) Any bids? I have it listed on ebay for $150.
  17. Driver Information System (DIS) died!

    I have a 2009 Genesis 3.8 Sedan and my factory “Driver Information System” just stopped working and the little blue light on the CD changer at the slot is dimly blinking so I think I may have a loose connection. The screen is dark, the radio, nav, rear camera, etc do not work. I...
  18. 2009 Genesis Driver Information System Died

    I have a 2009 Genesis 4 door with the Driver Information System that includes the sound system, gps, back-up cam, etc. While driving and listening to the radio it rebooted and then kept playing. I arrived at my destination, turned off the car, came back later and started it but the screen is...
  19. Driver seat recline issue. 2015 Genesis.

    Has anyone had a problem with the power seat recline on 2015 Genesis. My seat back recline allows me to move it forward/toward the dash but stops at about 60 degrees vertically. It reclines all the way back until it touches the back seat as horizontally as it can go, but going toward the dash it...
  20. Driver seat leather wear after 20K miles

    I bought a 2011 4.8 Sedan about 6 months ago with 17K miles on it. Now has aprox 25k. It was a CPO from the Hyundai dealer. During some other service about 2 months ago I inquired about 2 very small spots in the driver seat that are showing some wear and tear and actually have separation...
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