1. 2013 R-Spec 5.0 Sedan Pronounced but Polished Exhaust options?

    I am looking to upgrade my exhaust system on the 2013 R-spec 5.0 sedan. I keep seeing Dynomax VT but then I read somewhere that Dynomax is no longer selling it ? What part number of VT mufflers do I need to source. Are there other decent options that do not drone or have very little. Since I...
  2. Drone Mobile

    Drone mobile is basically an aftermarket remote start that I had installed on my Gen 1 and now my Gen 2. It allows you to start your vehicle, lock doors, track and a few other things through your iPhone/computer. in Canada this is your only option since Hyundai does not offer Bluetooth on any of...
  3. Drone Free Cat backs for 2009 - 2011 4.6l

    see review using R-spec version exhaust ... vast improvemen usingt magnaflow 15059
  4. Drone reducer for Magnaflow exhaust?

    Well the drone is starting to get to me. I have both the Magnaflows and the secondary cat deletes. Seems like a possible solution. Here's a BMW owner who had success with them. http://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3475071&postcount=27 This is the product...
  5. Drone from Aftermarket Exhaust Systems

    I had a 2011 4.6 which I installed a Magnaflow exhaust. I suspect the exhaust that Magnaflow will eventually make for the R-Spec will contain the same mufflers as the 4.6. Aftermarket mfgs. try to use the same muffler blanks for several applications. My Magnaflow droned on lugging light...
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