1. Wind Noise Issues - Mirrors

    Well, I am a proud new owner of the 2019 G70 and DAMN, this car rocks hahaha. One issue that I have already had diagnosed with the lead service tech at my local Genesis repair center is a wind noise (loud whistle) from the side mirror the sound comes out very distinctly at around 45-55 mph...
  2. 11160628_10153345953262154_4674057895988082245_o.jpg


    Casablanca White Genesis Sedan driver's side
  3. 11270608_10153345953252154_8321245953861166895_o.jpg


    Casablanca White Genesis Sedan rear
  4. 11270337_10153345953257154_8096233031731750362_o.jpg


    Casablanca White Genesis Sedan front driver's side
  5. 11334005_10153345953362154_6615374767792808834_o.jpg


    Casablanca White Genesis Sedan rear
  6. 885614_10153345953367154_4386790150912757983_o.jpg


    Casablanca White Genesis Sedan rear
  7. 11216605_10153345953447154_2763991902260020441_o.jpg


    Casablanca White Genesis Sedan passenger side
  8. 11334091_10153345953452154_5856484594758927559_o.jpg


    Casablanca White Genesis Sedan front side
  9. 1497991_10153345953512154_664657510181931546_o.jpg


    Casablanca White Genesis Sedan front
  10. 11334011_10153345953697154_2980099661039169128_o.jpg


    Casablanca White Genesis Sedan rear
  11. 11227891_10153345953707154_3489903075298721760_o.jpg


    Casablanca White Genesis Sedan rear
  12. 11312735_10153345953742154_3087058837453051166_o.jpg


    Casablanca White Genesis Sedan rear side
  13. Bull

    VOTE: G80 Sport grill vinyl stripe options

    I always like the vinyl grill stripe option on some of the M series bimmers. In the same vein I wonder if a nice look could be found for the G80 Sport, not that it already differentiates itself from the crowd. So here are 4 votable options: Angled stripes Vertical stripes Chevron stripes...
  14. 2010 3.8 exterior door lock button

    The exterior door lock/unlock button on the driver's side has quit working. The button on the passenger side works, as does the keyfob. Does anybody have any idea how much this could cost to fix?
  15. Second Generation Complete KDM exterior Wing Kit (Hood, Trunk, wheels)

    Hello, I messed up and bought the wrong wing kit off of eBay so now I have a 2015+ Genesis exterior wing kit all still in the packages from Hyundai Korea and even still in the box from Korea. Only opened it up to realize that I had bought the wrong ones. Bought for $64 plus shipping, now $55...
  16. Exterior trim moves...is this normal?

    Hey all, I owned a G1 Genesis a few years ago and decided to come back to the Genesis family after looking at the 2015 Genesis. Just got one last week but I noticed that the black trim on the rear passenger side window (towards the front passenger side) moves a bit when you push on it. This...
  17. 2015/16 Genesis Sedan Paint Color Contest

    Please take a look at the attached image and see how many 2015/16 Genesis Sedan colors you can properly identify. None of these images have been altered by me. All were taken as is from various reviews, posts and pdf files. I think all are one of these four colors (but who knows for sure) 1...
  18. 2015 Exterior Lighting Thread

    Checked out a 3.8 base 2015 model today at the dealer. The eyelash LED lights are the parking lights, as well as the turn signal lights. They are AMBER. These amber LEDs come on only in the parking light and headlight settings, or when signaling a turn. The DRL lamps are warm WHITE, not...
  19. exterior door unlock button - need replacement

    Hello All, It appears that recently with the cold weather, ice froze in my driver's side door unlock button. The button is compressed and won't work much anymore. Sometimes I get lucky to push it just right and the doors will unlock but I usually get aggravated enough to get the keyfob out. I...
  20. Exterior Mods

    I could never find new wheels i absolutely loved so i had the stock ones painted. The factory silver coating was starting to wear in places and expose the black below. The silver was sanded off. The wheels primed and painted. I added the trunk lip spoiler and covered the top portion of the tail...
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