1. Napleton's Hyundai in West Palm Beach, Florida

    I'll be brief for now. I'll continue updating this thread as time goes on. First, the sales experience was very pleasant. I don't want to give contact information here because I don't want to overwhelm the guys I worked with. However, if you're looking to buy a Hyundai from this dealership, let...
  2. gomanson

    My Dealership Experience at Napleton Hyundai in West Palm Beach, Florida

    obviously this is dealer specific, but here was my first experience: Dealership experience - Amazing!!! Coming from Mercedes I was used to a good dealership experience and seeing the dealer ALOT! lol I just went in yesterday to Napleton Hyundai in West palm beach for 2 recalls, tires and tail...
  3. Alwaysforward

    Wallace Hyundai in Stuart Florida

    I had a great experience with Wallace Hyundai in Stuart Florida for those here in South Florida looking for a new Hyundai. Ask for Marty Zientz. He was my salesman. Tell him Jeff Jones sent you. http://www.wallacehyundaiofstuart.com/ As of 10/7/2014, they have 17 2015 Genesis to pick from...
  4. Alwaysforward

    For those in Florida looking for a new Genesis:

    I compiled this list of links and used it daily in search of my new Genesis I am picking up on Monday. Hope this helps someone here in Florida still on the hunt for your perfect color combination. I highly recommend check them daily. My car wasn't there one day, and popped up the next. These 5.0...
  5. Alwaysforward

    Florida Hyundai Platinum 10yr/100,000 mile Extended Warranty rates

    Stopped into my local dealer (Wallace Hyundai) here on the Treasure Coast of Florida and got the following quotes for the Hyundai Platinum 10yr/100,000 mile Extended Warranty. Zero deductible - $2,069.00 $100 deductible - $1,884.00 The $100 deductible is the highest deductible available on the...
  6. Alwaysforward

    Stuart Florida Genesis Car Show

    Just thought I would pass this along to those who live near the Treasure Coast of Florida. Wallace Hyundai in Stuart Florida has moved into there showroom, all the 2015 Genesis that they could squeeze in. I stopped in there at lunch time on Thursday and they had at least 9 in there with more...
  7. CC4.6

    Florida to Wisconsin and back MPG

    Just got back after approx 2800 mile trip in the 2012 4.6. Averaged about 27.5 for the trip. Last 245 miles out of Atlanta on southbound I-75:
  8. Alwaysforward

    2015 Genesis hitting South Florida lots early May

    Got confirmation from Derek at Hyundai that they are expecting the 2015 Genesis to hit our lots down here in early May. He stated that the discount program will not start until initial stocks (inventory) increase. He stated that I might have to wait a month or two once they hit the lots before I...
  9. Florida Track Day

    THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!!!!!! Been working for the last 3.5 months or so on organizing a Track Day with Performance Driving Group (http://performancedrivinggroup.com/) We have chosen March 30th, 2014 at Homestead Miami Speedway… The regular price for the event is $299, but I have been able to...
  10. FS 2012 Genesis, white, Florida, bought new

    Selling our 2012 Genesis with 24k miles, new and better tires just installed, car is great shape, all maint, we are both seniors, $23,000. we are in Sarasota Fl. Brown Camel interior, window tint. No accidents. 941-350-3936 minervo.florida@verison.net
  11. Boca meets anyone?

    Just thought i'd let you guys know about it if you didn't already know. Every monday night theres a general car meet on the south side of Glades between Boca town Center Mall and I-95. its in the Hooters/Moes parking lot starting usually later on like 9ish. Everyone just walks around looking at...
  12. Off-lease 4.6s?

    The early 2009s are ~ three years old. Given this, is it likely that we'll be seeing a stream of lease returns in dealerships (or in private party sales) soon? Any information on what the residual will typically be for these? I'm looking at picking up a used one of this vintage and am trying...
  13. Don Garlits Museum, Ocala Florida

    A good friend and I drove to Ocala today (in his 05 Jag XJR) to visit the "Don Garlits Museum". I thought we were just going to see Drag Cars, and one of the buildings was loaded with that kind of car, but another room was filled with various Engines of all types. The building I enjoyed most...
  14. Stuck In Florida This Winter

    I don't normally leave Florida in the winter and this year, I really don't want to leave because of all the snow and COLD where I go. 1. Got a call from my best friend (shipmate) and other friends in Roswell, who told me that they got 6 to 8 inches of snow last night (Feb 22-23). Ruidoso...

    South Florida 02 7 series BMW needed

    Hello Forumers, I need a local, 02 7 series for a few hours. We need to test a tuner that we modded for a customer. I can offer you a free rgb7+ (2) video inputs for your help. This is a $350 value. Anyone near us that has this vehicle please let me know. Thanks
  16. Best Place to Buy in South Florida

    Just bought a 4.6 (without tech) from O'Brien Hyundai in Ft Myers. Compared prices with Miami-area dealers and got the best deal from O'Brien. The internet sales person is Alain, who sold me my car. Not only do you save 1% in sales tax, compared to Miami, if buying (not leasing) but the...
  17. 2009 for sale in port st lucie florida

    MY LOSS IS YOUR GAIN !! CHANGE IN BUSINESS PLAN FORCES ME TO END MY LEASE BY SELLING MY BEAUTIFUL GENESIS DESCRIBED BELOW. 2009 3.8 platinum metallic-champagne leather with all standard features optional features include : premium plus package -18 wheels and tires -Lexicon 14 spkr...


    SO...who do you think is going to win? Will the Crimson Tide roll the Gators or will the Gators roll us?:confused: Im an Alabama boy myself so Ill throw the first stone. Im thinking that Alabama will win by 3 points...probably a feild goal.;) OK..............GO :)
  19. Florida here!

    Okay. I'm in West Palm Beach, Florida.. I know we have a LOT of Floridians at GenesisOwners.com - so let's hear it if you live in the Southeast! And let's get another meet planned....
  20. South Florida Genesis Owners Meet at Tower Shops in Davie

    The Tower Shops car show takes place 6-10 p.m. Fridays at 1986 S. University Drive in Davie. It costs $1 to park, $5 if the car is for sale. http://www.southflorida.com/citylink/sfe-cl-081005cover,0,4286237.story So who's going? I'll be there...
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