1. cruno

    Gauge Cluster Upgrade

    I have a 2011 Equus Ultimate and am wondering if it's possible to upgrade that to the 2015 Standard or Supervision gauge clusters. From what I can see the 2011 has 2 different connectors on the back while the upgraded clusters has a single (32 pin?) connector. HEQManual has a diagram of the...
  2. Enjuku Racing - Innovate MTX-L Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Kit

    Enjuku Racing - Innovate MTX-L Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Kit In Stock and Ready to Ship! $159.99
  3. Enjuku Racing - AEM X-Series Wideband UEGO AFR Sensor Controller Gauge

    AEM X-Series Wideband UEGO AFR Sensor Controller Gauge In Stock and Ready to Ship! $259.00
  4. Check Engine Light and Gas Gauge Reads Zero

    2012 Genesis R-Spec: just filled up with gas. Started car and got check engine light and gas gauge reads zero. Tried restarting several times. Same result. Any help? Thanks.
  5. Gauge scratching

    I have a 2015 Genesis Ultimate and I have noticed some small scratches on the plastic over the gauges in some light. I have only cleaned it with a clean cloth and it only has 3800 miles. Anyone else notice this issue?
  6. Acceleration & Engine Temp Gauge

    I am a proud new owner of a used 2013 Genesis. I just have two concerns with the acceleration and the engine temp. When accelerating, it almost sounds like their is some engine knock going on. Should I be using a higher octane gas?? Or is this common? Also the engine temp is typically in...
  7. xiaphin

    Brightness of Gauge Cluster, Warning Lights and Dash Controls

    10' without tech. I find that when the dimmer is on lowest setting the gauge cluster is still too bright but the dash controls aren't bright enough. Never owned a Hyundai but all my Nissans the brightness between controls and gauge cluster were closer in brightness. Also find that the dash...
  8. Dashboard gauge

    I previously owned a vehicle in which the semi-triangular gauge in the center of the dashboard cluster read out mph, my (2012 gennie 2.0T) tells me miles until empty in that space. Does anyone know of a modification that would get a mph reading in that space?
  9. Fuel Gauge Tick

    I have an unusual situation with the fuel gauge needle. Most of the time, not always, at start up and shut down the fuel needle ticks continuously against the stop on empty. The ticking continues on start up until the other gauges come to life and after shut down until the cabin lights go out...
  10. Outside Temperature Gauge

    The outside temperature gauge reads -40 degrees to 254 degrees randomly. It seems that he heat kicks up when the erroneous readings are below zero farenheit and the air conditioner goes on when the outside gauge reads 65 to 254 degrees above zero. Where is the gauge located? Is there a DYI...
  11. briansol

    boost gauge install

    Anyone do this yet? I want to add one, but i have no idea where to mount the thing. a) a pillar mount is out-- the air bag is in there. b) i really don't want to drill/screw into my dash on a car that has 300 miles on it. c) even a small gauge would block some dash lights if mounted on the...
  12. Gauge Pod coming soon

    Hello. I'm working on a prototype gauge pod that will be ready next week. ATI will manufacturer it if it works out. I'll have some pics available next week. It's a steering column piece but we're also going to work on one for the dash. Any thoughts on how many gauges it should hold? Is 2...
  13. Gauge pod !

    I'm having a custom gauge pod made and it should be ready by next week. If it works out, I'm working with a company that will manufacture it! We want to provide something that works so your comments would be great.
  14. Gauge pods?

    Has anyone seen, or know where to buy an interior gauge pod for the GC? I have been looking for a nice A-Piller setup, but have not found anything yet... Anyone have any ideas on where to mount some gauges? (Boost, WB02, etc.)
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