1. WohlfarthJG

    FOR SALE: Genesis 5.0 2015-2020 magnaflow cat back exhaust used.

    Sadly I had to sell my 2015 genesis 5.0 ultimate. This is just less than a year old and I had it removed before selling. In good shape with minor surface rust but minimal at that. Sorry no shipping because ups wants $480 to ship and $189 to pack! Located in Medford NY. Taking offers first...
  2. AEM Cold Air Intake on 2022 Genesis G70 3.3T

    I looked at several options for Cold Air Intake (CAI) on my new Genesis G70 and ended up going with the AEM setup. I chose AEM as it seemed to have one of the best heat shield setups and dry filters that can be cleaned. I really liked the overall look of their system as well. So far, I am very...
  3. The New Genesis GV60 In Black

    Here's the upcoming Genesis GV60 in black. Like it better than the yellow one? You can see more pictures here:
  4. KCDbranding

    Disgrace of a company

    Owning a Genesis 2020 was the worst experience I ever had. I have to share this with everyone so people know what kind of unprofessionalism they can expect from these people in Genesis Regina. After I repurchased the new Genesis G70 2020 in 2019 since the first winter till now, I have a list...
  5. Proud Owner of G70 sport....loving every minute

    Loving this car! Every little thing about it makes my heart pump
  6. What charge pipe fits 3.3t g80 sport

    Good morning, does anybody know what charge pipe would fit genesis G80 sport 3.3 T? will this fit ??
  7. Lexicon 17 way speaker replacements

    2011 Hyundai genesis 4.6 sedan is surprisingly hard to find used parts for at junk yards or pull a parts. I'm looking for insight on how to get some speakers that are oem other than the dealer & any tips that y'all could suggest when doing installation. Just have to replace driver & passanger...
  8. WANTED: 15/16 Genesis RWD

    Hello! I am looking to purchase a 2015/16 (16 preferred) RWD Genesis. Trim does matter too much but I do want CarPlay so it cannot be ultimate. If you have anything, please let me know!
  9. How to update Genesis Coupe 8" Nav unit

    So, I bought my Genesis coupe back in 2016, new and the dealer told me there wasn't no updates the times I brought it back in for service. I googled around and see there are some new updates that add Android Auto and such, this would be very welcome. The UI is meh and the GPS/Nav is so slow to...
  10. G8Dboi

    2017-2020 Genesis G80 Sedan Air Suspension

    I have a 2018 Genesis G80 Ultimate sedan AWD. Does anyone make an air suspension for this car? Im having a hard time finding air ride suspension that will fit this car. I know its not common and that is exactly why i want would stand out. Do the older Hyundai genesis sedans air...
  11. Upgrade Radio

    I have a 2009 Genesis V6 Hey so I've had my car for a few years, it was my mom's old one and im turning 20 soon, so the old features aren't really exciting to me anymore. I think im going to attempt to remove the disc area and maybe revamp the whole radio and try putting in those touch screen...
  12. HMan2001

    Looking for genesis upgrades!!!??

    where can I find parts for my 2015 genesis 5.0?
  13. SMD80

    2018 G80 Spark Plugs Replacement

    Hello gentlemen, I want to know the approximate life time and process of changing out the V6 3.8 GDI spark plugs and that’s all. thank you ❤️
  14. Buck Turgidson

    No AC for the first couple minutes. Has that happened to you?

    I finally got a 2012 Hyundai Genesis sedan after wanting one for the past 8 years. I live in Phoenix, Arizona, so we're still getting temperatures in the 90s in October. My AC blows ambient air (90-100 degrees F) for the first couple minutes, then blows sweet, cold air conditioned air. The...
  15. Jay_Hussle

    Jay_hussle Tiffany blue genesis

    just wanna share my Car with u good people
  16. Jerrysallen

    New to this

    whats up my good people im new to this and just really wanted to share my car with people thanks
  17. 20200712_175423.jpg


    Genesis g80
  18. 20200712_175333.jpg


    Genesis g80
  19. 2011 genesis 4.6 oil consumption

    Hello all, new here and was wondering if anyone has any insight on my current issue. So I have a 2011 genesis 4.6 v8 with 106,000 miles and I’m currently having oil consumption issues. It seems to be going through at least one quart of oil every 800-1000 miles. I’ve checked every forum and...
  20. FOR SALE: 2019 Genesis G70 3.3T

    Hello Everyone, I'm selling my 2019 Genesis G70 3.3T Elite with 8000 miles I love the car but I'm moving and will need a 4x4 truck/suv where I'm going. Here is the info: Non smoker, no accidents, no pets, well maintained with factory warranty. All maintenance is up to date. Victoria Black...
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