1. Looking for a great deal.

    I'm looking for a 2012 Equus Signature with low miles and a great price. Preferably white with tan leather or black with tan leather. Any suggestions?
  2. MathWiz

    What a Great Road Car

    I just finished my first long road trip, the first leg of the trip was much longer than planned. I was headed from San Diego to San Francisco last Friday morning, which happened to be after the first big storm of the season. Rain at 4 to 5 inches an hour caused huge mud slides that closed I-5...
  3. First road trip, and wow, great MPG

    2013 v6. First decent road trip over the weekend - I drove from Cleveland Ohio to Monroe New Jersey. I filled up before I left, aired up my tires to 42PSI (Michelin fuel saver) and drove with the hills (slower on up, take advantage of down), kept speeds between 70 and 80 and averaged 35.3 MPG...
  4. Great Gas Mileage Yesterday - 2015 Genesis Sedan

    So I got excited over my picture of the wrong screen. It turns out that I got 33 which is my high from before, not 36mpg. Still wondering what the highest anyone has seen is?
  5. Parkway Hyundai - Great Dealership

    I have owned/bought 2 new Genesis (2013 Rspec & 2015 Genesis 5.0 Ultimate) & 2 Sonata (2006 V6 & 2014 2.0T Sport) from Parkway Hyundai. I've always been taken great care of from the buying experience to the service, and warranty services. These folks go out of their way to be earnest, and to...
  6. Great news: Android auto -- call your dealer!!!!

    I just got off the phone with a guy named Steve who is the Team Lead for the Premium Group about another issue I was having with the stupid people who handle the phone calls. Anyway, we got on the subject of Android Auto and he told me that Android Auto for the Genesis (BOTH 8" and o9.2") was...
  7. Aquineas

    Great mileage using 100 percent petrol

    I was in Louisiana this weekend, where they still sell 100 percent gasoline (as opposed to Texas, where it's very hard if not impossible to find), and filled my tank up with 100 percent gasoline. My highway mileage as reported by the car was 28.3 (well, that is before an hour long traffic jam...
  8. Great Deal on a 2015

    Needs a little work. :D
  9. Cut-Throat

    Need a Great Dealership to buy a 2014 R Spec from....

    Does anyone know of a great dealership to buy a 2014 R Spec from? No Games, just the best price and out the door.

    Happy New Year and Thanks to Sal and Our a Great Moderators

    You are a great team. Thanks, Sal, for being a gracious host and to all our mods for looking out for our best interests!
  11. Fast55

    The Great Flash Drive Give Away

    As some of you know, it was a long running (epic is more like it) struggle to find and get a copy of the 2013 DIS manual. This isn't available on line, and I battled Hyundai Customer Service fruitlessly for months before getting an electronic (PDF) copy of it from them on a USB drive. I received...
  12. Good but not Great Dealership Service Experience

    I took my car in to Jim Ellis Hyunda in Atlanta for its second service since I have owned it. A few of the items were legitimate, and a few were tests to both get the issue on record and to see how they respond. Brake fluid recall - this was one of the primary reasons for the service Oil change...
  13. Great shot for Genny!!!

    Hope you like the nice shot for Genesis guys..
  14. Crusty Old Shellback

    Genesis makes the list 15 great daily drivers.

    Just saw this today on MSN. "15 great cars for daily driving Hyundai Genesis Price: $34,200 Mileage: 18 mpg city/28 mpg highway/22 mpg combined When weighing competing factors while car shopping, compromise doesn't always yield the most exciting solution. That's not the case with the...
  15. Introducing myself & off topic - GREAT FLASHLIGHT

    Okay - bought my 2012 Genesis V6 Sedan, Prem & Tech packages ~3 weeks ago from dealership (they had used it for 5,000 miles). Traded in my 2005 Pontiac Bonneville with 193,000 miles on it. Anyway wanted to share a great flashlight that Ronac (i've bought several smaller items that Ronac has...
  16. ShadowScoobySTi

    New changes look great! Can I now suggest...

    Creating a GSOTM and GCOTM (Genesis Sedan Of The Month and Genesis Coupe Of The Month) section? We can nominate member's cars and then do a feature for the winning car of the month. Yes, No, Maybe so? :)
  17. Scotty454

    FS: Great deal on a Magnaflow exhaust - SOLD

    I have a Magnaflow exhaust (#16507) I am selling. It’s off my 2010 HGC (V6). It probably has 2000-2500 miles on it. I took it off because I won a Borla system in a car show raffle this summer and installed that to see how it would sound. Honestly…I like them both, but my wife likes the Borla...
  18. Great Oil Change/Tire Rotation Deal

    I took my Genesis in to Hilton Head Hyundai Saturday for it's 22,550 mile service, which is basically an oil change and tire rotation. The previous day the dealership had sent me a coupon via e-mail for the above listed service for $18.95. To me that is an unheard of price but I took the coupon...
  19. Great Customer Service (so far)

    Good News: Had my 2012 Equus picked up from work and taken for my 7500 mile service. (only have 6,500 miles so far)They dropped off a nice Genesis and stated my car would be ready by 4 pm. Not so nice news: Got a call that they found metal shavings in the oil pan and a minimum amount of...
  20. Looking for great body and touch up shop in the San Fernando Valley

    Any LA people know of a body shop they know and trust? Someone put a small but noticable scrape in my drivers side rear bumper. Looks like they did that pulling in or out from behind me. I used touch up paint and it's better but not great. The Genesis touch up paint is close but not perfect...
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