1. Aquineas

    Houston area tire-wheel shop?

    Hey folks, I'm looking for a decent tire and wheel shop in the Houston metro area, preferably one that uses nitrogen for the tires and offers a road hazard warranty. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  2. Genesis sightings in Houston

    Yesterday I saw four Genesis' in 10 minutes. I was parked, waiting for my wife to come out and a silver Genesis pulled into the space next to me. Tried to speak to the guy but I guess he was busy. On the way home I saw one more a mile away, then as I was turning onto Wilcrest there was another...
  3. Houston Area Dealers any feedback?

    Hi All, In August I purchased my first Genesis and i'm loving it so far, the only dilemma is the dealer I purchased from is near 59 and the beltway and it takes sometime to get down there, does anyone have any experience with other dealers? south loop or hub hyundai? Thanks in advance, AJ
  4. srobak

    Genesis Spotting: Houston & Suburbs

    So I am halfway through a 2 week gig in the far western burbs of Houston opening a new distribution center for my company and I cannot believe how many G1 and G2 sedans I have seen in a square comprised of GBI, Katy, Rosenberg and downtown. In the week I have been here I have seen more of them...
  5. MathWiz

    Wheels America Houston - Outstanding Customer Service

    I recently purchased 4 19x8.5 Coupe wheels from Wheels America Houston, and I could not be more pleased with how the car looks. I was washing the car on Saturday and noticed a spot on the right front wheel I sent an email to their eBay sales rep Scott, asking what I could do? Here is what...
  6. 2015 Hyundai Genesis Coupe OEM 19" Wheels Houston, TX

    2015 Set of OEM 19" Wheels off a Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Were only on the car for a few weeks so almost new $600. Text me if interested 832-279-9187
  7. Aquineas

    Houston Area Genesis meet?

    Hey folks, I've been wanting to attend a Genesis meet for some time and since no one else is having one, maybe it's time to make one? At this point just see point I'd like to see how much interest there is... I was thinking somewhere near the Woodlands because of the opportunities for folks to...
  8. Aquineas

    Houston Area: there's a 5.0 Ultimate in Montecito Blue at North Freeway Hyundai

    I was at another dealer today (North Freeway Hyundai) and they had a 5.0 Ultimate in Montecito Blue with Ivory interior sitting in the showroom. I just thought I'd mention that as I know some have found it difficult to find that color, particular in Ultimate form.
  9. Aquineas

    Houston area endorsement for Opti-Guard and Opti-Coat installation professional

    Hey folks, I had a bit of trouble finding an Opti-Guard and Opti-Coat vendor/installer who was reliable (would return phone calls, messages, etc) in the Houston area. I ended up stumbling across a fellow by the name of John G. at www.gcautoshield.com. He did a great job on my car and really...
  10. Aquineas

    Very frustrated with North Freeway Hyundai in Houston, Texas

    I bought my new Genesis from them on 8/31. Two weeks later, they still haven't paid off the lien on the car I traded in. I've called them twice about it, spoke to "Frank" in finance,and they assured me that the proverbial "check was in the mail", and that they'd been really busy, etc...
  11. Ron Carter Hyundai Houston +Great Deal

    Just picked up my new 2012 Genesis 3.8 Sedan Friday 9/9/11 from Ron Carter Hyundai in Houston. I've been looking to replace my wife's E320 and had looked at all the usual suspects but decided the Genesis offered the best value with hopefully comparable gas mileage. The E320 was a great highway...
  12. 2012s in Houston!

    Sent an email to Miles at Hyundai asking why there are no 2012s in Texas. Here is his response (sorry for the messed up formatting): The 3 Genesis below has been Tendered by the Port and are in the process of being shipped to the Texas Dealers stated below. What type of Genesis is are you...
  13. Equus at Houston Auto Show

    I went to the first day of the Houston Auto Show yesterday evening. Based on what I saw, the car that was being looked at and sat in by far the most people was the Equus. They had one Ultimate model there. It is a very very nice car, but more than I need.
  14. TX2K11 (Houston)- Supra Natls. and racefest weekend

    For those who don't know, TX2K11 is coming up in march! I will be there to speculate and gawk, as well as represent the genesis crew. It's an awesome event with the baddest, fastest, most powerful cars from all over the nation. There is a dyno day, road race day, drag race day, and everyone is...
  15. Houston area exhaust

    Anyone in Houston with Borla exhaust? I'd really like to hear one in person before I throw down a grand. I'd also be interested in checking out the magnaflow as well.
  16. Equus coming to Houston

    I was told by my dealer that the Equus will be coming in August or September. It will not have a owner's manual. Everything will be on an ipod. Supposedly they will pick up the car and deliver afterward for service.
  17. FIAT

    Houston, TX Genesis Sevice rates from a local dealer

    Hi I know we all have talked and wondered about what others are paying for keeping our Genesis running great. Below are the rates listed by a local dealer. If any of you would like to comment how they stack up to what you have paid it will give us all knowledge of where we may be...
  18. North Freeway Hyundai (I-45) Houston, TX

    Just wanted to FYI anyone about the "evening sales manager" Chris. I will just paste my complaint letter below, I have only sent it too the Hyundai Corp., I will be mailing it to the GM of that dealership, dont think it will matter much. I just wanted to voice a complaint about the treatment I...
  19. FIAT

    Houston, TX Genesis Purchase

    For those in the Houston area looking for a great deal on a 2010 Genesis go no further than Sterling McCall Hyundai. Tom Downey will do you right he will deal straight with you no added cost of games. My experience was top notch I can't praise this dealer enough. Good luck and for those of you...
  20. Hub Hyundai - Hwy 290 Houston, Texas

    I have purchased over 10 personal vehicles and over 30 commercial vehicles. I think I've seen most tricks in the book but I'm sure there are some that I've yet to learn. With that said, Hub Hyundai on Hwy 290 in Houston, Texas was hands down the best experience I have ever had in purchasing a...
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