1. Genesis2337

    2.0T VR Tuned ECU Kit V2 + Injen Cold Air Intake

    I own a 2019 G70 2.0T RWD Sport M/T and I’ve been looking for performance modifications for a few months and have decided on these two purchases. The tune just came in the mail, and the intake might be delivered by Friday. As soon as I get these installed I’ll post pic/video link.
  2. Cold Air Intake

    Will installing a cold air intake on my 2009 Hyundai Genesis 3.8L, improve its fuel efficiency?
  3. Ron5.0

    Genesis Prada Interior / R2C intake / KDM Airbag

    Hello guys, Been a while since last visit. I know last time I was on here I showed the custom front lip I made for the car, the air suspension, wheels and tints. Now this past weekend I just finished my interior and installed the intake. Redid the headliner and pillars in black and had...
  4. Air Intake and Exhaust

    Hi everyone. So I'm looking to get a cold air intake for a 2013 Genesis 2.0T Base. My understanding you want to make sure the airflow in matches the airflow going out so I'm also looking for an exhaust. I'd like something that's good but won't break the bank. Thanks.
  5. Odd engine intake noise on acceleration 4.6

    My 2011 4.6 makes a "waahh" sound when accelerating lightly from a stop at 1300-1800 rpm. I can make it go away by stepping harder on the throttle. Passengers ask "what's that noise" so it's not just me. It's not the cool intake noise of a high performance engine. It's a something's broken...
  6. Air intake for 2015 Genesis Sedan 3.8L

    Hey guys, Haven't been on here in a while, but have been hunting around for almost a year for an intake for my car. Never find anything through google or forum searches... I have the 2015 3.8 V6 and would love to give it a little more power and that sweet intake sound. I have sent in emails...
  7. Enjuku Racing - K&N Typhoon Air Intake System - Genesis 2.0T

    K&N Typhoon Air Intake System - Genesis 2.0T 09-12 In Stock and Ready to Ship! $259.00
  8. Which cold air intake is better for the 2.0t ?

    The inject cold air intake or the k&n cold air intake for the hyundai genesis coupe 2.0t 2013
  9. Intake question

    Hello everyone I recently bought a 2010 3.8 genesis coupe. I was wondering which type of cold air intake would be best for this specific car. Thanks.
  10. Intake and Exhaust clip (Updated)

    Hey guys, I posted a clip a while back from when I pu in my CAI and exhaust for my 2011 3.8 but it was pretty crappy quality. I have put up a better clip as promised, hope you like :)
  11. VIDEO: 2010 Genesis 4.6 with Dynomax VT's, MSA Cat Deletes and R2C Intake

    Hey all, I have these posted in the large Dynomax VT thread but I figured it would be nice to create a separate thread for users searching for exhaust videos. My car is a 2010 4.6 with Dynomax VT's in place of the stock mufflers, MSA secondary cat deletes and an R2C intake. Dig...
  12. Air Intake For 2009 Hyundai Genesis 4.6L

    Good morning to whom it may concern, can someone help me or guide me in the right direction to find a air intake for my vehicle, I have been searching high and low with no success. I even emailed and they told me to check back in a few weeks. I seen a video on youtube where a guy had...
  13. Tampa_Gen_13

    '14 OEM R-Spec 5.0L intake & Secondary Cats

    Any interest in my OEM intake and secondary cats? Taken off the car around 6,000 miles.
  14. zielritter

    V8 Intake = Loss of Torque?

    All- As some of you know, I had a custom intake on my previous 2012 V6. After purchasing a V8 a couple weeks back I built something similar out of 3.5" piping for the 4.6l (pic attached). I fashioned it after other intakes I've seen people use for the Tau. Driving around the past week I...
  15. FS V8 Intake with filters

    Intake from my 2013 R-Spec. One of the Drive200 models, with 2 filters. ONe is a KnN that has never been opened. $150.00 shipped anywhere in the US. Link to photos.
  16. Weapon R Intake

    Hi guys, I'm new to the genesis world, but I've been reading threads on the site for about 2 months now. I see several different intake mods/advice etc. Bought my Genny two months ago, the car is pretty stout stock, but was definitely missing something. I did research, shopped around(There's not...
  17. Injen intake for 3.8

    Injen is looking for a test vehicle to produce the intake if anyone is interested in the Pomona are of Cali.2-3 days needed.
  18. ZZR

    Cold Air Intake development-SPY PICS

    As part of our Aero package Cold Air Intake is an effort to offer options to 2015 Genesis owners. And just as with the whole package CAI is work in progress. So far we have found the workable configuration for the filters...
  19. Started building a 4.6 intake

    As it stands right now: - 3.5" to 4" coupler at the throttle body - Spectre 4" dogleg 90-degree pipe - Aeroquip -6 to -10 AN adapter with -10 Socketless fitting - 4" to 3.75" coupler at MAF - 4" filter May step down to 3.5" piping for better clearance, had to remove duct for 4". Will fuss...
  20. 5.0 stock intake

    im looking for that little secondary air filter box to the right of the intake pipe from a 5.0. PM me if you happen to have one for sale.
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