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  1. Center Console Button Layout Mystery

    Okay, so here comes one of the most wonky posts you might ever see but concerning the layout of the buttons below the drive mode selector I noticed something I've never seen before after many months of incessantly viewing interior pictures on Cars.com/Cargurus/Autotrader etc... So real quick...
  2. 11149187_10153345953542154_5266346627597926454_o.jpg


    Casablanca White Genesis Sedan dash
  3. 1090948_10153345953612154_4401742142844446830_o.jpg


    Casablanca White Genesis Sedan dash
  4. 11357056_10153345953642154_9109703212761636006_o.jpg


    Casablanca White Genesis Sedan driver's side door inside
  5. 11312918_10153345953632154_5852876876538999951_o.jpg


    Casablanca White Genesis Sedan back seat
  6. omegafiler

    Does your G80 interior make noises?

    I test drove lots of vehicles, including multiple G80's. One thing many have in common is interior squeaks and rattles. Which tend to get worse as the miles add up. It's pretty sad when you can just touch panels and hear creaking. However, I have found the G80 to be on the nosier side of the...
  7. Beware

    Does anyone have any issues with head rests peeling off? If not yet, please be careful wiping them. They don't have an inch of a real leather, just cheap fake bondo Funny enough, I paid for Luxury trim with what supposed to have 'Premium Nappa Leather' While I understand that some of the...
  8. Interior Trunk Trim Piece

    I had the trunk trim piece crack along the top, as seen below, and I am wondering if there is an aluminum "sill" piece available that I could apply on top of that trim piece to hide and protect the crack. Something like this would be ideal:
  9. Ron5.0

    Genesis Prada Interior / R2C intake / KDM Airbag

    Hello guys, Been a while since last visit. I know last time I was on here I showed the custom front lip I made for the car, the air suspension, wheels and tints. Now this past weekend I just finished my interior and installed the intake. Redid the headliner and pillars in black and had...
  10. Interior door protection

    Dear all: Have any of you purchased this product ...
  11. First Generation Black Leather Seats with Tan Interior

    Hello, I am looking at purchasing a 2013. However, it has a beige interior. Has anyone put in black leather seats in an otherwise beige interior? I am curious what it will look like as the beige is a bit much, to me.
  12. interior door handles

    I'm going to replace my 2011 3.8 with a 2014 leftover. Obviously I like the car but I don't like the silver door handles as much as I do the chrome handles om my 2011. Could someone please provide the part number for the "early" door handles; I'll probably replace the new ones. TIA
  13. What color are carpets with beige interior?

    Hi. I'm color-blind and need some help. What color carpets come with the beige interior? Black or dark brown? Thanks in advance for the help.
  14. Difference Between Genesis 2014 Interior

    Hello, While looking at some used 2014 Genny's, I noticed that the interior for some seemed very different (especially in regards to the center stack). Question 1: Do both of the following interiors pertain to the 3.8L V6 2014 Genesis? Question 2: If both images pertain to the 3.8L V6...
  15. Dai Uy Ted

    Brighten Up That Dark Interior!

    I'm uncomfortable in a black interior - feels like I'm in a tomb. One of the virtues of the impressive Ibiza Blue option is that it has tan seats, which my usually preferred red cars don't offer. To further lighten up the interior, I've added dash trim, from carID. This is "honey burl", the...
  16. Best Interior Color?

    What color do you think is the best interior color on the Hyundai Genesis sedan?
  17. Interior Lights issue!!! HELP

    2009 3.8 Sedan 128,xxx miles This car has the strangest issue. For the last 2 years when the outside temp is above 32 degrees. None of my interior lights work as in Radio buttons (display works), ac/heat, gear shift, steering wheel control lights, etc... ALL OF THEM QUIT WORKING The...
  18. 2016 Genesis "Finest Edition" -- interior video review (TV's and reclining rear)

    2016 Genesis "Finest Edition" -- interior video review (TV's and reclining rear) So, I thought I'd upload some basic video I made of the interior of my new car. It's the fully-loaded version of the Hyundai 3.8L AWD "Finest Edition" available in South Korea, pre-mod. (In Korea, there...
  19. Interior Fogging Issue

    I'm not sure if this was previously discussed.... My 2015 Genesis Ultimate pkg has an issue the dealer can't seem to figure out. Often the car's climate control will start blowing very moist air into the car causing the windshield to completely fog over on the inside. Then after a minute or...
  20. WTB 2012 Genesis Sedan Floormats Cashmere interior

    WTB 2012 Genesis Sedan Floormats Cashmere interior potentially in the market for cheap wings airbag too. have 4pc coupe floor mats to trade.