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  1. USB Port No Longer Working

    2015 Genesis 5.0 sedan, CPO, 29k miles, purchased 7/25/18. I bought this specific model because I wanted to use CarPlay. I just want to be clear about that from the outset, that it was one of the major reasons I bought this vehicle. Anyway, all of the trouble started out as a CarPlay issue. It...
  2. Second Generation Control iPhone Audio on DIS with Non-Native Music (iPod) App (Via USB)

    Hi Guys, Looking for a solution to this strange issue that I never realized the DIS system on my Genesis has. When you use stream audio via USB, music plays normally and media controls are enabled when the native music app is used. HOWEVER, if you try to use spotify or google music, you lose...
  3. problem downloading iPhone 6 contacts with 2012 genesis sedan

    have problem downloading iPhone 6 contacts with phone features on 2012 genesis sedan. has anyone had this issue? dealership tells me there is no update which i find hard to believe. many people have iPhone 6. also, can you put important contacts in manually as favorites or do they have to be...
  4. tmf2004

    iphone 6plus and charging?

    Do we need the cable from the dealer to charge the phone? I only ask because the factory cable from apple seems to work but charges very slowly.
  5. Sync a single contact folder using an iphone 6

    My Genesis 2015 brought ALL my contacts to the car including hundreds I do not want. I have made a separate contact folder (using Outlook) and called it Genesis. Is there any way that i can just sync that one folder to the bluetooth? Any suggestions would be so appreciated.
  6. iPhone 6 Contact Group Newbie Question

    My car paired fine with my phone book (iPhone 6) BUT it took ALL my contacts including hundreds I do not need in the car. I have now made a new contact group called Genesis and put only the numbers in there that I want in the car (Genesis 2015 with NAV). Can someone please advise how I would go...
  7. 12v outlets "work", but wont charge iphone 5

    I pulled apart the entire center console on my 2011 3.8sedan (tech pkg and premium pkg if it matters) the voltage reads ~13v at each wire harness, up to both power outlets. One outlet is a cigarette lighter and the other is the 12v in the console next to the aux/usb. Problem- My iphone 5 no...
  8. 12v outlets "work", but wont charge iphone 5

    I pulled apart the entire center console on my 2011 3.8sedan (tech pkg and premium pkg if it matters) the voltage reads ~13v at each wire harness, up to both power outlets. One outlet is a cigarette lighter and the other is the 12v in the console next to the aux/usb. Problem- My iphone 5 no...
  9. IPHONE 6S Pairing

    I have tried EVERYTHING to pair my IPhone 6S to my Hyundai Genesis 3.8 Coupe GT. Can anyone help me with this? ughhhhh.
  10. Second Generation Weird problem with iPhone audio over BlueTooth

    When listening to the output of Apple Maps the last word is cut off. Makes it very difficult to follow the instructions. It may be an iOS 9.2 issue since this used to work but I don't have any friends with an iPhone on iOS 9.1 to compare.
  11. Will this work for iPhone mirroring?

    http://www.amazon.com/BlueFire%C2%AE-Interface-Adapter-Series-lightning/dp/B00X495D88 Has anyone tried this or any answers as to why it wouldn't work? I realize this is for BMW, but I didn't know if the genesis would recognize it or not with the sound and video both functioning.
  12. How do I get iPhone audio to play over the car speakers?

    I have the phone paired with bluetooth, but when I start Apple Maps the audio doesn't come over the car stereo nor is it played by the phone itself. Total silence until I turn off Bluetooth.
  13. Tailwalker

    Genesis Owners TapaTalk app iPhone

    I've been having issues with the Tapatalk GenesisOwners app for quite some time now. Has anyone else had problems? I can see my account, but not login and view. thanks
  14. First Generation Sedan 13 BLUETOOTH contacts won't download from IPhone 5s

    I've read everything that I can find and I still can't figure out how to get contacts from iPhone 5s to download. Phone is paired. When I attempt to make a call, "she" says pardon, I don't understand or calls wrong contact. Cannot change stations or mode. Can answer a phone call. How do I call out?
  15. Auto Play with iPhone

    I just picked up my new 2015 Genesis 5.0 Ultimate (Canadian Build) and am loving it! Whenever I plug in my phone to the USB to charge it, the DIS changes inputs to media and then auto plays my iPhone music. I can't seem to figure out a way to disable it from auto playing??? Is it possible...
  16. Iphone Sound Issues Since Update

    Last week when the car was in for the tire replacement, the dealer also performed an "AVN Software Upgrade for SXM Data Service". Since then, my wife's Iphone has had the problem that after connecting, all notification sounds on the phone stop working until she disconnects Bluetooth and reboots...
  17. iPhone 6 pairing

    I have a 2009 Genesis sedan and my old iPhone 4s paired with the bluetooth just fine. I just upgraded to the iPhone 6 and it will not pair with the car.
  18. Problem reading iPhone 6 Plus/iTouch Podcasts

    When I connect my iPhone 6 Plus or iTouch, my radio will read the playlists, songs, etc., however which I click on Podcasts on the radio, the individual podcasts don't show up and I have at least 20 on each at any one time. Does anyone else have this problem or have any suggestions? I have the...
  19. Streaming (Spotify, etc.) from iPhone not working through USB on standard head unit

    We just bought a 2015 Genesis without the Ultimate package because of hopes that Apple CarPlay may become available with a software upgrade (since the same system in the 2015 Sonata apparently will get an upgrade). Unfortunately, while the USB connection works perfectly fine for songs stored on...
  20. iPhone 6 Multiple audio connection problems - bluetooth, USB, and aux

    I just purchased a 2010 Hyundai Genesis 4.6L, and my goal now is to listen to my audiobooks and music from my iPhone 6 (running iOS 8.2) through the stereo speakers. My first thought was the USB port. That didn't work because when I plug the USB cable into my phone it just pulses on and off...