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  1. FOR SALE: G80 sport led headlights (bronze)

    Selling both g80 sport led headlights FYI these are the **United States**version NOT OVERSEAS. Had to make sure everything was good and functional before relisting these headlights. Headlights are in excellent condition might have tiny unseen blemishes and no broken tabs . Give your car a...
  2. 2011 Genesis 4.6 - Custom Exhaust Install, LEDs, Trunk and Hood emblems

    Hey all first post. I wanted to give back due to all the great information that I have gotten from this site. I am posting info on the LED interior light install, custom exhaust install and emblem placement help/guide. Exhaust/Tips: I just had the stock mufflers removed, swapped to Borla...
  3. FOR SALE: (Both)2015 genesis led foglights

    I'm selling used foglights that come plug and play and come with everything needed to install. Pictures of them on the car and off the car 200 plus shipping
  4. 2015 Genesis Tech Package - Front turn signal bulb blown - LED Replacement?

    Hi - Manual says that the replacement for my blown front turn signal bulb is a PY28W (I do not have LED turn signal bulbs). Internet says that 1157 is compatible. Question: would this LED replacement bulb work and has anyone tried it or something similar? I am uninterested in drilling holes...
  5. thejhump

    Second Generation 2015 Genesis Sedan Halogen to LED or HID Question

    I'm picking up my first Genesis Sedan this evening. It's a 3.8 AWD base model, so it doesn't have the HIDs (Would've gotten a model with the HIDs, but a sunroof takes away headroom and I don't fit). What is the process of converting to HIDs or LEDs? Are the headlamp assemblies on both the same...
  6. Fog light LED replacment bulbs

    I've been having ongoing issues with repeated failures of one or both fog lights on my 2012 Equus. Up until now, it's been under warranty, so the dealership simply replaced the bulbs and all is well. I'm no longer under warranty, and one of them is out again, and replacment cost is about $125. I...
  7. First Generation High beam HID or LED

    Hi Guys, Has any one tried a HID or LED conversion kit for High beams on First generation 2009-2013 Genesis ? ( I have a 2013 Hyundai Genesis 5.0 R-Spec) Korean Auto Imports has featued HID conversion kit for High beams... I am not sure whether it works because DRL lights draw very little...
  8. Foot Light Led Clips

    Hello everyone! I have a question regarding the led foot lights. I have the 2015 Genesis Sedan and I am trying to get these lights out, do the clips just hold them in? Is there a manual or anything, anywhere, that shows me how to get these out without damaging anything? My intention is to...
  9. LED fog lights for 2015 3.8 Sedan

    Just trying to get some input on installing LED fog lights for a 2015 3.8 liter tech package sedan. Has anyone done this install? What's the level of difficulty doing it? Thanks for any input given!
  10. tmf2004

    Second Generation LED's around headlights

    Is there a setting to only have the LED's around the headlight stay on or do tey only come on when the low beams are on? thanks
  11. LED running lights

    Has anyone tried to add the LED daytime running lights to a 3.8 Genesis H-trac which are on the 5.0, but absent on the 3.8?
  12. Push button on door handle not working and rear led lights out

    The little black button that let me unlock the door without using the key (proximity) stopped working. Ideas? Also..rear seat LED lights are done for. Looks like a dealer repair?
  13. GenesisExodus

    I want LED Daytime Running Lights

    Are there LED bulbs you can buy to just plug in replacing the old daytime running light lamp bulbs?
  14. The LED lights in dash

    I'm thinking that it's a tracker for the vehicle ....also I noticed little silver stickers that enhance and or boost signals for tracking ... Has anyone else seen the little silver stickers ?
  15. xiaphin

    First Generation LED Illuminated Scuff Plates aka Door Sills - Full Set - Black

    $200 picked up $230 shipped. Located in Raleigh, I know someone around here wants these, don't make me lose more money by shipping these large pieces. Purchased a full set of LED Illuminated Scuff Plates from KDM Motors but didn't realize they came in black and beige/grey. I need the...
  16. Nikgen

    G2 LED DRL vs Parking Light LED

    For those wondering how much brighter the headlight LED surrounds are when running as DRL's versus parking light mode, I took an image of both and spot metered off of the LED surrounds to try to get roughly the same exposure for the lights. The difference is enormous. Parking Light LED...
  17. Beon Pack of 2 Hyundai Genesis Logo Wireless LED Car Door Light

    Hey, Has anyone used these on there Genesis sedan? Just wondering how well their made and how long they last. Since they are battery powered I wonder how long until they need to be replaced. I thought about the wired kind but I don't want to put holes in the car doors. Thanks
  18. 2016 LED DRL's

    Are these technically the same as the 2015 model in Parking Light mode, which light the headlight LED surrounds? Are the 2016 LED surrounds a brighter LED?
  19. LED DRL's

    Hey group, I have a 2015 genesis and I am trying to replace the amber drl/turn signals with LED bulbs. The problem is the left side lights up but the right side will not. I have tried 2 different brands of LED bulbs with the same problem. Anyone have any ideas?
  20. GenesisExodus

    Want LED License Plate Bulbs

    I have a 2012 Genesis Sedan I want LEDs for the license plate lights. Anyone know what type LED bulbs I need to buy?
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