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  1. Does the 2016 Genesis Coup 3.8 Base Have a Light Clutch or is it just me?

    Hi Guys! I just bought a 2016 genesis coup 3.8 base model. This is my first manual car and I'm starting to get the hang of it (1st week in). I let my friend drive it the other day and he was amazed at how light the clutch is, and how high it catches. After sitting in his mustang and feeling how...
  2. First Generation Fog Light DRL mod

    Ok, it has taken me a while but I am close to having a working DRL mod. The two main goals of this project were to retain as much OEM functionality as possible while using the fog lights as my DRL's, and 100% plug and play. My current design will have the following functionality: HB-DRL on ->...
  3. Front Door Sill light no working

    How easy/hard is it to replace the front door sill light? Driver's side is burned out (or worse) and need some assistance on whether I should take it to the dealer of if a novice can replace it. I've not done any exploratory ventures ATM.
  4. Light out in steering wheel ??

    I just bought a 2013 Genesis 3.8 with the Tech package. I am so happy, I love the car, has 44k miles on it. Just have a couple of questions that my fellow Genesis members might be able to answer for me before the warranty ends. 1. Is the "DISP" light in the steering wheel supposed to...
  5. Alwaysforward

    EPB light on.

    Car won't move and can't get it to release the Electronic Parking Brake. Any ideas or quick fixes I can try at lunch time?
  6. 100,000K Check Engine Light Comes ON?

    Is this a planned engine check when the odd hits 100K....quite a coincidence if not.
  7. Map light assembly

    Hello guys, hopefully somebody can help me out on here. I have the 2015 Genesis Ultimate and I would like to hard wire my dash cam. I bought the voltage converter (12v to 5v) and I need to hide the wires. I would like to hide all the wires right by the Map light assembly but the problem is I...
  8. stumpie

    1G Rear Cabin Dome/Room Light Assy Part #s

    I am in need of a rear cabin room light assembly due to fading/dead LED's. I have found a part on eBay that looks identical and is ~$110. The link is here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lamp-Assy-Room-928703M000TX-For-Genesis-/231429336753?hash=item35e2436eb1:g:QiMAAOSwofxUmCOM&vxp=mtr Part No...
  9. Light bulb question

    Need help finding courtesy bulbs and footwell area bulbs. I am looking for pure white color. I know most have purchased from amazon or ebay, could you link me to those that you would recommend? Post pictures if you have any. Thanks
  10. Daytime running light intermittent function issue

    I was driving today and I noticed, from the reflection of my car from the rear of the car I was following, that my DRL's weren't on. I pulled into a parking lot to check them out and indeed, they weren't on. I cycled through all the settings on my stalk, from auto, to parking light, to...
  11. nickpike

    Ambient Light Question

    In the LCD settings pages you can set Ambient Light to off, on and Auto. I set to on, and the 'U' shaped bar illuminates. Set to off, and it switches off. When I set to Auto, it stays off. What happens if I set to Auto? The book of words states, • Auto : The ambient light of interior will...
  12. Airbag Warning Light On

    So I've had my 2016 Genesis for about two months. I've noticed a bit of the vibration everyone has talked about, but it seems limited certain roads. I've written it off as just one of those things. Other than that, I've really been enjoying the car. However, a few weeks ago the airbag light...
  13. Engine Check Light issue due to Fuel Cap

    Hi guys, I was doing a bit of research and found this awesome place and let me start by saying that this is a great forum from the looks of it. Ok first some information and then I'll get into the problem. I bought a 2011 1G 3.8 Hyundai Genesis Sedan with only 29k miles on the odometer. Very...
  14. Check engine light

    Here is my story at 59,700 mile my Genesis 5.0 check engine light comes. I take to dealership they find code order part. I have to bring car back in four days. I take back they put part on on Monday I pick up car. On Wednesday the light comes back on. Today they say it's showing same code. They...
  15. Nikgen

    G2 LED DRL vs Parking Light LED

    For those wondering how much brighter the headlight LED surrounds are when running as DRL's versus parking light mode, I took an image of both and spot metered off of the LED surrounds to try to get roughly the same exposure for the lights. The difference is enormous. Parking Light LED...
  16. Tail light

    2010 Genesis sedan passenger tail light needed. Will consider 2 for right price.
  17. Cruise control button misbehaving, anyone seen this?

    Could anyone that has a 13-14 rspec sedan look at their steering wheel illumination and see if theirs does the same thing? It appears that the "cancel" for my cruise control button is no longer illuminated. Well, at least I think it is no longer illuminated. It is the only button that is not...
  18. Beon Pack of 2 Hyundai Genesis Logo Wireless LED Car Door Light

    Hey, Has anyone used these on there Genesis sedan? Just wondering how well their made and how long they last. Since they are battery powered I wonder how long until they need to be replaced. I thought about the wired kind but I don't want to put holes in the car doors. Thanks
  19. check light engine after sitting 2 months

    Hello all. Just a quick question. I've had my Geni parked for the last 2 months, starting it occasionally. Just today as its getting cold now it made a real strange start up noise and took longer to start. Once started the check engine light came on. I let it warm up and the light stayed...
  20. VSM off light is on....

    Any thoughts on this before I take it to a dealer? Anyone have dealt with this before. im out of warranty and have my fingers crossed this isn't too much of a big deal.