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  1. G70_Matt

    Thoughts on Ambient Lighting ?

  2. Light out when lock and unlock car

    I have a 2012 Genesis sedan and recently i've been having an odd issue, when I unlock or lock my car the tailights and headlights would flash. But recently when I unlock or lock one tailight and one headlight would be out, but when I start the car all the lights are fine. Anyone else have...
  3. Fog light LED replacment bulbs

    I've been having ongoing issues with repeated failures of one or both fog lights on my 2012 Equus. Up until now, it's been under warranty, so the dealership simply replaced the bulbs and all is well. I'm no longer under warranty, and one of them is out again, and replacment cost is about $125. I...
  4. Foot Light Led Clips

    Hello everyone! I have a question regarding the led foot lights. I have the 2015 Genesis Sedan and I am trying to get these lights out, do the clips just hold them in? Is there a manual or anything, anywhere, that shows me how to get these out without damaging anything? My intention is to...
  5. LED fog lights for 2015 3.8 Sedan

    Just trying to get some input on installing LED fog lights for a 2015 3.8 liter tech package sedan. Has anyone done this install? What's the level of difficulty doing it? Thanks for any input given!
  6. Using the accent lights on 2015 Sedan as DRL's

    Does anyone know where I can get a drl / accent light wiring diagram for both the 2015 sedan and the 2016? I want to hard wire the accent lights to act as the drl's.
  7. Car stuck! EPB/Auto Hold lights on

    Today I was pulling out of my garage when I put the car on P on the driveway to pick up an item I forgot in the house. When I got back into the car, the shift was stuck on P, I could not put it on D, or move it at all. I have tried to turn the auto hold and EPB buttons on and off, without...
  8. Daytime Running Lights (DRL)

    I can't seem to make mine go on. My stalk is set at DRL>OFF. Must I turn them on somehow? When I turn on the parking lights with motor stopped, they come on, but do not turn back off by themselves. I would think there's a setting to have them stay on all the time? Thank you.
  9. Fog Lights as DRL?

    Is there a setting for this? It seems like lesser Hyundais utilize them as such, why not Genesis?
  10. LED running lights

    Has anyone tried to add the LED daytime running lights to a 3.8 Genesis H-trac which are on the 5.0, but absent on the 3.8?
  11. Repeater lights

    I just bought a 2012 3.8 sport coupe and have a question about the lights on the sideview mirrors, I believe the manual calls them repeater lights but I cannot find anything in the manual that says what they are for, are they for when the turn signals are used, are they supposed to light up at...
  12. Push button on door handle not working and rear led lights out

    The little black button that let me unlock the door without using the key (proximity) stopped working. Ideas? Also..rear seat LED lights are done for. Looks like a dealer repair?
  13. GenesisExodus

    I want LED Daytime Running Lights

    Are there LED bulbs you can buy to just plug in replacing the old daytime running light lamp bulbs?
  14. Gen 2015:How to get the fog lights on without turning on the mains

    Any one know how to mod the Genesis 2015 5.0 to get the fog lights to independently turn on and off without having to turn on the main light switch to get the fog lights on. Never seen on a car that the main lights have to switched to use the fog lights.
  15. The LED lights in dash

    I'm thinking that it's a tracker for the vehicle ....also I noticed little silver stickers that enhance and or boost signals for tracking ... Has anyone else seen the little silver stickers ?
  16. Brake lights always stay on

    On occasion, after starting car to warm up, I leave the car running and go back into the house. I notice the brake lights are on. Not every time. Thinking they will go off when I drive away, I go ahead to my destination. Of course, I don't know if they are on at that time. However, upon...
  17. Interior Lights issue!!! HELP

    2009 3.8 Sedan 128,xxx miles This car has the strangest issue. For the last 2 years when the outside temp is above 32 degrees. None of my interior lights work as in Radio buttons (display works), ac/heat, gear shift, steering wheel control lights, etc... ALL OF THEM QUIT WORKING The...
  18. HID Head and Fog lights

    So I'm thinking about hooking up some HIDs for my 2013 Hyundai Genesis coupe for both Head and Fog lights. My question is.. Do I need to have a relay for both the Headlights and Foglights?
  19. 2012 Lights on Pre 2012

    Where do you find these lights? And do you have to take the rear bumper off to install the 2012+ tail lights??
  20. Which tail lights do you like better, 2011 or 2012?

    Had I known what a genesis was before I bought my 2011 4.6, I would've got a 2012 bcuz of the upgrades. I love the 2012 tail lights! So mercedes like. But I love my car nonetheless. I got a great deal on it. Which do you guys prefer?