1. Considering the Genesis -- what are the handling traits at the limit?

    Considering picking up a Genesis -- what are the handling traits at the limit? Ride compliance in Genesis is a breath of fresh air among its competitors, but I like to push the car now and then. So I was wondering if anyone can tell me how the car (please specify v6/v6 awd/v8) handles at the...
  2. Any limit to HD size for USB on 2011 4.6

    I'm in the process of finalizing purchase on a 2011 4.6, and wondering if I can use a 2 TB portable HD with the Lexicon system. I beleive that I've read a post where someone has used a 500 GB drive, but not sure if there is a HD size limit. I store my music as .wav files. The Lexicon will...
  3. Hyundai Will Limit Sales of Genesis in Europe (Unless It Sells Well)

    When Hyundai introduces the 2015 Hyundai Genesis near-luxury sedan at the Geneva Auto Show next week it plans to do so with the intention of making it an exclusive car with limited sales. Originally reported at Unspoken is the fact that Hyundai will sell as...
  4. RPM Limit Cut Off

    Does anyone know if the 2012 r-spec 5.0 has a cut off or shut down if you exceed particular rpm's? I am not asking about a speed limit cut off, but at any speed regardless if you are going at a slower speed or a faster speed is there a rpm limit or exceed that cannot be breached? When I drive...
  5. Motozuma deposit limit!

    I was planning to deposit all 40k+ into Motozuma via using 2% cashback credit card. But as soon as I reached 10k, no additional deposits can be made, which actually is shown on Motozuma FAQ and I haven't noticed it. So the joy of getting additional $800 cashback deal is not possible. I might...
  6. Steering wheel power tilt & telescope limit switch replacement

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