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  1. FNB front lip 09-11 genesis sedan(New)

    I have for sell a FNB front lip for Genesis 09-11 sedans only. I ordered this for my 12-14 Genesis, just to find out it doesn't fit. It's brand new in box, didn't come mounting hardware. Looks to be easily installed with screws at the end of each side. Price 400.00 firm with 50.00 shipping to...
  2. Dat5.0GenLyfe2016

    Genesis Sedan Lip kit Rendering.

    Please only comment if this is something you would be interested in getting. The rendering has already been sent to the company. I just need them to see interest in making this kit to at least sell 12.... The kit will fit to the stock bumper and side skirts. the rendering doesn't show it that...
  3. ARK C-FX Carbon Front Lip for 09-12 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

    ARK C-FX Carbon Front Lip for 09-12 Hyundai Genesis Coupe $695.00 For Special Pricing Call : (352) 241-8399 Or Email : Sam@enjukuracing.com
  4. Ron5.0

    SOLD Custom Front Lip For Sale. Off My 2012 Rspec Sedan SOLD

    Custom front lip I made for my 12 rspec sedan, looking to make a different style lip. Selling mine. Needs a re spray, has a small crack on passenger side, curb rash on driver side and paint chip in center. $130 shipped OBO, follow my Instagram for more pictures. @Ron_5.0 Email me at...
  5. Enjuku Racing - ARK C-FX Carbon Front Lip for Hyundai Genesis Coupe 09-12

    IN STOCK! ARK C-FX CARBON FRONT LIP FOR HYUNDAI GENESIS COUPE ARK carbon fiber front lips are made from the finest carbon fiber available. Each lip is protected with a UV coating, that will allow the carbon fiber to hold its high gloss finish. ARK C-FX Carbon Fiber Hoods, Lips, Rear...
  6. Looking for front lip

    Hi guys. Im looking for a front lip for my 2011 genesis sedan. For some reason they are all way overpriced. Im wondering if anyone knows where to get one at a decent price. Please let me know.
  7. KDMHolic

    KDMHolic MyRide Front Lip SALE for Genesis Sedan 11-14

    Hello everyone, This is Kevin at KDMHolic. I would like to introduce you guys our sales event for the month of July. [MyRide Front Lip for Hyundai Genesis Sedan 11-14] Sale price: Ver.1 - $600 (tax & shipping included) Ver.2 - $700 (tax & shipping included) Material: FRP Condition: New...
  8. KDMHolic

    KDMHolic ROADRUNS Lip Kit Sale for New Genesis Coupe 2013+

    Hello everyone, This is Kevin at KDMHolic. For the month of June, we will be having a ROADRUNS lip kit sales event for Genesis Owners forum members. The following items are included for this event: 1. ROADRUNS Front_Lip for Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2013+ 2. ROADRUNS Side_Lip (Sideskirts) for...
  9. KDMHolic

    KDMHolic FNB Lip Kit Sale for Genesis Sedan 11-14 [PRICE REDUCED]

    Hello everyone, This is Kevin at KDMHolic. We have discovered that we have put up incorrect prices for the FNB products for the Genesis. This thread will be identical to the previous FNB thread except for a few changes that will be in red color font. For the month of June, we will be having a...
  10. KDMHolic

    KDMHolic FNB Lip Kit Sale for Genesis Sedan 11-14

    Hello everyone, This is Kevin at KDMHolic. For the month of May, we will be having a FNB (Fluxion and Bliss) lip kit sales event for Genesis Owners forum members. The FNB Rear Lip Spoiler from our last month’s sale will be included at the same discounted price for this month as well...
  11. knowledge

    affordable genesis sedan front lip

    I saw this on ebay....anyone interested? we can probably get a significant discount with 10 or more purchased. I havent reached out the seller yet because I wanted to see if there was anyone else interested... Lower front lip spoiler Genesis sedan 09-14...
  12. New Ez lip and trunk spoiler install.

    What do you guys think?
  13. THESPOILERSTORE/New trunk lip spoiler

    New to my 2011 Hyundai Genesis sedan is this beautiful painted matched trunk lid lip spoiler from "thespoilerstore" on ebay. I have bought many trunk lip spoilers from him before and they are the best value, quality and paint. He is very knowledgeable about parts, fitment paint color and...
  14. EZLIP/Front Lip

    So I am sure a lot of you have heard about the "EZLIP" It is exactly that. It is a front chin spoiler that fits any car and simply 3m tapes on to the front bumper giving it a sportier more aggressive look. I received an EZLIP and have used them on many of my other modified cars in the past. It...
  15. Where 2 find lip spoiler?

    Hi guys. Im looking for a place to find a painted lip spoiler for my 2011 hyundai genesis sedan that tapes on, no drilling? It seems like all the ebay sellers say you must drill it. Can someone help?
  16. Painting and installation of front Prodigy lip! :)

    Obtained paint and supplies from Touch Up Paint and Accessories; http://www.automotivetouchup.com/?A=437&SubAffiliateID=B_automotive%20touch%20up%20paint_e I ordered the following: 1 "bottle" of prep solvent; 2 "envelopes" of sandpaper (only needed one, but have the extra for future work if...
  17. Attching a trunk lip (spoiler) to trunk lid

    I purchased a "spoiler" for my truck deck. It's a tape on unit which uses 3M tape. What should I do to prepare the surface of the trunk in order to have the most secure attachment possible? Any input is appreciated.
  18. eBay Advanation pre-painted lip spoiler installed

    I bought and installed this lip spoiler last week on my 2012 Platinum Metallic 5.0 R-Spec. http://www.ebay.com/itm/For-Hyundai-Genesis-Sedan-09-11-ABS-Trunk-Rear-Lip-Spoiler-Painted-/170961853986?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&fits=Model%3AGenesis&hash=item27ce1ede22&vxp=mtr There...
  19. Lip spoiler, what wheels, what tires (one things leads to another)

    long time lurker, first time poster. recently acquired a slightly used 2011 4.6 (white satin pearl exterior, dark brown/black interior). very impressed with the car, and with this forum - lots of good info. have been considering wing-badging and adding a lip spoiler (this link as an example...
  20. AutoCityImports Duc Lip Spoiler (already painted *red*)

    Selling my AutoCityImports Duc Lip, I had a previous post made for this item but had some personal problems to get straightened out and was MIA from the whole site and life haha. I would like to sincerely apologize to those you responded to that previous post for my lack of response. Reason...
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