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  1. Edward McIntosh

    Hyundai reneging on Valet and Loaner vehicle

    My 2014 Equus Ultimate was about to turn 37,000 in January so I contacted the service manager at Hub Hyundai West in Houston to arrange to bring it in for routine service and wanted to coordinate this with the availability of their loaner vehicle. As I've done many times in the past. After not...

    2015 Genesis 3.8 AWD Dealer Loaner Experience

    Got a Base 3.8 AWD as a Loaner for routine service on my R-Spec today. Even as a bare-bones model, this car screams quality and value. Great ride, quality fit and finish, and quieter than a crypt. My iPhone 5S paired instantly. Controls are reasonably easy to use right away. In base form, the...
  3. Got a 2013 for a loaner.....

    I have a 2010 4.6L w/tech package and had to take the car in for some repair work. They gave me a 2013 w/V6 as a loaner. I'm the first person to drive this car outside of dealership personnel who do the service work etc. I'm quite impressed with the V6 engine and the 8 speed tranny. I noticed...
  4. Sunday Morning Advice - should I buy a "new" service loaner??

    Hi all, I am on the cusp of buying a 2012 3.8 tech + premium service loaner car. Wanted to ask the group about any caveats/gotchas related to this? It has full new car warranty, etc. and about 5K miles. Buying from Rick Case in Duluth. Price-wise, I'm at about $34K + TTL. Thanks to all...
  5. Sonata loaner

    I gave Hyundai my Genesis for their emissions study. In return, I got a 2013 Sonata Limited with the 2.4 L. This is a good chance for me to experience what it's like to drive a mainstream mid size sedan that competes well against Camry/altima/fusion/etc. First thing i notice on starting the...
  6. scotttisha

    1st Problem...70k Miles...Opinion on Loaner Too.

    My Genesis has sat in the driveway, for almost two years....unless driven by my wife on one of the two days she works. Because I had been racking up miles so fast, I decided to get a 2nd car, and try to ease up on putting miles on the Genesis. The 2012 VW GLI, I had for 19k, miles was traded...
  7. Drove an Equus Signature loaner (Genesis comparison)

    I drove a 2011 Equus Signature loaner all weekend (with 70 miles on it when they dropped it off) from Friday at noon through Monday at noon -- Coming from my 2011 Genesis 4.6 which was in the shop **finally** getting the correct color KDM airbag. I'm really surprised, but I didn't find the ride...
  8. Drove a genesis loaner

    The other day I had my Equus in for an oil change and was given a Genesis V-8 for a loaner. It was interesting to be back in a Genesis after having my Equus for 5 months and IMHO: First noticed how much nicer the Equus interior finishes are...the nav/screen is situated better, more upright and...
  9. Driving a Sonota loaner

    while window crap is being addressed all and all, not a bad car but defiantly not a Genesis can't wait to get my car back
  10. Woman's "fixed" Avalon back in shop - gets Genesis as loaner

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