1. Light out when lock and unlock car

    I have a 2012 Genesis sedan and recently i've been having an odd issue, when I unlock or lock my car the tailights and headlights would flash. But recently when I unlock or lock one tailight and one headlight would be out, but when I start the car all the lights are fine. Anyone else have...
  2. 2010 3.8 exterior door lock button

    The exterior door lock/unlock button on the driver's side has quit working. The button on the passenger side works, as does the keyfob. Does anybody have any idea how much this could cost to fix?
  3. 2012 r spec sedan steering lock question?

    I used to have a 2009 4.6 and when you did push start you could hear the steering wheel unlocking. With my 2012 r spec I do not get that sound. With my 2009 if you turned the wheel with car off you could feel the wheel lock. My 2012 does not do that. Did the r spec just not have this option?
  4. Wheel Lock Key Missing

    Last week, I checked the tire pressure in my spare tire (which was way low, BTW) and noticed I did not have the key for the wheel locks. You may want to make sure you have one, since you may not be in that area of the car very often. Now i can change the tire if I have a flat.
  5. smart key, when pressed, will not lock or unlock the doors

    I have a 2009 Genesis 4.6 Sedan. Recently, the smart key, when pressed, will not lock or unlock the doors. I have to manually unlock the door with the key to get into the car. When the door opens, the car is dinging. I try to start the car, but an indicator message says to insert key into...
  6. Door Lock

    The front passenger door lock would not operate with the buttons in the car or on the remote. The only way to lock or unlock the door was to manually move the lever by the inside door handle. We brought it in to the dealer today (Saturday no less :)) and they fixed it in about an hour. The...
  7. powerslide

    Wheel Lock Key Location?

    I finally got a set of winter wheels and tires I'm happy with and I can't get them on my car because I can't find the wheel lock key. Should I be looking somewhere other than the globe box?
  8. NewtonLaws

    Seat Belt will not lock. Covered Under Warranty??

    Hey Guys, I have a 2011 Genesis 3.8 with 61000 miles. The back right passenger side seat belt will not clamp together. I was wondering if anyone know if this would be covered under warranty? Thanks
  9. trunk lock

    I just noticed that if the car is not locked you can open the trunk with just a push of the button on the rim of the trunk even if the key fob is not close. Is there any way to have it stay locked? I know anyone could just open the front door and push the button on the dash but ....
  10. Power Door Lock? Ambient Light?

    I see that the power door lock seems to be standard, checked the manual on how it works but to no avail(or maybe just overlooked it). And yet, when my door is not completely pushed in, the LCD will show it is open, waited to do its job but to no avail.How do I enable it? Also, is the ambient...
  11. Door lock alarm issue

    I have a 2013 Genesis Sedan (3.8 V6) and periodically have encountered an issue where, with the car locked, I forget to press the door button to unlock and just pull on the handle. It will let me open the door, but the alarm goes off and I have to press unlock on the fob to get it to stop...
  12. Wheel Lock and Happy 4th!

    Happy 4th of July to all US people out there! Was grilling at my mothers today and tried to take my sisters car for a drive. She has been away for about 3 months and has a 2010 Gen 2.0T coupe. The car starts fine, goes into gear, but the rear passenger tire spins, rear driver seems locked. Put...
  13. Door lock sticking?

    Well, at 5 years and 156000km, first non-warranty glitch. The front passenger door lock doesn't work from the button or other remote - works OK manually. The lock lever wiggles when called for but won't actually actuate. I suspect a weakening servo. Will get it looked at in a couple of weeks...
  14. Changing Seat and Lock Settings

    I have a new 2013 Genesis 3.8 with the NAV screen (not the flywheel). I wanted to change the seetings for the door locks and also, when I turn off the ignition, the steering wheel moves out of the way, but the seat does not slide back. I think there must be a place to change those settings, but...
  15. Door lock problem

    2009 Genesis sedan. Changed out battery in the key fob. No problem unlocking with remote or start up. Problem is as follows: I cannot unlock doors by pushing the button on the door handle. I can lock and unlock from inside but cannot enter unless I use remote. Manual was of no help. I...
  16. DRS

    Genesis DVD player: bypass lock when in drive

    I was told over the phone by an aftermarket audio store, that there was a way to bypass the DVD or iPod video lock out on the front screen when moving. They quoted about $350 to do it. I thought that was high. Anyone been able to change the system so the video plays while moving? The...
  17. Needs the help of locksmith for my fuel door lock

    hey i'm facing problem with my Hyundai genesis 2005 car's fuel cap.I have problem with it locking fuel cap , sometime it leaks the fuel and fuel door lock is not working properly. so i want to urgently repair it but i want cheap and as well as good locksmith so if anyone have idea of it plzz...
  18. Door lock sound

    I recently purchased a used, 2012 Genesis 3.8, white, 6K miles w/premium & technology package from Carmax. Paid $34K, excellent condition. I read in the manual that when locking the door the parking lights will flash along with one chirp/beep as an acknowledgement and twice when unlocking. The...
  19. Electronic trunk lock failure

    First problem, trunk will only open with key in actual trunk lock. Remote release on door, pressing smart key or attempting to use manual release under lip near license plate will not function. Trunk will open only with key in underside of lid near license plate. What did I screw up? 2012 R-Spec...
  20. tompass

    Door Lock Sound

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