1. Cutouts vs exhaust system vs Magnaflow Muffler - 2015 Genesis 5.0

    So I just got a 2015 genesis 5.0. Ive been reading a lot about getting more sound out of that V8. I am wondering which one of these options is most cost effective, with best sound and least amount of drone. In terms of priority, No drone is biggest priority. 1) Shoud I just get a magnaflow...
  2. Any NYC or LI member with a genesis sedan with magnaflow catback?

    Hi trying to find a member who has a Genesis sedan with the magnaflow catback system on there car, i would like to hear how it sounds in person before i install the system on my car. If your in the area, i would like to meet up so i can hear how the exhaust sounds. Thanks in advance.
  3. First Generation Magnaflow 15059 cat back for sale

    I have a Magnaflow cat back SS system that was on my 2013 R-Spec for a month. My wife says it sounded like a Mustang and I should buy a mustang if I wanted one. I like my R-spec, exhaust came off and sits. Asking $750 delivered in the continental US. Georgia owned, no salt, like new. No...
  4. FS: Magnaflow exhaust and MSA cat deletes

    I have the Magnaflow catback exhaust part #15059 for sale. Currently its installed on my 2013 Genesis R-spec. I want to go back to stock. Heres the deal. I need your stock exhaust in exchange for the Magnaflow. I have a price in mind of how I would like to do this but Im open to offers. I...
  5. Magnaflow 19116

    I have been reading every muffler thread I can find on here for something to install on my 2015 5.0. From what I gather there are a couple of possible mufflers that may or not fit, and at the very least it's a pain...and then there is the drone issue. So has anyone actually put in the...
  6. Tampa_Gen_13

    MagnaFlow 49899

    Has anyone ever looked further into this product? Is there any performance gains over stock?
  7. zielritter

    Short Video of Magnaflow CBE on 2012 4.6L

    As some of you are aware, I had previously installed the RSpec Magnaflow cat back exhaust on my 2012 3.8L with minor modification. When I traded in the V6 and got the last year version of the 4.6L, naturally I wanted to move the exhaust and cat deletes over to it. Anyways, here's a quick...
  8. SOLD Magnaflow V8 Exhaust SOLD

    Just removed this from my 2013 R-Spec. I will clean it up before shipping. $650.00 shipped anyplace in the US. Link to Photobucket below.
  9. MagnaFlow 15059 Cat-Back Exhaust System for 5.0 R-SPEC

    Hi fellow genesis owners. I'm planning to purchase this exhaust kit to replace my existing factory exhaust system on my 2013 R-SPEC. Being a previous owner of the borla exhaust system, I'm very concerned with respect to the drone issues caused by the borla and probably the magnaflow system for...
  10. Magnaflow exhaust tips

    Hey guys. So I decided to go with some magnaflow exhaust tips. I didn't want an exhaust to take away from the quietness of my genesis sedan. Plus Magnaflow currently does not make one for the 3.8L sedan. If you have the 4.8L You are in luck lol. I got these stainless steel tips item number...
  11. For Sale: Magnaflow 15059

    Price: 900, pickup in SE WI. Shipping would be on buyer. Cash, BTC, or Paypal is fine. For sale is a Magnaflow 15059. I was originally going to install it on my R-Spec, however I never got an opportunity to as the car was bought back by Hyundai. It's brand new, never opened. Thanks for looking.
  12. Magnaflow catback feedback? 3.8

    Hey guys. Im getting the 2011 3.8l hyundai genesis sedan magnaflow cat back exhaust. Im wondering what it sounds like? It is loud? Does it drone? Increase horsepower? Easy to install? Let me know thanks.
  13. FS: Magnaflow catback exhaust + MSA secondary cat deletes

    Price: $850 Paypal only - local pickup (PA zip code18940) Willing to meet buyer within a reasonable distance. I will consider shipping these but shipping costs are on buyer. This is the Magnaflow catback model # 15059 MSA secondary catalytic converter deletes Less than 1,000 miles on these...
  14. New Magnaflow Exhaust for 2012-13 $750

    This is a new-never mounted-fully warranted #15059 Magnaflow exhaust for 2012-13 Genesis sedan (both 3.8 and 5.0). It is a drop-in fit, which can be done by any home mechanic in about an hour. I bought the system when I owned my RSpec which I traded for a 3.8. Decided to leave the 3.8 bone...
  15. Drone reducer for Magnaflow exhaust?

    Well the drone is starting to get to me. I have both the Magnaflows and the secondary cat deletes. Seems like a possible solution. Here's a BMW owner who had success with them. This is the product...
  16. Selling New Magnaflow (never installed)

    Check out the for sale section. This is for the 2012+ and is known as #15059. Retail now is about $1215. My Magnaflow is brand new. Sold the car. Price is $750 domestic shipping included.
  17. New Magnaflow Exhaust for 2012-13 $750

    Selling a brand new never-installed Magnaflow #15059 exhaust system. Price is $750, domestic shipping included. Retail price is about $1200, though I was able to purchase mine for about $850 in the initial offering. I had an RSpec and intended to install it, but circumstances changed and I...
  18. Magnaflow 15059

    Just received the email saying that it is available... I don't see anyone selling it yet but its done...
  19. ShadowScoobySTi

    Magnaflow Cat-back Exhaust for the R-Spec

    Not sure if any of the R-Spec owners on here know, but it seems Magnaflow has finalized a new Cat-Back exhaust for the R-Spec. The website states that they will have more of this product by 4/1. I'll be on the waiting list to get...
  20. Scotty454

    FS: Great deal on a Magnaflow exhaust - SOLD

    I have a Magnaflow exhaust (#16507) I am selling. It’s off my 2010 HGC (V6). It probably has 2000-2500 miles on it. I took it off because I won a Borla system in a car show raffle this summer and installed that to see how it would sound. Honestly…I like them both, but my wife likes the Borla...
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