1. Aquineas

    Pssst.. Austin Rudy's at lunch today!

    Pssst.. Austin Genesis lunch at Rudy's today! I know Sal or OFG might be a little cross at me for this (lowers head for shame) but I wasn't sure if the thread in the Southwest forum had been seen. Check out the link below in my signature! Thanks!
  2. Genesis Meet Pics

    I was in Houston for a wedding this weekend and had the pleasure of meeting with Aquineas and getting to see his car in person. It was great to checkout his mods and the car looks even better in real life than it does on a computer screen. Here are a few shots from the meet up. Hopefully as this...
  3. Southern California Genesis meet ?

    who's here from So Cal ? anyone down for a Genesis sedan meet up ? Koreatown would be an appropriate place for a meet IMO. Both 1st gen and 2nd gen are welcome
  4. hi nice to meet you all

    hi nice to meet you all
  5. Aquineas

    Houston Area Genesis meet?

    Hey folks, I've been wanting to attend a Genesis meet for some time and since no one else is having one, maybe it's time to make one? At this point just see point I'd like to see how much interest there is... I was thinking somewhere near the Woodlands because of the opportunities for folks to...
  6. SoCal Just Drive Meet (626)

    Hey guys, my name is Moe and I'm a car enthusiast who is seeking to bring together a community of like-minded people who share the same passion. I've ran a few meets so far and am trying to reach out to fellow car enthusiasts in order to inform them of a local place where all cars, domestic...
  7. Genesis coupe meet El Paso

    When do the coupes meet on transmountain Friday or Saturday and what time.
  8. Phatdhad

    Alberta Genesis Club Meet May 24th

    Figured I would post this here as well... Alberta Genesis Club Meeting on May 24th in Red Deer. Here is the link to the Genesis facebook event >>>>LINK<<<<
  9. darthspader

    Virginia Meet?

    Looking to see if anyone lives in VA around the Richmond/Petersburg that may want to start a meet. Let me know if your intrested.
  10. Ron5.0

    Start a Florida/Georgia meet.

    idk if this has been done here before, but with my old 94 f150 i had, which sold and got the gen. i would also use forums with my truck, we would have a met up every couple of month down here in Florida, especially around the Orlando area, where most of them were. thinking we can start...
  11. 6/22/2013 - Mohegan Sun Rooftop Meet

    Winter Lot at the Mohegan Sun! Saturday June 22nd 7:00PM, Rooftop at Winter Garage Come out for a night of cars, food, fun, and games at Mohegan Sun. We'll be rooftop at Winter Garage for photos and meeting, then head inside after a while to have a good time. This type of event has been a...
  12. Phatdhad

    April 27th genesis club meet in Red Deer, Alberta

    Show & Shine, Pizza, Pool, and a cruise to Sylvan Lake!! A good way to spend the day Location: Altitude Adjustments #4 - 7659 Edgar Industrial Drive, Red Deer, Alberta 9AM Link to the facebook event page

    NGC'S ROCKVILLE STARBUCKS MEET...ALL ARE WELCOME!! Date: Every Thursday Night Time: 7:00 PM Location: Montrose Crossing Shopping Center, 12089 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852
  14. Boca meets anyone?

    Just thought i'd let you guys know about it if you didn't already know. Every monday night theres a general car meet on the south side of Glades between Boca town Center Mall and I-95. its in the Hooters/Moes parking lot starting usually later on like 9ish. Everyone just walks around looking at...
  15. Concept III Meet in Brea

    Hey guys West Coast KDM is hosting a meet at a shop called Concept III located in Brea on January 7th 2012. Trying to get as many people out as possible. Just going to hang out have some BBQ and show off your ride. Work will be provided by Concept III and I'm sure he'll give everyone there a...
  16. Toys for tots meet!!

    Hows it going guys? Im trying to set up a meet for Toys for tots Location : Christopher Morley Park , Long Island, NY Date : December 18th Time : 10-2pm or 3pm (Depending on turnout) Sorry for the extremely low post count but im trying to spread this out like wild fire!!! For more updated...
  17. Enthusiasts wanted : 5.0 R Spec meet

    Any enthusiasts around here or what ? :D Seriously - No car meets - No cruises :( I'm hoping to get a NJ/NY/PA meet going before winter - but I need to know who's with me There's a few forum members from the area - so the question is...... Are you up for a meet or what ? Post up...
  18. Weekly Meet N Greet Lewisville TX

    I'm working on a meet in Lewisville, any one interested? Every Wednesday starting at 8 1702 S HWY 121 Lewisville Tx Free Drinks Pizza Giveaways
  19. Phatdhad

    Alberta Wide Meet!!

    everyone welcome.... It will be in Red Deer, Alberta on May 15th. at the Canada Custom vehicle's lot...
  20. SoCal Spring Meet

    Hey, I am spreading the word about a meet coming up in So Cal. I am one of the leaders of the Los Angeles chapter of the United Kia Enthusiasts car club and a member of We are holding a meet along with The plan is to meet up in the parking lot to the left of...
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