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  1. 2014 R-Spec: 16,000 mile gas mileage experiment

    I bought my 2014 R-Spec brand new in April 2015 with 39 miles on the odometer. Being an engineer by training, I started keeping meticulous gas records in a notebook. I started using 89 octane gas when it was brand new and switched to 93 octane at 4,000 miles. Switched back to 89 octane at 8,000...
  2. High Mileage 2009 Sedan 3.8

    I have 126,000 miles on my Genesis, how many miles should I expect to get out of it? What major repairs are common in the next 75,000?
  3. Gas Mileage

    I made a week-end trip of only 200 miles but averaged nearly 30 miles per gallon with the 2014 V-6. Sometimes pushing 80, once to get away from a loaded log truck just zoomed to 95 for a few seconds. The ODO rolled over to 7000 miles on this short trip. Earl
  4. Gas mileage?

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering what you guys get for your fuel economy. I have a a 2014 3.8 Coupe Ultimate and it has been eating gas like a dragon. I average 14.3 MPG on 91 Octane. I get gas every single week and its costing me upwards of $50+ every tank. Thanks.
  5. Great Gas Mileage Yesterday - 2015 Genesis Sedan

    So I got excited over my picture of the wrong screen. It turns out that I got 33 which is my high from before, not 36mpg. Still wondering what the highest anyone has seen is?
  6. Odometer says "error" instead of mileage

    I have a 2009 Genesis. A few days ago, a white vertical line appeared in the center of my odometer display. Then the white line turned to black (as if the pixels burnt out), and the odometer now shows "ERROR mi" instead of my actual or trip miles. Has anyone seen this before? I have a...
  7. DRS

    Roll call: who has the most mileage on the OD? What is your mileage?

    I am in the Ford Expedition forum. Someone did a roll call for how much mileage. A few were over 400k, several more in 300k range, and bunches in the high 100k or in the 200k range. Was great to read some of the stories and info. I bet there are some high 100k Genny floating around. And...
  8. Does 2012 Genesis 4.6L have a maintenance Mileage Reminder?

    Hi All, We just purchased a 2012 Genesis 4.6L with 23,700 miles. It has the premium sound system with DIS, Navigation & Back-Up Camera. So far we simply love the car and all it's technical innovations. One thing I simply cannot find though, is a method of counting the miles down to the next...
  9. 2011 genesis v6 bad winter gas mileage!

    So its been freezing here in ottawa canada. Minus 31 with the wind but ever since winter cane around and showed its ugly head so did my terrible gas mileage. Im getting 16.4l per 100kms mostly city driving. That works out to roughly 14mpg. Why is my car getting such awful gas mileage? I usually...
  10. Qualms? Buy a 2010 low mileage 3.8 with zero warranty?

    I'm hoping you guys can help me understand what the reliability prognosis would be for an out of warranty, low-mileage 3.8 / Premium Plus. (added: 2010) The car appears to be well-maintained and under 30K miles. I'm not seeing a lot of horror stories on this forum, so I'm thinking this isn't a...
  11. 3.8 Ultimate Mileage Seems Low

    I traded in my 2011 4.6 for a 2015 3.8 Ultimate and seem to be getting the same mileage. Actual (not indicated) fuel economy on the first two tanks is about 21 mpg for a majority of suburban driving (no stop and go, little freeway). The 2011 V8 got almost the same and I was expecting better...
  12. Mileage on 5.0

    I drive in Fl mostly 55 and 65 mph roads. Using regular gas I am getting 21.7 miles per gallon using Eco mode. I will try a tank in Standard and Sport and report. Anyone else clocked their numbers?:
  13. Aquineas

    Great mileage using 100 percent petrol

    I was in Louisiana this weekend, where they still sell 100 percent gasoline (as opposed to Texas, where it's very hard if not impossible to find), and filled my tank up with 100 percent gasoline. My highway mileage as reported by the car was 28.3 (well, that is before an hour long traffic jam...
  14. Average Gas Mileage with AWD

    I've seen a few dislikes and complaints about gas mileage, but I feel like I'm getting rather good gas mileage for a 4,295 lb. car. My Genesis is just a bit over 1,000 miles and I'm averaging right at 22 mpg and got 29 mpg on a road trip to the mountains last weekend. That is with this my...
  15. My 2009 V8 Genesis high mileage updates

    This is for future Genesis owner. ok guys, about 2 years ago, I purchased a High mileage V8 genesis with 90k miles on it (before you call me stupid) with a 50k HPP warranty and a 60k maintenance plan. So far the car has been quiet reliable the things that were broken are: -Alternator died at...
  16. My 2009 V8 Genesis high mileage update

    This is for future Genesis owner. ok guys, about 2 years ago, I purchased a High mileage V8 genesis with 90k miles on it (before you call me stupid) with a 50k HPP warranty and a 60k maintenance plan. So far the car has been quiet reliable the things that were broken are: -Alternator died at...
  17. Hyundai Genesis 3.8L V6 - Gas Mileage

    Hi, I am planning to buy a full size luxury/premium sedan in the next few months. And initially when i started doing my research i had never thought about buying a +55K Hyundai car (Canadian Price) , however the more review i read the more i am convinced that Hyundai Genisis gives the best bang...
  18. BPSCG

    Beating the EPA Mileage Estimates

    So I took my one-week-old 2014 3.8 up to New Jersey Friday morning, returned Saturday evening, a total of about 450 miles, 440 or so of which was on interstates or my sneak route on the long, straight, empty stretch of US 301 in Maryland and Delaware. Had the cruise control on at around 65 for...
  19. gas mileage

    I just got a pre-owned 2011 4.6 Genesis a few weeks ago. Given I got the V8, I realized gas mileage wasn't going to be the best, but the last few weeks I am averaging 19mpg. I do about half the driving on the highway, and half around town. Is this about what I can expect?
  20. Buy a Used 2009 With Kind of High Mileage? Advice please.

    Hi all: I currently lease a 2010 Mazda 6 and I only have one more payment left. I have been wanting to buy a used Hyundai Genesis 4.6 (not a 3.8) with the Tech Package for quite a while now. I have found two of them online and would appreciate anyone's advice as this will be my very first...
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