1. Dash screen missing

    How do I get the dashboard screen that shows the blue mileage bar and miles per gallon etc. I have tires, digital speed, GPS, lane assist but no mileage screen. It just disappeared and can't get it back. Genesis 2016.
  2. Wheel Lock Key Missing

    Last week, I checked the tire pressure in my spare tire (which was way low, BTW) and noticed I did not have the key for the wheel locks. You may want to make sure you have one, since you may not be in that area of the car very often. Now i can change the tire if I have a flat.
  3. Am I missing something here? Stereo won't stay on when car is off?

    Like the title says... you pull up to a parking spot and want to hang out in the car for a few minutes.... but the radio/stereo shuts off instantly after turning the power off? Or is there a setting I can fool around with to make it not shut off when you shut the car off? Thanks,
  4. "Go Home" feature missing - old software??

    I have tried many searches and could find no information on this subject. I have had 4 different head units in my 3.8 Ultimate and my current one came from an Ultimate that had been on the dealer's lot for a while. I found that this unit will not respond to a “Go Home” or “Navigate Home” like...
  5. Missing indicator marks on dash knobs?

    I think the Genesis dashboard knobs for radio volume and cabin temperature would be better if they had a index mark or line on them. That way, you could spin them in the right direction and for the approximate amount of spin. I realize that they can spin endlessly with no built-in stops, but...
  6. Brake lights gone - am i missing fuse?

    Just discovered that my brake lights are gone. Tailights and signal lights are all fine, it's just that the intensity of the tailights doesn't change when I press on brakes. Opened engine fuse compartment and I'm kinda confused whether I'm missing some fuses or not. According to the instruction...
  7. kev4

    Missing Items from the 2015

    Don't get me wrong I love the car. These are some of the items that are missing from the Canadian 2015 compared to the 2009-2014. Feel free to add some more. The CD/mp3 player: It once had a 6 CD/DVD/Mp3 player, you could watch DVD's,not any more. Used to be a 17 speaker system now it's 14...
  8. Missing Piece - Passenger Automatic Seat Cap

    Hi all- I got in my vehicle and noticed a piece was missing the other day. I live fairly far from the dealer that services my Hyundai, and had hoped to just order this piece online. However, I haven't had much like finding it and wanted to reach out and see if anyone knew the name of the piece...
  9. Navagation Database Missing?

    So, had my 09 sedan 4.6 tech in yesterday. They performed the TSB update on the Lexicon 17 system to supposedly correct issues with muting at startup, voice recognition, and the like. However, when I got the car back, I realized that when I clicked on "Maps" I got a screen that says...
  10. 6 CD Changer missing

    My brother purchased his Genesis over the phone and they delivered it about 260 miles. He had done his homework and all the Hyundai Genesis books show a 6 CD changer in the tech package. Even the material in a local dealer showroom list (today) the 6 CD changer in the package. The local...
  11. Cam assy replaced. Missing engine noise.

    Had quite a few problems lately on my 2010 3.8 coupe GT. Numerous check engine lights have had me in the dealership pretty much every weekend for the last two months. Got the car back today after they kept it a week this time, and they stated they replaced a cam sensor and the cam assy. On...
  12. Cam assy replaced. Missing engine noise.

    ~ miss forum ><
  13. NAV directional view option is now missing

    I have a 2010 Genesis sedan with the Tech package and I noticed I no longer have an option within the settings menu to change the directional view of the NAV screen. The direction of travel is always pointing upward regardless of my actual direction of travel. I have not had any NAV upgrades, so...
  14. Aquineas

    Hey Mods... you're missing a choice on the vehicle list..

    You're missing a 5.0 non-rspec! Kinda like.. well... mine :-). I pulled the trigger on one and I'm happier than a puppy in a fire hydrant factory.
  15. Nav Display, missing something...

    Hi All, 2011 V8.... Found using freeway mode really annoying because the right side display of exits, services at each exit, etc, gave me no idea WHICH exit, if any, I need to take. Basically, I'd like to see when my next turn is, even if it is 50 miles away... So, I finally dug through my...
  16. Mirrors don't flip down on reverse, missing 12 feature?

    I have a base 2012 V6 sedan. The manual says the mirrors should flip down on Reverse (yes I know the switch position not being in the middle). Is this feature just a Premium pack feature? Is it gone on the 2012's? Because for sure it does not work on my car.
  17. Am I Missing Something? (Mechanical Key)

    My mechanical key works fine to lock my glove box, etc., but will not lock or unlock the driver's door. It fits in the keyhole but will not turn it. I've tried both mechanical keys. Any advice?
  18. nearwater

    Missing wheel well - covered under warranty?

    Hello folks, This morning, I noticed that one of the front wheel well plastics is broken off and missing. :eek: I didn't hit anything, and I'm pretty sure this has happened recently, as I remember cleaning them during my last car wash. Now the inner wheel well is all exposed exposing modules...
  19. Spare wheel missing

    I just realized that my car came without the spare wheel in the trunk! I want to ask for it but the problem is that the dealer I purchased the car from is 170miles away from where I live... Is it worth driving up there?? What should I do? Also, is spare wheel in the trunk same as the ones...
  20. Missing tire valve cap 2011 Genesis

    I just noticed that I am missing a cap, talked to dealer and his responce was, never seen a cap like this, here is a plastic one for you... Mine is chrome plated and a green insert on top, any one know where I can get a replacement.
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